Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mermaid Race

Got up super early to drive to the race this morning... had to pick up my bib- I usually pick up the day before the the packet pick up location wasn't very convenient this time around... so I felt strange getting ready without my bib!  ( I felt like I was missing something!)

Got to the park, and grabbed my bib, safety pins and shirt, and got back in my car to wait  until the race started... it was a chilly 39 degrees...I wasn't about apt to stand out in the cold for 1-1/2... No way!

Half hour before the race started I made my way to the starting line... music playing and lots of ladies ready to go... I opted for the 5K this race as next week I will be running a Half... and I signed up for this one on a whim... new race, new series, wasn't sure what to expect...

The air horn blasted and we were off... the Half marathoners and 10K runners had already taken off... so 5K runners charged the start line.  I am not sure many of them were there to run... as I proudly passed many girls ahead of me...  The course was wonderful, downhills, uphills, but on a narrow path and trail with was trimmed perfectly.  There was plenty of room for everyone... I made my way to the turn-around point and felt pretty good... the path took off another direction and I continued running...passed on the water stop, wasn't thirsty, and I was on a roll... I kept running, thinking this was the first time I can ever remember running the entire route (5K) without one walk break... I was beaming inside!!!  I came to the bridge knowing on the other side was the finish line... I did it, I ran the entire 5K...

No medals, but a super cute little charm to put on a necklace or bracelet, and it was a perfect memento for the Mermaid race, indeed!!

The volunteers were outstanding and the race director was wonderful!!  Lots of great goodies at the end to eat, and the volunteers literally couldn't have been more helpful!!

As I was leaving, I checked the results board, to see that I place 5th in my Age Group!!  How about that???  Hooray for me, Hip, hip hooray!!  Of course, only prizes were given 3 deep but nevertheless, I get to brag about being 5th place ( Age Group)!!  My confidence was certainly boosted... but only to have an Epic Fail next weekend for the Half Marathon that I, again, haven't trained for properly!!  Oh, well... that's another day... I am going to enjoy this one!!

Can't wait to do this one again next year...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Off- kind of...

Love President's Day!!  I got to sleep in, and go for an early morning run!  Lately, the only runs I can get in is at lunchtime, and although I have a great running path at lunchtime... it get s tough sometimes to get out there in the middle of the day!  So this morning was a treat!

It was about 45 degrees, perfect running weather, since I "warm-up" pretty quickly early on in a run... good for me this time of year, not so good come April- October... brutal heat kicks in at 5:30 AM and well.. running is pretty pathetic in the HEAT!

I laced up ( Lock Laces) and grabbed my iPhone and was off... I turned on my Virtual Trainer and headed out for a quick 4+ miles.  I have been using the training app- PEAR and I will say it it the best thing around... the voice guides you through the run and you feel as though he is right there beside you... oh, the possibilities with this tool.  I told my Co-workers at NASM to look into this App!!

Anyways, I ran a little over 4 miles this morning, and felt great!!  I am not sure I will be able to run now without my Virtual Coach... I will have to leave him home sometime.. Hahahhaha

Saturday, I have a race- Mermaid Series... I only signed up for the 5K as the following week I have a Half I already signed up for months ago.  I am not ready by any means... but it will be a fun day nonetheless...  I don't run to win, I run to accomplish a goal I set for myself... so just by finishing, I WIN!!

BTW... my other workouts have seriously been helping my running.  Who knew, cross training was helpful!!  Hahahaha...

I created myself some Work Out cards- to liven up the routine a little... What do you think?

If you are reading this, I would love to see your comments!  I write this blog as a journal for myself... but as I see that others have visited... ( You probably got lost and found me or found me through my crafting blog, Tina Time, I am glad you came by whoever you are... I would love it if you actually became a follower or left a comment... just so I know someone besides my Mom reads this blog!!  Hahahahaha...
Enjoy your day!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lunch time Training Run

I bought the coolest toy... actually its an app with a heart monitor and earphones, called the PEAR.  It's pretty awesome.  I saw it at the RNR Expo and then thought about it and bought it the following week.  It is like having a Running Coach or Trainer right in your ear... and it actually makes you accountable... kind of interesting.

I ran with a running coach/group when I trained for my very first Half Marathon.  It was a group of people that had been running forever, or were able to keep a higher pace than myself...coming right off of a fractured hip, I was running a bit slower and more cautious.  We would go on out on long runs through the desert and they would seriously leave me for dead out there.  It was very discouraging and I swore I would never run with a "group" again...and I haven't!  So the thought of having a virtual running coach was appealing to me. 

I did the fat-burning run today at lunch, and it was pretty amazing.  30 minutes of running in Zone 1 and 2. ( You need to calibrate the app it knows your training zones...) Zone 1 and 2 are zones I normally run in anyways... :)  I stayed on track with the coach the best I could. Felt pretty good too.

Got back to my desk to take a peek at my 30 minute run stats, and the graph ( didn't know there was one) showed me way above my training zones... and yet the "coach" kept telling me I was right on cue... Hahahaha... I like my coach!!  I will take some time to get used to the distance and pace since it varies from my Gamin, but I think it is more accurate in other ways since I am wearing the heart monitor... time will tell, but right now I LOVE the PEAR!