Sunday, January 20, 2013

RNR AZ ( Rock n Roll)

I knew this race was coming... been thinking about it for months... and this was the weekend of the RNR AZ Half marathon!
Yesterday, I spent most of the morning at the Expo, running into vendors and friends that recognize me at each event... I take that as a compliment... not that I shop too much!  The Expo was big, but not like it has been in years past... nevertheless, I had a ball.   I picked up my bib, timing tag, and shirt along with some other goodies and the one thing I sought out to buy... a Medal Rack!  ( Now, if  could just get a certain someone to hang it for me...) He doesn't read the blog, so I will have to remind and hound him to do it for me!!  Anyways, I wish the race sometimes just existed for the Expo...

This morning I got up too early and got ready for the race.  This race draws about 50,000 runners- no lie and parking is terrible, so the earlier you arrive the better chance you get a parking spot and a chance to "relax" in the warm car before having to make your way to the starting line!!!

The parking lot I chose was a distance from the start line, but close to the finish... when you don't feel like walking so it was a good choice.  

As I lined up at the start, I was feeling a bit unprepared... as I  stood next to the Pacer for the 1:45 group!  I laughed inside, knowing that I was looking more for a 2:30 but so what... I was the only one that knew any different... 

Corral 3 took off and I started the half marathon... before I was a half a mile in, my hamstring flared up- an injury from earlier this week.  It hurt, but I figured I could run it out... well, I thought wrong... it was starting to hurt more and more, my SpiBelt full of "Half goodies" was "bouncing" and my iPod keep coming unclasped... WTH???  This was not going to be my race...

At mile 3 there was a turn for the "Mini-marathon" and I debated to turn or not to turn... as tears welled up in my eyes and the thought of 9 more miles of shifting and possibly hurting the hamstring any further... I turned!  Tears fell, and I felt like I took the turn of shame.  But, as I looked around doubting my decision... I noticed I was not the only half marathoner running the "mini" or a Full marathon runner on this course... they all seemed to be limping, and struggling as was I.  A big smile came to my face... as I made the right choice of a smart runner.  Hahahaha

The remaining 3 miles were pleasant... no crowds, no bands, really no support at all which made it feel like a typical Sunday run for me.  I was OK with that! 

As we neared the Finish Line, there were the crowds cheering and yelling... I was back on track!  I crossed the Finish Line with a lump in my throat, as I felt I took the "easy" route... and as they handed me a Half marathon medal... for a split second I thought about taking it... but I insisted, that no, I completed the mini and needed the mini marathon medal... other Half-er's took the Half medal... disappointing... I didn't earn that coveted medal... so I again, did the "right" thing!  ( Pat on the back for me!)

I now know what it is like to be one of first ones coming through the finish line... no crowds, the secure zone all to myself, and a wide array of runner treats... Usually, by the time I roll in I get a warm chocolate milk and bag of pretzels... not this time!!  My arms were full of goodies that I couldn't eat!  :)

However, there were no "friends" waiting for me, as I was through first this time... and I became increasing chilly from my drying sweat, and a bit embarrassed- for no reason mind you... just that I set out to do the "half" and did "half of the half"...

I left shortly thereafter, and drove home...proud I finished and accomplished the Mini-Marathon this morning... 

My buddy, Andy.  He seems to find me at every race!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Awesome 80's Run

I have been looking forward to this race since I registered for it!!  Totally 80's and anyone that knows me, I LOVED the 80's... not that it should give my age away or anything... Hahahahhaha

Got up early and headed out... it was a comfortable  31 degrees outside- NOT!!  Holy Crap... when did the temps in AZ reach that...???  Back in the 80's... so I guess that was fitting for the Run this morning.

I sat in my car where it was nice and warm.. no need to get out an stand around and warming up for a 5K just seems silly, so I sat and watched the runners dressed in their 80's garb!!  Oh, how I loved it!  Most of the runners weren't even born in the 80's and trying to imitate Madonna... was a little rough.. but Prince showed, as well as Michael Jackson, Jane Fonda, and Richard Simmons and our MC was none other than MC Hammer- look-a-likes of course!!

We lined up at the start, and "warmed-up" with the "Hammer" and that was actually the first time I literally "danced" at the starting line... oh the music could have played on and on... but it was time to Run...

3 little miles and it felt like 30... how in the heck am I going to run a Half next weekend???  Oh, well.. I made my way along the course and laughed at several of the costumes the runners were in... note to self:  more costume themed races for me!!!

Finish Line was easy... crowds stayed and partied to the 80's!  There was a Delorean to pose and take a picture in, but I opted to get my own picture with my shiny "cassette-tape" medal around my neck!!

Wonderful race, and it is a must do- especially if you remember anything about the 80's!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lunchtime Running...

Why is it that I look so forward to getting out for a lunchtime run... but something always gets in the way... work, someone in my office, excuses...but today, I told the person just sitting in my office talking about nothing, that I was going running, and grabbed my gym bag and walked out... that was freeing!  Usually, I sit there and watch the clock as it wastes away, because I don't want to be rude... but isn't the person sitting in my office yakety -yaking about nothing the "rude" one??

Well, I got changed and headed out for a lunchtime run... oh, it felt great outside.  About 60 degrees and plenty of sun.  I was a little sore from yesterday's run... but I felt amazing when I finished!

This year, I have to take charge of my time or else, I will never get to run during the day, and right now early mornings and late evenings are not an option!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Day Run

Happy New Year!!!

I actually looked forward to starting the new year with a run... it was too cold this morning to go out, so I waited until this afternoon... and it was perfect!  54 degrees and sunny...I dressed a little too warm for it, but I wasn't going too far so I wasn't worried!

I did my normal 5K route which includes running through "Coyote Alley."  For some reason I wasn't even worried that I would run into a few... however, once I entered the wash, I started looking over my shoulder...  I didn't want to run too fast as I didn't want to be chased, I would rather play a game of "hide and seek" as I think I would have a better chance of escaping that game... Haahahahhaha

Well, I have 364 days more to run this year, and I want to take full advantage of each and every day!  I am running an actual 5K in two weeks and a  Half marathon in 3... no where near ready for either one!!