Saturday, November 9, 2013

Women's Half Marathon-Scottsdale

This is always a fun race to do, with the exception of the course itself!  Hahaha... the last three years I have run the Half Marathon, and this year I didn't sign up... coming off of the Nike Women's and all, I kind of forgot to sign up for it... so at the last minute, I signed up... but for the 5K instead of the Half!  Mind you, I hadn't run a mile since that AWESOME day in San Francisco... so a 5K was a great way to shake it out and get going again...

I got up early and headed towards the Tempe Town Lakes and parked... I saw the buses in the parking lot leaving with the Half Marathoner's and I secretly wished I had just done that one, but I was running this one for FUN!  I walked nearly a mile to the starting line in the dark and made my way to the corrals.  Not a ton of women running the 5K as the medal size is significantly BIGGER in size, and quite frankly, that's a part of why I "race" is for those big shiny medals!!  But alas, I am in line and the day before I hadn't even registered... so I was impressed that I was where I was at that moment.

We lined up and got ready to run the course around the Tempe Town Lake and I will admit, I was a bit nervous not having run a lick in 2 weeks!!  The siren sounded and we were off...

The course was pretty up and down, but nothing like the long stretch of hills in SF, so they didn't phase me a bit... my how things change in a matter of two weeks!  Hahahhaha... I felt GREAT!!  No walking for me... I ran the entire course, as I usually have to walk a bit, even in a 5K... mind over matter really, I turned for the Finish Line... and finished!!  Got a pretty shiny medal, and being one of the first ones through I got to enjoy the entire spread of food and freebies that I usually miss due to being a slower runner... It was pleasant!!  Haha...

Walked back to my car and felt amazing!!  Beautiful weather and I just ran a 5K without stopping!  Life is good...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nike Women's Marathon 2013

Not even sure where to begin... this was such an amazing race!!!  I have only been running for a little over 5 years and when I first started looking at races, I saw this one, and said, "I have to run this one!"  It's all done through a Lottery, and your chances of ever getting in are slim to none... however, there are some lucky ones that seem to get in every year!!  Well, this was my year...

We flew to San Francisco early Thursday morning to get to the Expotique and pick up my bib and race information... we hurried to Union Square, only to be told the roads were closed due to a bomb scare.  Someone had left a suspicious backpack on the corner, and everything shut down.  Now, I know its precautions and better safe than sorry, but I have to say, all I really cared about at the moment was when the Expo would open... I MUST get my bib- you know to make it official and everything.  We hung around for about 2 hours... I wasn't concerned of any real threat... I had other important things on my mind...
The Expo opened 2 hours later and I couldn't get in line fast enough!!!  I stood in the hot sun along with 100's of other anxious ladies and a few good men, and waited my turn...heart pounding!!!

I got my bib, and race packet and I wanted to cry right there... it was going to happen!  I'm in!!!  I wandered through the Expo with 1000's of others and took advantage of everything they offered... including a "tattoo" LOVED IT... and got my hair curled, and moved on to every other booth that was open and grabbed small goodies along the way... I didn't want to leave... but the NIKE store was up the street, and I had apparel to buy- oh, and my shoes!!

The NIKE store was HUGE!!!  But, as I got to the street, I realized that the runner's names had been etched on the windows... I ran to find my name... there it was... Tina Berlingeri...Oh, my gosh!!!  Look at it glistening on the NIKE store window... did it get any better than that???  Yes, yes it did!!

I tore through the NIKE store looking for shirts, shorts, socks, hats, underwear, whatever they had and carried a few around until I made a decision... bought adorable commemorative shirts and a hat that I will never wear,  and then I headed to the third floor and got my beloved Nike Lunar 5 shoes that I reserved... I felt like Cinderella... I LOVED the shoes... they are exclusive to the runners of the race... with the date and logo as well as the Tiffany branded necklace in the sole of the shoe... Oh, my... again... my heart pounding, and this was only the beginning...

The night before the race, I, of course ordered a BIG bowl of pasta- you know carbo loading the night before... yes, I know it should be done 3 days prior... I am not your typical Runner... I do it my way!  Hahahahha...  Got back to the hotel and laid my clothes out and got ready for the biggest race of my life...
Slept about 15 minutes... and I was up and ready to go!!  I got dressed, gave Vito a kiss goodbye and headed out the door.  I had to walk a few blocks to the start line and I "walked" with about 10,000 other ladies.  I couldn't believe it was about to begin and I was standing in the middle of Union Square with a bib on waiting to go!  I stood in my "wave" and began to reflect of the years of trying to get in to the race as well as the trials and tribulations of the past year making this moment possible... tears flowed and I couldn't stop them... I tried but tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks... I wiped them the best I could after all, I wore mascara so I would look decent for the Finish Line of Firemen...

