Monday, January 20, 2014

PF Chang's RNR

Whew!  This race came upon me pretty quickly!!  I remember signing up for it, and thinking I should really "train' for a Half marathon and see how I do!  Keep in mind, I don't actually "train" for the distance, I just go out and run, which leaves me pretty empty and sore after the Half!!  So this one I thought I would at least train and see how well I could actually do!!

Well… being sick for over a month, and finding out I had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago… needless to say, I didn't train for this one either!!  The good thing about this race is that they added a "Mini- Marathon" being short of 6 miles to run…

The Expo was lots of fun… smaller than previous ones, but nonetheless, I LOVE Expos!!  I shopped, and shopped, and realized I had just about everything I really needed!  So a few RNR memento's was about it… grabbed lots of free stuff!  Who doesn't love free stuff??

Went to bed fairly early, and got up the next morning for the race!!  Got there early, as parking is usually a joke, so I parked in the furthest lot, easy to get in and out.  I realized that the start was in a different place as runners were headed in a different direction… I decided I might as well follow the masses… we walked about a mile to the starting line (different than the years before).  I ran into several friends… out of 50,000 runners… who would have thought… jumped in my corral 5 and ready to go!!

Started out a little sluggish… but I knew after mile 2-1/2 I would be making the turn towards the Mini route… or would I?  As I moved I realized it had been a week since I actually laced up, and I was in no shape to run the Half… the split came up rather quickly, but my mind was made up… I made the turn and surprisingly, tears filled my eyes!!  Damn, I wanted to run the Half, but it just wasn't in the cards this year!!  The Mini course was pleasant… less crowded, and much more scenic.  I actually, really enjoyed the morning run after all…

It's always nice to make it to the after party before all the food and free stuff is gone… by the time I usually make it in with my lack of training, most stuff is gone!  So its nice to partake a little just to get a taste of what it would be like…

Headed home, feeling proud to have accomplished the run, not the race I registered for, but did it really matter?  I finished a race, my own race!!

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