Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Run 4…Joey

I realized that I haven't posted in such a long time… I have friends that post every time they get in and out of their cars… :)  I have been running and working out… just haven't posted about it!  I guess with 9 followers, 1 being my hubby, which has no idea that I blog, and another one being me… cause I thought I would follow myself… there wasn't a reason to post my every move… But I now have a new purpose for running and posting...

I signed up to be a part of an amazing group of runners to run for children or adults that are unable to run or workout for themselves…so as a runner, we dedicate our runs and mileage as well as workouts for our Buddies.  I thought what a great thing to do, as I am running anyways… why not run for someone else??  I was on a waiting list for almost 5 months, and 3 weeks ago I was matched.  I was matched with an absolute sweetheart!!  What I didn't realize was that this program was not so much for the kiddos- but for the runners… or at least that's how I feel.  I have found such an amazing amount of inspiration and motivation, it's like I can't stop!

It's not like anything I thought would be like, I love knowing that I am running and working out so I can post a message or share my run with my Buddy!  I would feel so guilty for letting him down if I didn't.  My Buddy can run and do just about anything I can do… he has Down Syndrome.  I have been reading so much about it, and want to learn more.  I am not running for a "cause" I am running for Joey!  Trust me, this program is more for the runners than those that can't run…

Racing season is very quiet here in AZ during the summer months for obvious reasons, but I really can't wait to start racing and earning medals for my Buddy and me!!  I used to just run for the medals, now I get to run for a medal and Joey!!  That's worth getting out there and getting it done!!

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