Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 in Review

WOW!  The year went by so very quick! Whew, it must be a sign of getting older! Hahahaha
Well, it was a very busy year for me!  I got lots of running in this past year but not nearly enough as in years past.

Started a new job last November, 2011 at NASM.  Yes, a company that promotes good health and fitness, and working out or running is normal throughout the day, however, being somewhat new, I kept my running to lunch times, and well, living in AZ made it almost impossible to get outside for a run in the HEAT of summer!!

I started the New Year running PF Chang's Half RNR Marathon... it was a new course this year and it was wonderful!!  That particular race however, I had some serious wardrobe malfunctions!!  From the new cute running skirt to the homemade headband that was a little too tight... I felt like  "Rookie" all over again... Never again!!  Hahahaha

I then ran the Phoenix Half marathon for my birthday in March!!  Oh, that was a wonderful race!!  Way up in the mountains ( yes, that's what they call it here... more like small hill) we took a bus ride and waited for the start near a blazing campfire and they serenaded to the start line by Bagpipers!  Such a classy run... all for me on my Birthday!!!  Loved every minute of it!!

Of course, I did the Pat Tillman Run in April.  4.2 miles thinking about our Service Men and Women defending our country and thinking that 4.2 miles deserved a little more training than the 2 miles I spent the week before...

Then the HEAT set in for the rest of the Spring/ Summer/Fall... and I ran primarily at lunchtime and Sunday mornings to keep up my endurance, although, knowing I was actually "training" for anything, I ran here and there... and each time I ran it felt like the first time all over again.

I spent the summer months studying and preparing to take my CPT ( Certified Personal Training) exam, which I successfully completed as well as the Corrective Exercise, Women's Fitness and Weight Loss Specialist... so the summer wasn't a complete bust!!

Completed a virtual Half Marathon for Halloween ( spread out over 3 days)... which was my training for the next race in a week...the WHM!  WHAT???  A Half Marathon... I haven't trained all?  Well, I ran it, and believe me, it was a very humbling experience as I ran the 13.1 miles with no preparation except for mental determination and my finishing time was proof!  Disappointed with myself, I thought I would do better next time and spend some time training!!!  Well, that brings me to December...

I was chosen to be a Ram Ambassador which sponsored the Phoenix Hot Chocolate 15K/5K race!!  I looked so forward to it, but I ran about 3 miles to prepare for it, but it was a 5K and I was in no hurry to finish...I am not a big fan of Chocolate anyways...  Hahahahahha...The race was fun... and 5K seemed to be an OK distance for me since I wasn't chasing a medal...

Iron Girl was the week after, and I chose the 5K distance again, since I wasn't running to prepare for that one either... it was placed in Fountain Hills... and yes, there were plenty of those.  I finished with a big shiny MEDAL... and swore I would start training for January...

Folks, its December 26th and my next race is in 2 weeks and with all the "garbage" I have eaten over the Christmas holiday... haven't run a mile!!!

Please encourage me to run as I run in 2013!  I am registered for several races already and continue to look to register for more... but if I am not going to train for them... its a waste of money, to run in SLOWER than I normally do!  So I ask for your support this coming year!!  If you read this blog, become a follower!!!  Leave a comment!!  Help me succeed in 2013!!  I got a feeling it's going to be my best year yet!!

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Iron Girl 2012

This is one of my favorite races... in fact I think I have done this one every year that I have been running...this year it was in a different location.  It was located in Fountain Hills...hence the name, HILLS... I'll get to that in a minute...

It was a the coldest morning of the year in AZ about 42 degrees and it was very foggy.  I debated about even going as I really do hate the COLD... but I got dressed and drove to Fountain Hills.  I was there early, and waited in my car as I was so very close to the Start/Finish Line.  7:30AM I ventured out into the cold and waited for the gun to go off for the 5K run at 8:15...Brrr!

Keep in mind, that I hadn't run a mile since the Hot Chocolate Race last weekend, and prior to that race I may have put in about 5 miles...but I wasn't worried about a 5K...

The course was beautiful, as it was new and someplace I hadn't run before... but I didn't realize that it would be full of HILLS...What???  I think the course was one big climb up a HILL, but I survived...with absolutely no training for this one at all!!

The medal was gorgeous, and once put around my neck, I knew I had accomplished those hills, and for that I was proud!  Looking forward to doing it again next year...maybe I'll train for some hills or just train!  Hahahhaha

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hot Chocolate Race 15K/5K

Oh, what a "sweet" race this was last week!  I was an "Ambassador" for this race, and all that meant was that I got to promote it with a special promo code that would get participants a free hat!  Plus, I got a super cute shirt to wear as well!!

Race mornig was COLD...for Arizona!  There were about 7,000 runners attending this race!  I got there early as parking was going to be tough.

The race was held at a different venue, the Salt River Flats, never heard of it until race day, but I loved the new course, and although I only did the 5K, I heard the 15K was just as nice.  So enjoyable to run something different!!

Finisher's Mug

Afterwards, the Chocolate Party began... we were given darling plastic "Finisher's Mugs" filled with Hot Ghiradelli chocolate,  chocolate fondue for dipping marshmellows, rice crispy treats, sugar wafer cookies, and banana... so "tastefully" done!  Usually, I run for the shiny medals... but running for Chocolate was fun too!!

Hoping to run it again next year!!