The clock counted down, the fireworks went off, and 30,000 of my closest friends and myself took off into the dark streets of San Francisco!!!  Woohoo!!!

The start took us downhill, and I was on fire... speeding down the hill thinking this is about the greatest thing I have ever done... we hit  Pier 1 and took a left and ran down the coast... I couldn't stop thinking how blessed I was to be running this course and I had nothing but pure joy in my heart and a spring in my step!!  Those that know my running style, knows this is unusual... I am usually ready to call it a day by mile 3... not this time though... mile after mile went by and I was feeling great....  foggy and misty- perfect running weather!!!

The first hill hit and my head told my legs to walk, but I didn't... I charged up that hill and kept going, dang, I was impressed with myself... and then the next hill came and well, I jogged up that one... huffing and puffing a little bit and I thought, these HILLS aren't so bad... why was I worried... well... what I saw next made me worry...

The BIG ONE... mile 6!! hahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahaha... I couldn't stop laughing at the fact I was about to "climb" this one... I walked it as well as the others around me!!  Once got to the top it was a straight downhill sprint... I really didn't think I could run that fast EVER and at mile 7???  I couldn't contain it, I just kept going...mile 8 came and for the first time, I needed to take a quick potty break... never have I stopped before except during my Marathon... but it was a  quick pit stop and once I adjusted and readjusted myself I was back in the groove...More hills to conquer... and I did!!

Mile 11 hit, and I was spent... how many more miles left, could I do it???  Mile 11.5 I saw Vito in the crowd cheering and well... that certainly helped my spirits.  I ran over to him and gave him a big hug, and off I went... thinking... if he had only shown me a little Blue Box, I would have called it quits... but 1.5 miles to go, how bad could that be????????????

Hahahahhahaha... my right foot was blown up like a balloon from a previous injury the week before, and my hips were coming unhinged... I limped and staggered on wondering if I was ever going to see the finish line...

There it was... simply beautiful... FINISH and I knew behind the finish line was a Fireman handing out the coveted little Blue Box from Tiffany!

It's been a week now that I have been home, and I still have such fond, vivid memories of the Nike Women's Marathon... something I will never, ever forget.  Something very powerful happened to me on that course, I can't explain it, and won't even try... I re-
live the course and the excited feelings I had each time I touch my necklace around my neck... Nike, you sold me!!  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of a lifetime and hope that every runner gets to experience this race!!  Well done, Nike, well done!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Getting closer

to the NWM race!!  A week and a half to go!!  I am starting to get excited, but still very nervous about the hills I am going to be challenged with on the course!
This morning's run was cool and pleasant!  I started out feeling pretty good about the mileage I was going to get in today.  The first 5 seemed to "fly" by and then I started feeling a bit stretched, but I knew I had to make it home and that was going to be another 5 miles at least!!

At the halfway point, I stopped by the Circle K to refill my water bottle... so nice to refill it with ice!!  I filled it up, and then asked if I could "taste" the Gatorade they had as a fountain drink.  The gal was very nice and gave me a small cup and I filled it with ice and orange Gatorade.  ( Why I have never asked for this before, is beyond me...) It was exactly what I needed to get me home.

As I began the journey home I saw a dirt trail that ran parallel to the highway and thought that would feel much softer on the knees- it did!  I ran through the wash/desert trails and found myself deep from the highway.  I ended up behind a housing development and had to find my way back to the highway! Who gets lost on their way home???  Me!!  Duh!

Well, I did make it home 11 miles done!!  A COLD dip in the pool and protein shake... and now I am ready to start the day...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Quickie for lunch...

You know its HOT here in AZ to run when 92 degrees feels COOL out!!  It was just that today, as I left the building, it was only 92 degrees, and it felt comfortable... Just imagine when its gets to be around 75 in December.... Ahhh... that is why I live in AZ!!

