Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Runday

Sunday's seem to be the only constant day of running for me, which isn't nearly enough to train for the kinds of races I run, but I thoroughly enjoy my Sunday runs...and I really don't "train" like normal runners do anyways... I like to be different!  Ha!

This morning was a perfect morning, as it was only about 86 degrees and cloud coverage for the most part of my run.  I felt great, until about mile 6 and I felt some cramping in my left calf... but hung in there and got 8 miles in.

Next week, I try and do another 8 and then a couple of 10's and I should be ready to go!!  San Fran here, I come!!!

BTW... I am now a Brand Ambassador for Swirlgear.  Its a company owned by women for women that make sporty clothes you can run in or simply run errands.  Comfortable and girly.  I ordered a pink camo short sleeve and army green running shorts... so cute!!  Check out Swirlgear and see what I mean. Use promo code: swirlon for free shipping!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Change of pace...

Today I went running at lunch... It was only 98 degrees out, so "cooler" than normal!  hahahhaha... Wednesday's are tough days to go running not because of my busy day... but Wednesday's for whatever reason seem to be a "work-release" day for juveniles.  I run along the canal banks which makes for perfect running path, but you know when that "women's intuition" kicks in, you should listen to it... it has served me well... not that these "work-release" folks have ever done anything to me, they make me nervous being so close to a canal and no one knowing where I am... ( they may just be Parks and Rec folks... they just give me the creeps...

So, as I turned down the canal bank, I saw a group hanging out apparently on a lunch break as well... so I jogged a little further and thought, awe.... turn I did! I ran back and crossed the street and went a different direct.  The canal bank across the street seemed very shallow, and green with moss... but the path was a dirt path and that was nice on the legs... This was a great change of pace... and will now be my running path at lunch!!

I came across an area that was labeled a park... but only cement paths with a field in between, but it looked interesting as I thought I saw peacocks or chickens on one side... I started down the path when of the "peacocks" took flight and it was a big as an owl...wishful thinking... and then I noticed there were more than the 3-4 and as  others touched down  there were now 9.  Hmmm... creepies one direction and 9 turkey vultures the other... which was the better choice.  You think the birds were the better choice, but most BIG birds don't like me... and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up as they took flight and circled... well, I turned around and left them alone, but I did have to take a picture as no one in their right mind would believe me...  What an adventure!  Can't wait until tomorrow... what will I see next?

I think they were Harrier Hawks, that hunt together in groups... I am sure looking for field mice... but I wasn't taking a chance that they wouldn't hunt me!  :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's for lunch?

How about a HOT, HOT run along the HOT canal banks near work!!  Good Grief!!  I knew it was going to be a hot one, and as I headed out the front doors, I could feel the heat and heavy air... too late to turn back, I didn't want to look like a wimp... so I took off and made my way to the street!

As I ran down the canal banks, and after coming across the 9th dead fish in the water, I figured it was a sign to turn around and get back to the office!  Not even sure it was worth the bother of getting drenched with sweat for that short of a run... but any run is better than no run... right??  Yikes... its going to be a long HOT go at getting ready for SF!!!  (Good thing we have showers at work!!)

SWEAT still pouring off me!!  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Running

Woke up to a beautiful morning for a long run... cloudy with a chance of rain!  Rarely, does it rain here, so running in it would be a treat!   I headed out for a quick 7 miler.  It was an uneventful run, thank heavens!!  I only saw a couple hundred bunnies... which I love and talk to them as I run past them, and a mean old Wood Pecker!  No snakes, no coyotes, no javelinas...whew!!

Its getting so very close to the October race, I can taste the starting line!!!  It will be here and overwith before I even realize how lucky I was to get in this year!!!  I have yet to really conquer any major hills, and it will be a real hilly course... but I can always "walk" the hills... right??

As I was nearing home, it started to sprinkle a bit, and it felt great... it cooled me off just a little!!  Need to get in some serious mileage in the next couple of weeks!!  I am praying for cooler temps at lunch time!!  :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's been awhile...

since I have posted on my running blog!  It's not that I haven't been running, but I don't think everyone is too interested in hearing that I ran a couple miles... in fact, since I have only 6 followers on my running blog, I am not sure that anyone is really interested. 

This blog started out as a journal of my Marathon journey a few years ago, and I have been posting on it since.  I don't post for followers or bragging, I post mainly to keep as a running diary for myself!  With all that being said, yes, I ran today! 

I am a little over a month shy of running in one of the most coveted races ever... The Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco!!!  OMGosh... am I excited!!  It has been a 5 year dream to get into this race, and this was my year!!  I entered as a student, so I got in bypassing the lottery.  The Lottery isn't something that will ever be in my future to win, so I had to find an alternate way of getting in and I did! Oh, and Yes, I was a student with and actual student ID!

I am no where near ready for the hills and mileage for this one, but I still have time to get it together. I am on track with my long runs, and lunchtime running has become the "norm" for me even in the AZ summer heat!  If I was training for a HOT, desert run, I would be ready to go... in contrast, I am training for a hilly, COLD and foggy race that I don't get to experience here in the it should be interesting to say the least!

My main reason for running this one, is not the mileage or even bragging rights of getting into this race, but behold the Finish Line!  OK, who doesn't like the Finish Line at the end of the race?  Picture a  Finish Line with Firemen lined up holding silver platters piled high with little blue boxes from Tiffany?  Need I say more??  What an experience this will be and a memory I will have forever...provided I finish the race!!