Sunday, October 28, 2012

Virtual Halloween Half

This morning I ran a Virtual Half Marathon!  It is a Race based out of Florida which is supporting a charity that I thought was a worthy cause.  So I registered and was sent a bib for the race...How fun is that???
Got up early to run, although the weather was perfect when I left the house!  61 degrees, and the sun wasn't quite up yet... so pleasant!

I figured this would be a great training run for the WHM next week, which I am totally unprepared for, but at the end of the day... I will finish a Half so I guess I should be proud of that..

Not many out this morning, which was nice, I had the roads to myself, which is wonderful!!  My run was pretty uneventful, as I didnt' see any "Wild" animals, unless you count a delicate sweet hummingbird, an big bunny that crossed inches from me, and a gorgeous Red Cardinal... I would say it was a near perfect morning run!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Great morning to get out there and run... cooler mornings have finally arrived here in AZ!  It was 65 and gorgeous out...

I decided to just put my head down and run this morning... not focus on any one spot to run to like I sometimes do... which is how I sometimes make it through a run... run from point to point to point... this morning, I just ran, and if felt great!  I think after a couple of months getting back into the routine of running nearly everyday has finally hit... I got my running legs back!
I am no where near the mileage I should be for the upcoming Half Marathon in a week and a half... but one way or another I will finish, just won't be fast... but then, I have never boasted about my speed...

I think running is a very personal sport... you get out of it exactly what YOU want... if you want speed then you focus on speed, you want distance- you focus on miles... for me, its about being out there alone with my thoughts, soaking up the air and the beauty around me.  I know I won't break the tape at races, and I don't run to "race"... I think registering and signing up for events, is a way of being accountable to get out there, and run, and that shiny medal is a payback for your efforts of getting up and getting it done each day!  Everyone that finishes a race regardless your time is a winner!!!

I set a goal at the beginning of October to run 100 miles... I am real close... but several others have jumped on it as well.. and I truly think they are trying to "race" me???  Another "race" that by simply finishing the 100 miles, I win!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lunch time running

Lunchtime isn't just for eating... I have been trying to get outside and run now that the temperatures are in the 90's.  I work near a canal that runs under the freeway, and on both sides there are lots of fields and horses and even a cow or two... the canal has big ugly fish swimming and from time to time there are folks out there fishing!  A little different than the canal banks near my mom's house- for sure!!!

In the heat,the smell can really make your stomach turn... as the horses, cows, chickens, llamas, and boiled fish can create a stench that can either make you run super fast in hopes of fresh air, or you can get violently sick and have to walk in order to keep from losing the lunch you haven't eaten yet!!

But getting out of the office and being able to get in a run, albeit a short one, is a nice break in the day.  I get out and sort through work, and believe me, by the time I get back, I have issues solved and write down a few of my thoughts when I get back to my desk!

Yes, I shower and refresh before heating up my's nice, because many of us at work do the same workout routine at work, as we have lovely gym on site as well.  So I don't feel bad getting changed and head out for a run, as I almost feel guilty if I don't get out there!!

I am determined to get my goal of 100 miles this month... it will take all 31 days to get there, but I will do it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Another Sunday run in the books!  A beautiful morning for a run, as it was 73 degrees when I left the house.  I seriously had the streets to myself this morning!
I was really trying to get a picture of my new cute running shirt!  hahahha

As I ran, I realized there really wasn't a place I would rather be at the moment than outside feeling the cool morning air, and having my thoughts to myself...

It was really a perfect running morning... I passed lots of cyclists... well, they passed me, but I didn't see  one other runner... not even a coyote... I thought that was a bit eerie... but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I added an extra mile this morning, as I felt pretty good out there... and I am really trying to "speed" my mileage as I am no where near ready for the race in less than a month!!

I will be running at lunchtime hopefully, 3-4 days this week... perhaps, after this week, I should begin to feel a little more prepared...and next week I'll go for the Big 10... today was only 7, but it was a healthy 7 miles!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lunchtime run

Yep, I have a goal this month to run 100 miles in October!  Hahahahha... it can be done, but its not easy when one has to run at lunch time during the week!  

It was a very busy day today, Monday's usually are, but I brought my running gear with me as I do on most days... but the day can get away from me pretty easily!

I had almost decided that today wasn't going to be a run day, and then I thought, I should take lunch like everyone else...and with that, I got changed and headed out for a run!

It was 99 degrees, and I work out in the middle of nowhere, and so there are corn fields that were recently plowed... and then I guess smothered in manure... good grief, take the Heat and Smell and I thought... I mean I wanted to pass out... crap, it smelled out there!!!

3 miles down, 97 more to go!