Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blogging fun

I am often asked how about the naming of my blog, I guess they don't know me that well...  Let me share how this blog came about in the early days.

I had just won the lottery (26.2 miles) for my very first ever marathon!!!  I wanted to share my marathon journey with EVERYONE!  What better way to do it than share it in a blog format, so anyone that wanted to read along could, although I didn't advertise the blog name or URL, I guess that is why I have 5 followers!  Hahaha

I journaled my runs, short and long and all the aches and pains along the way.  It became a habit to come in from a run and write about my adventure on the streets, dirt paths, and washes near my home, and there were plenty of adventures, trust me!
I successfully, finished my marathon, two years ago, and have still kept up my little blog as I continue on my journey as a RUNNER!!

Oh yeah, about the name of my blog... the Running Turtle definitely fits my style of running!  I am a SLOW runner!  I know that I am not going to break any records or tape at the Finish Line, but I have probably more FUN during the race since I am not concerned with "racing" others just myself!!  I run at a comfortable pace, and though I have been called a "jogger" a few times, I realize those calling me that, are in fact not RUNNERS at all, but those that sit on their couch mocking others or wishing they were out doing the very thing I am trying to do: RUN!

One of the very first Expo's I ever went to had a booth selling running gear.  I saw a shirt that had a cute Turtle on it, that said, "I am running..." and that is when I knew the perfect name for me and my blog!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It was a weekend all about the WHM race, beginning with the EXPO, which happens to be my favorite part of any race event!!  This Expo was no exception, very well organized with helpful volunteers handing you your bib and then moving you to pick up your ever so coveted Goody bag, and then off to pick up my event shirt... and then you enter the "Expo!"  So many vendors to visit all trying to sell you something you don't need but somehow you find that you MUST have it and in the Goody bag it goes. I love all the little freebies, lip balm, pens, stickers, tattoos, oh, and the chance to win a drawing of the coolest prize ever...even though, not in my lifetime would I win such a thing... but hey, can't win if you don't play...Hahhaha
I came home with a Goody bag filled with running shirts, a magazine subscription, an Iron Girl registration, and lots of lip balm...hey, I live in lips get dry!

This morning was the big race!  I didn't sleep well, knowing I had to get up super early, and excited to race, although, I hadn't trained well for this one at all.  I knew the course was going to be a challenge as it was the same course as last year, so I knew what was ahead of me...
I got up, got dressed, and headed for the starting line.  Met up with friends that I only see at races and on Facebook and took the appropriate pictures and yes, posted on Facebook!

I lined up in my corral, way did I belong in corral #1, but, there I was standing along some of the fastest women in the race.  Just for the record, I don't trip any runners up or slow them down at the start, so I don't feel so bad.  I just like to be where the action is, and dang it,  there's no action in the last corral!!

The countdown begins and we are off running. Now, I know I have 13.1 miles ahead of me, so no way am I going to charge out of the corral gunning to break the tape, so I settle in and stay out the way of others.  Its a beautiful course, as I try to get my mind to think of anything and everything but running... not as easy as it sounds.  I thought of to do lists, things I want to get while at the grocery store, and of course all those cute, cute running clothes running past me.  Note to self: buy a cute running skirt with ruffles!!  Sweet!!

Mile after mile I run keeping my mind occupied the best I could, trying not to count the miles left, although it was refreshing to think I somehow got into the single digits and then mile 8 hits.  This is where I start to cry and feel sorry for myself. Usually this is mile 9 but it came earlier in this race, and I was slowing down to where I could walk faster than I was I walked.  I walked while tears welled up and I thought that I should make the turn and finish the 5K route...who would know?  That medal was pretty shiny too...but I kept going and going.  Walking/jogging/walking and more walking!

The volunteers and crowds were inspiring... they rang cowbells, which made me smile, and they cheered for me calling me by name. (Our names were printed on the bibs)  What a wonderful and thoughtful thing for others to cheer me on, or maybe they saw the frustration on my face as my body ached and I still had 2 miles to go!

As I was nearing the finish line, I overheard someone say, they ran out of medals... I stopped and looked back as I about dropped dead.  Oh my gosh, that is the reason I just ran freaking 12.1 miles for that shiny Medal... WTH???  I saw them smile and laugh... joking of course, or were they?  I was slower than usual and I have heard of this happening at other races...crap, I kicked it into gear and finished the race... running with only one thing on my mind... that Shiny Medal!

I crossed the finish line, and I was handed a cold bottle of water... so needed, but I was still in search of the MEDALS!! I saw the men in Uniform standing there and yes, they still had those SHINY MEDALS!!  I cried as he put it around my neck, yes, I was too exhausted to do it myself, and wasn't that the reason they were there, to place it around my neck???  Oh, thank heavens, I got a Medal!!

I found my friend at the finish line, (one actually waited for me) oh yeah, I was her ride back home- she had no choice!  She could see I was disappointed in my time it took to complete the race, but when I asked her how she did, ( I already knew the answer...) she excitedly said, she PR'd!!  Jealous!

We took our pictures with those SHINY MEDALS around our necks...posted on Facebook and walked to the parking lot!!

Loved the race, and can't wait to experience it all over year!