Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday run-day

Up and at it this morning... the weather is just now finally the right temperature in the mornings... a cool 76 degrees this morning... the bright sun glaring down but a couple of patches here and there with some shade...
As I started my run after about a 3 minute walk to my "starting"point, I realized that I left my knee support band at home... I wondered if I should go back and get it, or cut my run short without it... I have to say, that had I not been so used to wearing it, I wouldn't have thought about it at all.  In fact, my knee felt great, and there wasn't a need for it after all.  Mind over matter I guess, when I would  think about it I ran cautiously, and at other times never noticed it missing!  My early morning workouts are really working for me!!!
Lots of cyclists out there, very few runners...which made me wonder if there was a race in town I didn't know about... Hahhaahahaha

One month from the first of many Half's I am registered for, so I guess I don't have any more excuses for not running... I need to get the mileage in... so I guess there will be mores posts on this blog, so I can be accountable!

My mom says she reads this blog... anyone else?  Hahaahahhahahaha

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another gorgeous morning...

Yes, the weather was perfect this morning!  I couldn't wait to get out there... 81 degrees and slight cloud coverage... or I beat the sun... well, we can pretend right?  hahahhaha

Ran pretty strong this morning, although I have some real pain in my right foot... seems that the nerves on the bottom of that one like catch on fire around mile 2... and then they smolder the rest of the run... UGH!  But, I don't let that stop me... I have 6 weeks to the date to get ready for a Half marathon and the training or lack of, is starting to worry me some!

Halfway through my run, I looked back and saw a lady in blue running behind me... and I thought, I can not let her pass me.. so I ran as long as I could...through the pain in the right foot, and then walked and kept looking back...I never look back... but today was different... I was racing the lady in blue.  She was a bout a 1/4 mile behind me, although at one point she got a little to close... so I ran harder and faster... determined to not let her "win!"

Guess what...?  I won, I won!!! She never passed me, and I will chalk that one up to my first official- non-official race that I won!! Where the heck is the tape?  I crossed the finish line first!!!  ( I don't think she knew I was secretly racing her...)

Lots of training in the next couple of weeks...looking forward to it!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Morning run

What perfect weather we had this morning for an early run!  I headed out the door at 6:30 and it was only 72 degrees.... ahhh... so nice.  The first mile was directly into the sun, I couldn't see in front of me, so I prayed that no coyotes or other "animals" were up ahead, as they would have had the advantage!  As I approached one of the washes I run by, I saw a man just standing there, now keep in mind sun in eyes... and I was a bit startled as I came upon him so fast...well, my "fast" I slowed down and noticed that he was holding back his BIG dog on a leash to let me pass by... Oh, "thank you!!"  I shouted... Whew!!  I had just read and article in Runners World about two brothers out running and attacked by Pit bulls... good grief!!!  

I continued on my way, enjoying the new shoes on my feet, although they were feeling a bit tight... but I needed to break them in a little anyways...It was pleasant out, and I was thrilled to be a part of all the cyclists and runners out there this morning...

As I was headed back home, I came upon a BIG guy walking/running and thought for fun I would yell.." do you want to race...?" ( yeah that was an article I read in Runners World as well...)... he looked at me and smiled... but I prayed he didnt hear me!  Quickly, I said, " You would win anyways... have a nice run!"  I ran ahead while he was still walking to catch his breath... He never did pass me... but I think he turned somewhere shortly behind me... or did he?  Maybe, I did "win that race!"  Hahahahhahahaahhahahahaha...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful morning run

Yes, it was a gorgeous morning for a run... cloud cover, albeit still very warm out, no sun beating down and that felt heavenly...
I haven't run much all summer, and have been out a little bit over the last couple of weeks, but this morning... I felt strong, and anxious to get back out there an start running like a normal Runner... every day!  The weather is starting to cool down into the high 90's and that is tolerable... well, slightly better than the 115 temps... so I won't complain!

I was signed up for a 5K this morning... but I decided since I hadn't run in preparation for it, I didn't want to be completely embarrassed running with friends, so I took out on my own this morning.... and I  cleared my mind, and thought of everything and anything that came to mind... and didn't compete with anyone but myself!!!  Although, I did manage to beat the lady pushing a baby jogger on my way back home... I couldn't let her catch me, and she didn't!!  Hahahaha...that was my accomplishment this morning!!

Thinking seriously about joining Ragnar in February... I got an invite for a team looking for runners... what do you think???  200 miles... 2 days 1 night... no, mom, I wouldn't be running all 200 spilt up among 12 runners!!!  hahahahahaha