Went for a quick 3 miler today, and I felt pretty darn good out there!  19 days until the BIG Race... and I am no more ready to tackle those hills than I was 6 months ago... so it should be a LONG race but I am not going to win, just be a part of something I have envied for 5 years now!!  The finish line at the Nike Women's Marathon!!  Firemen and Tiffany, c'mon...does it really get better than that??  :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Runday

Sunday's seem to be the only constant day of running for me, which isn't nearly enough to train for the kinds of races I run, but I thoroughly enjoy my Sunday runs...and I really don't "train" like normal runners do anyways... I like to be different!  Ha!

This morning was a perfect morning, as it was only about 86 degrees and cloud coverage for the most part of my run.  I felt great, until about mile 6 and I felt some cramping in my left calf... but hung in there and got 8 miles in.

Next week, I try and do another 8 and then a couple of 10's and I should be ready to go!!  San Fran here, I come!!!

BTW... I am now a Brand Ambassador for Swirlgear.  Its a company owned by women for women that make sporty clothes you can run in or simply run errands.  Comfortable and girly.  I ordered a pink camo short sleeve and army green running shorts... so cute!!  Check out Swirlgear and see what I mean. Use promo code: swirlon for free shipping!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Change of pace...

Today I went running at lunch... It was only 98 degrees out, so "cooler" than normal!  hahahhaha... Wednesday's are tough days to go running not because of my busy day... but Wednesday's for whatever reason seem to be a "work-release" day for juveniles.  I run along the canal banks which makes for perfect running path, but you know when that "women's intuition" kicks in, you should listen to it... it has served me well... not that these "work-release" folks have ever done anything to me, they make me nervous being so close to a canal and no one knowing where I am... ( they may just be Parks and Rec folks... they just give me the creeps...

So, as I turned down the canal bank, I saw a group hanging out apparently on a lunch break as well... so I jogged a little further and thought, awe.... turn I did! I ran back and crossed the street and went a different direct.  The canal bank across the street seemed very shallow, and green with moss... but the path was a dirt path and that was nice on the legs... This was a great change of pace... and will now be my running path at lunch!!

I came across an area that was labeled a park... but only cement paths with a field in between, but it looked interesting as I thought I saw peacocks or chickens on one side... I started down the path when of the "peacocks" took flight and it was a big as an owl...wishful thinking... and then I noticed there were more than the 3-4 and as  others touched down  there were now 9.  Hmmm... creepies one direction and 9 turkey vultures the other... which was the better choice.  You think the birds were the better choice, but most BIG birds don't like me... and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up as they took flight and circled... well, I turned around and left them alone, but I did have to take a picture as no one in their right mind would believe me...  What an adventure!  Can't wait until tomorrow... what will I see next?

I think they were Harrier Hawks, that hunt together in groups... I am sure looking for field mice... but I wasn't taking a chance that they wouldn't hunt me!  :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's for lunch?

How about a HOT, HOT run along the HOT canal banks near work!!  Good Grief!!  I knew it was going to be a hot one, and as I headed out the front doors, I could feel the heat and heavy air... too late to turn back, I didn't want to look like a wimp... so I took off and made my way to the street!

As I ran down the canal banks, and after coming across the 9th dead fish in the water, I figured it was a sign to turn around and get back to the office!  Not even sure it was worth the bother of getting drenched with sweat for that short of a run... but any run is better than no run... right??  Yikes... its going to be a long HOT go at getting ready for SF!!!  (Good thing we have showers at work!!)

SWEAT still pouring off me!!  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Running

Woke up to a beautiful morning for a long run... cloudy with a chance of rain!  Rarely, does it rain here, so running in it would be a treat!   I headed out for a quick 7 miler.  It was an uneventful run, thank heavens!!  I only saw a couple hundred bunnies... which I love and talk to them as I run past them, and a mean old Wood Pecker!  No snakes, no coyotes, no javelinas...whew!!

Its getting so very close to the October race, I can taste the starting line!!!  It will be here and overwith before I even realize how lucky I was to get in this year!!!  I have yet to really conquer any major hills, and it will be a real hilly course... but I can always "walk" the hills... right??

As I was nearing home, it started to sprinkle a bit, and it felt great... it cooled me off just a little!!  Need to get in some serious mileage in the next couple of weeks!!  I am praying for cooler temps at lunch time!!  :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's been awhile...

since I have posted on my running blog!  It's not that I haven't been running, but I don't think everyone is too interested in hearing that I ran a couple miles... in fact, since I have only 6 followers on my running blog, I am not sure that anyone is really interested. 

