Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome 80's

Oh, this is such a fun, fun race!!!  I grew up in the 80's and I miss most the big hair and music!!
I have been battling bronchitis and something prior to that which I think developed into bronchitis, so should I have gone out and run this morning??  No!  But I couldn't miss this one!!

Got there early and enjoyed the music and the costumes!!  I hate thinking that my High School Days have now turned into fun costumes, but nevertheless, it was fun to see the "youth" bring back the good old days!!!

Met some Swirlgear gals there too, what a fun experience to see gals you only "meet" on Facebook!!  I love having other Swirlgear gals in the state!!

We warmed up to an awesome DJ, dancing to the music and then we were off… I knew I needed to take it slow and walk… but I was so pumped up, I didn't do the right thing, I took off running, and not sure I looked back until about mile 1!!  At that point I could feel my lungs telling me to shut it down or they will… I slowed it down, and walked for a minute or two, caught my breath and ran a  little more… it wasn't so bad, I just had to run a 3.1… I could do it!!

A couple of times, I felt a little dizzy, and then I thought, this was "FUN RUN" and it wouldn't be any fun to pass out and have others try and figure out what to do with me… but I kept going.  No I didn't pass out or anything, in fact, I didn't even cough once…(until I finished)

Got the medal and took a few pics, and came home!  What an AWESOME day!!  Resting for next weekend, as I have a Half scheduled!!  Hope I can get in some miles…

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