Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Back!!

I realized that I have not updated this blog in some time... I have neglected it far too long!  I won't try and catchup... I'll just keep posting as of today!! Since, I have way too many followers... hahahahahhahahahahahaha.... I think I am the only one that reads this, and that's OK... I write mainly for myself as a way to journal and be accountable... so I will continue to blog and entertain myself!!

It has been a very, very long HOT summer here in AZ... I have had to switch up my routine and workout in the gym... not to my liking though... as I would much rather be outside... so the little runs I have done all summer long have barely prepared me for the race schedule I have built and paid for this coming fall and winter!!!  I did however, study and earn my NASM CPT!!  So the summer wasn't a complete loss!!

I got out there today, albeit very warm... I did manage to put in 6 miles!  SLOWLY...but I am not running for speed, as you should know by now... but as I started my running course I came across 4 nice big coyotes and I wasn't even out of my neighborhood yet!!!  As I saw them run into the wash, I figured I would see them on the other side...luckily, I did not!  But, it did make for a rather paranoid runner this morning...I jumped at quail and little baby bunnies... Good Grief!!

I am back to training for the fall races... which means running at lunch time again and in the heat, but I can't hold off any longer... so be prepared to hear about how HOT it is out there for awhile!!!