This blog started out as a journal of my Marathon journey a few years ago, and I have been posting on it since.  I don't post for followers or bragging, I post mainly to keep as a running diary for myself!  With all that being said, yes, I ran today! 

I am a little over a month shy of running in one of the most coveted races ever... The Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco!!!  OMGosh... am I excited!!  It has been a 5 year dream to get into this race, and this was my year!!  I entered as a student, so I got in bypassing the lottery.  The Lottery isn't something that will ever be in my future to win, so I had to find an alternate way of getting in and I did! Oh, and Yes, I was a student with and actual student ID!

I am no where near ready for the hills and mileage for this one, but I still have time to get it together. I am on track with my long runs, and lunchtime running has become the "norm" for me even in the AZ summer heat!  If I was training for a HOT, desert run, I would be ready to go... in contrast, I am training for a hilly, COLD and foggy race that I don't get to experience here in the it should be interesting to say the least!

My main reason for running this one, is not the mileage or even bragging rights of getting into this race, but behold the Finish Line!  OK, who doesn't like the Finish Line at the end of the race?  Picture a  Finish Line with Firemen lined up holding silver platters piled high with little blue boxes from Tiffany?  Need I say more??  What an experience this will be and a memory I will have forever...provided I finish the race!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

No Race Weekend

WOW!  No races this weekend!!  It felt strange not hustling around the house in the wee hours of the morning trying to be as quiet as a mouse.  I have a couple of weeks off...

Instead, I got up, had a cup of coffee, and actually sipped it and it tasted great!  I don't usually get to enjoy a cup, as I am usually racing out the door most mornings... no pun intended...

I did however, do a HIIT workout and that felt great!  Took the weekend off of running, as I  sat and read on FB everybody headed out to race and hitting those PR's... what are those???  Hahahahaha...

Speedwork isn't in my routine at all, and then I wonder why I am so slow when it comes to races... I don't train that way.. but that is all about to change!  I have a race in two weeks, and I will be prepared for that one... maybe even a PR??  Too soon???  :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pat's Run 2013

WOW!  What a week it has been...tragic event erupted on an iconic run known as the Boston Marathon.  Every Runner's dream to qualify and run the streets of Boston... a race that I know in my heart I will never get to run, but I see myself running it every year.  This year was no different, as I wished the Boston Marathoners good luck... and went about my day!  Having some friends of mine actually running it, I checked in with FB to see posts and pics as the Elite Runners had finished a couple of hours ago... to my surprise, I see a post of a picture that looked more like a crime scene than the Finish Line...well, you all know the story from here.

It deeply touched me, as I placed myself there, or in any other race and I would have been shy of the finish line by about an hour... so knowing the time frame, that would have put my family and friends at the Finish line waiting to cheer me in... I would never have forgiven myself if something like that would have happened to any of them...

So today, as I prepared to run in one of the biggest draws here in AZ, the Pat Tillman Run, I thought about Monday's incident briefly... but once I got parked and in my starting corral, I felt safer than I had ever felt.  Security was definitely stepped up and and as helicopters hovered, and FBI, military, as well as military dogs were showing their presence all along the course, they were doing everything they could to make me safe!  I felt very blessed...

35,000+ runners this morning to show full support of a Hero, Pat Tillman, and of course there was plenty of blue and yellow everywhere to honor Boston.. it was a very inspirational run as well as "healing" for a lot of folks.  I saw many American flags being carried on the course, and I felt the need to thank those carrying the flags... as they looked heavy to hold, but stood out in the united crowd of runners.

Made my way to the finish line... which is always the best part of the run for me... :)  Had a moment where I thought about crossing that line and was thankful for the crowds cheering, but even more thankful I wasn't responsible for anyone waiting for me...

I always say, this is a race I will never do again because of the crowds and parking hassles, and road closures, etc... but this was my 7th year running and will definitely do it again next year!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rave Run

Well, this was a little different race... I think definitely for a younger crowd... but I had a great time!
A few months back, I asked my staff at work if they would like to run a 5K with me... they all readily agreed and we set out to find a race that everyone would want to do.  A Groupon was found and RAVE RUN became our race together!
I thought it would be a great team building experience... and that it was!

