Sunday, April 28, 2013

No Race Weekend

WOW!  No races this weekend!!  It felt strange not hustling around the house in the wee hours of the morning trying to be as quiet as a mouse.  I have a couple of weeks off...

Instead, I got up, had a cup of coffee, and actually sipped it and it tasted great!  I don't usually get to enjoy a cup, as I am usually racing out the door most mornings... no pun intended...

I did however, do a HIIT workout and that felt great!  Took the weekend off of running, as I  sat and read on FB everybody headed out to race and hitting those PR's... what are those???  Hahahahaha...

Speedwork isn't in my routine at all, and then I wonder why I am so slow when it comes to races... I don't train that way.. but that is all about to change!  I have a race in two weeks, and I will be prepared for that one... maybe even a PR??  Too soon???  :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pat's Run 2013

WOW!  What a week it has been...tragic event erupted on an iconic run known as the Boston Marathon.  Every Runner's dream to qualify and run the streets of Boston... a race that I know in my heart I will never get to run, but I see myself running it every year.  This year was no different, as I wished the Boston Marathoners good luck... and went about my day!  Having some friends of mine actually running it, I checked in with FB to see posts and pics as the Elite Runners had finished a couple of hours ago... to my surprise, I see a post of a picture that looked more like a crime scene than the Finish Line...well, you all know the story from here.

It deeply touched me, as I placed myself there, or in any other race and I would have been shy of the finish line by about an hour... so knowing the time frame, that would have put my family and friends at the Finish line waiting to cheer me in... I would never have forgiven myself if something like that would have happened to any of them...

So today, as I prepared to run in one of the biggest draws here in AZ, the Pat Tillman Run, I thought about Monday's incident briefly... but once I got parked and in my starting corral, I felt safer than I had ever felt.  Security was definitely stepped up and and as helicopters hovered, and FBI, military, as well as military dogs were showing their presence all along the course, they were doing everything they could to make me safe!  I felt very blessed...

35,000+ runners this morning to show full support of a Hero, Pat Tillman, and of course there was plenty of blue and yellow everywhere to honor Boston.. it was a very inspirational run as well as "healing" for a lot of folks.  I saw many American flags being carried on the course, and I felt the need to thank those carrying the flags... as they looked heavy to hold, but stood out in the united crowd of runners.

Made my way to the finish line... which is always the best part of the run for me... :)  Had a moment where I thought about crossing that line and was thankful for the crowds cheering, but even more thankful I wasn't responsible for anyone waiting for me...

I always say, this is a race I will never do again because of the crowds and parking hassles, and road closures, etc... but this was my 7th year running and will definitely do it again next year!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rave Run

Well, this was a little different race... I think definitely for a younger crowd... but I had a great time!
A few months back, I asked my staff at work if they would like to run a 5K with me... they all readily agreed and we set out to find a race that everyone would want to do.  A Groupon was found and RAVE RUN became our race together!
I thought it would be a great team building experience... and that it was!

The race start time was 8:30 PM... a little late for me, and I was actually not wanting to go, for that reason.. it was late, and well not in the best part of town... but we were doing this as a TEAM, and it was my idea... although, I was secretly hoping someone would cancel... ( They have no problem calling out sick at work!) but not a one of them cancelled.

I got there early, as I always do, and waited around until I figured I had been stood up by my staff.  I text them as a group and asked if I was running this alone??  Several responded they were parking, and would be there shortly... Thank heavens!!

The atmosphere was exciting, lots of lights and everyone glowing in the dark!  Loud music and lights blinking everywhere... this must be what its like at a RAVE Concert??

Starting Line
We gathered at the Starting Line... up close and in the
first wave... forgetting that there were several teammates that had never run before let alone at a race.  We all agreed to run as a team...jog, walk, jog, walk... we set off and hadn't gotten much more than 50 ft, and one gal had to start walking... I knew it was going to be a long night.  We all slowed and waited and jogged around her and then we started running again... just to have to stop and walk.... we did this as a team for the first mile or so.  I told the one team mate that we would run ahead and I would come back and get her... so I ran with another gal so she could catch up with the others that had run a little ahead, and I turned back to find the teammate we left behind.  I couldn't very well, leave her for dead out there... as that has happened to me time

 and time again... so I "coached" her through the next 2.5 miles.  She was embarrassed, and discouraged, but together we walked, ran crawled and made it to the Finish Line!!  ( the one night I was in rare form and ready to run this 5K)

I was so proud of everyone that finished!  I knew they could do it, and it was a rewarding night for me nonetheless, as I feel I truly helped someone meet a goal!  I normally don't brag about anything, but last night, I became a true Coach, and it felt amazing!!

I don't think I will suggest another race... but I'll bet you a few of them will race on their own again!!!  Mission Accomplished!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Fooling around...

The weather is so beautiful outside right now... I would give anything to be able to jump out of bed and go for a run, but alas, I wait until lunch hour to get out there!  80 degrees isn't too bad and it certainly gets me ready for summer running...kind of... :)

Today was a pleasant day, got out there for a quick 3 miler, which really wasn't so quick.  I forgot my water bottle, and normally, 3 miles is fine with out it, but today was warm and could have used a sip or two! 

Getting ready for a 5K, that I am making my Team at work run with me!  I thought it would be a great "TEAM Building" exercise.. I am hoping they all see it that way too...