Saturday, March 2, 2013

Phoenix Marathon- A.K.A. Birthday Run

Been waiting to do this one again for some time... it seems to always fall on or around my Birthday weekend...What better way to spend your birthday weekend...right?

Well, I was up at 3:30AM... had to get ready quickly as I had to drive to Mesa ( not real close to me) and then board the last bus that leaves a 5:15 sharp!  

The good thing about driving at 4:30 AM is that there is no traffic...WHAT???  As I am getting off the freeway to get on another to my destination, I come to a standstill of red lights going to the same place... I hadn't counted on traffic!!  I waited on the freeway ramp and slowly made it to the exit in about 40 minutes... I figured I had missed the bus... it was 5:40!!  As Police cars/ motorcycles whizzed past I was hoping they were there to help get us there!!  Yes, it looked like all they needed was a little traffic control!  Got to a parking lot and just parked and started making my way towards anywhere that everyone else was headed... I asked where the buses were and they were on the OTHER side of the shopping center... I made a run for it, as I thought maybe there would be a chance to jump on the bus...

There were several buses waiting for us still... Thank you, although once boarded and headed to the top of the mountain we were going to run down, I was secretly hoping I would have missed the bus!  hahahaha...

Got to the top and was amazed that it wasn't as COLD as the year before.  About 52 degrees, which is prime running weather.  There were heat lamps set up, but I didn't need them!!  As the National Anthem played there was a nice display of fireworks and then we headed to the starting line... and once the gun went off... there were more fireworks!!  Pretty cool!!

I started the race out pretty slow... not well trained ( as usual) I didn't want to burn out at 3 miles... so I slogged on, and felt pretty good through about mile 8.  I made myself a Birthday Sash to wear for the race, and debated about wearing it, but so very glad I did!!  I got more Birthday cheers, and high-fives along the way... people wishing me Happy Birthday everywhere I turned... I will be wearing a Birthday banner to every race going forward!!  Hahhahaha... Mile 8 came and here is where I usually break down... but there just happened to be a fire station there and yes, there were Firemen... one Hot fireman... I mean nice fireman said Hi and wished me a Happy Birthday, and well.. that got me through to mile 9 and a half... whew... who knew??  

Mile 10 and only a 5K to go... at that point it might have been another 13.1... I was seriously dragging at that point... I was on target to make a nice time for myself, but I ran, jogged,walked for the last 3!!  

I finished, and that was what it was all about... I sometimes wonder if I actually "trained" for the run, just how well I would actually do!!  I might try it sometime!  

Great medal, great post- party, and yes, I somehow found my car in the paring lot across the way... I'll do this one next year for sure!!!