The race start time was 8:30 PM... a little late for me, and I was actually not wanting to go, for that reason.. it was late, and well not in the best part of town... but we were doing this as a TEAM, and it was my idea... although, I was secretly hoping someone would cancel... ( They have no problem calling out sick at work!) but not a one of them cancelled.

I got there early, as I always do, and waited around until I figured I had been stood up by my staff.  I text them as a group and asked if I was running this alone??  Several responded they were parking, and would be there shortly... Thank heavens!!

The atmosphere was exciting, lots of lights and everyone glowing in the dark!  Loud music and lights blinking everywhere... this must be what its like at a RAVE Concert??

Starting Line
We gathered at the Starting Line... up close and in the
first wave... forgetting that there were several teammates that had never run before let alone at a race.  We all agreed to run as a team...jog, walk, jog, walk... we set off and hadn't gotten much more than 50 ft, and one gal had to start walking... I knew it was going to be a long night.  We all slowed and waited and jogged around her and then we started running again... just to have to stop and walk.... we did this as a team for the first mile or so.  I told the one team mate that we would run ahead and I would come back and get her... so I ran with another gal so she could catch up with the others that had run a little ahead, and I turned back to find the teammate we left behind.  I couldn't very well, leave her for dead out there... as that has happened to me time

 and time again... so I "coached" her through the next 2.5 miles.  She was embarrassed, and discouraged, but together we walked, ran crawled and made it to the Finish Line!!  ( the one night I was in rare form and ready to run this 5K)

I was so proud of everyone that finished!  I knew they could do it, and it was a rewarding night for me nonetheless, as I feel I truly helped someone meet a goal!  I normally don't brag about anything, but last night, I became a true Coach, and it felt amazing!!

I don't think I will suggest another race... but I'll bet you a few of them will race on their own again!!!  Mission Accomplished!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Fooling around...

The weather is so beautiful outside right now... I would give anything to be able to jump out of bed and go for a run, but alas, I wait until lunch hour to get out there!  80 degrees isn't too bad and it certainly gets me ready for summer running...kind of... :)

Today was a pleasant day, got out there for a quick 3 miler, which really wasn't so quick.  I forgot my water bottle, and normally, 3 miles is fine with out it, but today was warm and could have used a sip or two! 

Getting ready for a 5K, that I am making my Team at work run with me!  I thought it would be a great "TEAM Building" exercise.. I am hoping they all see it that way too...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Phoenix Marathon- A.K.A. Birthday Run

Been waiting to do this one again for some time... it seems to always fall on or around my Birthday weekend...What better way to spend your birthday weekend...right?

Well, I was up at 3:30AM... had to get ready quickly as I had to drive to Mesa ( not real close to me) and then board the last bus that leaves a 5:15 sharp!  

The good thing about driving at 4:30 AM is that there is no traffic...WHAT???  As I am getting off the freeway to get on another to my destination, I come to a standstill of red lights going to the same place... I hadn't counted on traffic!!  I waited on the freeway ramp and slowly made it to the exit in about 40 minutes... I figured I had missed the bus... it was 5:40!!  As Police cars/ motorcycles whizzed past I was hoping they were there to help get us there!!  Yes, it looked like all they needed was a little traffic control!  Got to a parking lot and just parked and started making my way towards anywhere that everyone else was headed... I asked where the buses were and they were on the OTHER side of the shopping center... I made a run for it, as I thought maybe there would be a chance to jump on the bus...

There were several buses waiting for us still... Thank you, although once boarded and headed to the top of the mountain we were going to run down, I was secretly hoping I would have missed the bus!  hahahaha...

Got to the top and was amazed that it wasn't as COLD as the year before.  About 52 degrees, which is prime running weather.  There were heat lamps set up, but I didn't need them!!  As the National Anthem played there was a nice display of fireworks and then we headed to the starting line... and once the gun went off... there were more fireworks!!  Pretty cool!!

I started the race out pretty slow... not well trained ( as usual) I didn't want to burn out at 3 miles... so I slogged on, and felt pretty good through about mile 8.  I made myself a Birthday Sash to wear for the race, and debated about wearing it, but so very glad I did!!  I got more Birthday cheers, and high-fives along the way... people wishing me Happy Birthday everywhere I turned... I will be wearing a Birthday banner to every race going forward!!  Hahhahaha... Mile 8 came and here is where I usually break down... but there just happened to be a fire station there and yes, there were Firemen... one Hot fireman... I mean nice fireman said Hi and wished me a Happy Birthday, and well.. that got me through to mile 9 and a half... whew... who knew??  

Mile 10 and only a 5K to go... at that point it might have been another 13.1... I was seriously dragging at that point... I was on target to make a nice time for myself, but I ran, jogged,walked for the last 3!!  

I finished, and that was what it was all about... I sometimes wonder if I actually "trained" for the run, just how well I would actually do!!  I might try it sometime!  

Great medal, great post- party, and yes, I somehow found my car in the paring lot across the way... I'll do this one next year for sure!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mermaid Race

Got up super early to drive to the race this morning... had to pick up my bib- I usually pick up the day before the the packet pick up location wasn't very convenient this time around... so I felt strange getting ready without my bib!  ( I felt like I was missing something!)

Got to the park, and grabbed my bib, safety pins and shirt, and got back in my car to wait  until the race started... it was a chilly 39 degrees...I wasn't about apt to stand out in the cold for 1-1/2... No way!

Half hour before the race started I made my way to the starting line... music playing and lots of ladies ready to go... I opted for the 5K this race as next week I will be running a Half... and I signed up for this one on a whim... new race, new series, wasn't sure what to expect...

The air horn blasted and we were off... the Half marathoners and 10K runners had already taken off... so 5K runners charged the start line.  I am not sure many of them were there to run... as I proudly passed many girls ahead of me...  The course was wonderful, downhills, uphills, but on a narrow path and trail with was trimmed perfectly.  There was plenty of room for everyone... I made my way to the turn-around point and felt pretty good... the path took off another direction and I continued running...passed on the water stop, wasn't thirsty, and I was on a roll... I kept running, thinking this was the first time I can ever remember running the entire route (5K) without one walk break... I was beaming inside!!!  I came to the bridge knowing on the other side was the finish line... I did it, I ran the entire 5K...

No medals, but a super cute little charm to put on a necklace or bracelet, and it was a perfect memento for the Mermaid race, indeed!!

The volunteers were outstanding and the race director was wonderful!!  Lots of great goodies at the end to eat, and the volunteers literally couldn't have been more helpful!!

As I was leaving, I checked the results board, to see that I place 5th in my Age Group!!  How about that???  Hooray for me, Hip, hip hooray!!  Of course, only prizes were given 3 deep but nevertheless, I get to brag about being 5th place ( Age Group)!!  My confidence was certainly boosted... but only to have an Epic Fail next weekend for the Half Marathon that I, again, haven't trained for properly!!  Oh, well... that's another day... I am going to enjoy this one!!

Can't wait to do this one again next year...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Off- kind of...

Love President's Day!!  I got to sleep in, and go for an early morning run!  Lately, the only runs I can get in is at lunchtime, and although I have a great running path at lunchtime... it get s tough sometimes to get out there in the middle of the day!  So this morning was a treat!

It was about 45 degrees, perfect running weather, since I "warm-up" pretty quickly early on in a run... good for me this time of year, not so good come April- October... brutal heat kicks in at 5:30 AM and well.. running is pretty pathetic in the HEAT!

I laced up ( Lock Laces) and grabbed my iPhone and was off... I turned on my Virtual Trainer and headed out for a quick 4+ miles.  I have been using the training app- PEAR and I will say it it the best thing around... the voice guides you through the run and you feel as though he is right there beside you... oh, the possibilities with this tool.  I told my Co-workers at NASM to look into this App!!

Anyways, I ran a little over 4 miles this morning, and felt great!!  I am not sure I will be able to run now without my Virtual Coach... I will have to leave him home sometime.. Hahahhaha

Saturday, I have a race- Mermaid Series... I only signed up for the 5K as the following week I have a Half I already signed up for months ago.  I am not ready by any means... but it will be a fun day nonetheless...  I don't run to win, I run to accomplish a goal I set for myself... so just by finishing, I WIN!!

BTW... my other workouts have seriously been helping my running.  Who knew, cross training was helpful!!  Hahahaha...

I created myself some Work Out cards- to liven up the routine a little... What do you think?

If you are reading this, I would love to see your comments!  I write this blog as a journal for myself... but as I see that others have visited... ( You probably got lost and found me or found me through my crafting blog, Tina Time, I am glad you came by whoever you are... I would love it if you actually became a follower or left a comment... just so I know someone besides my Mom reads this blog!!  Hahahahaha...
Enjoy your day!!