Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pat's Run 2012

Got up very early to get to this Race...why?  Well, there are over 28,000 runners and growing each year, as well as spectators which means about 40,000 people all crammed into a small area.  I swear every year, that I will not do this race because of all the people and traffic, and then I run it, and all of that disappears...

This is one charity race that I love, as it truly supports a Hero, who gave up his promising career in football to fight for our Country.  Sadly, he didn't make it home.

Corral 8 Volunteer from Luke Air Force
 This is my 5th year running Pat's Run, and every year, it is every bit as emotional as the year before!
I started in the right corral this morning, as I knew no matter how close to the start I was, I would be surrounded by a ton of people.  I started in corral 8.  The waves seemed to move pretty quickly... the countdown began 5,4,3,2,1 and we were off... I had nothing to prove so I wasn't going to sprint...Hahahha- I don't sprint, but I was off to run...just to find the "runners" ahead of me, walking and chatting as if they were out for a Sunday stroll...WTH???  C'mon, afterall this is Pat's Run, and if you know anything about this race, it is in a way sacred, and your walking is extremely disruptive... I kind of felt like an Elite runner, as I was running past them trying very hard not to twist an ankle as they weren't about to move for the actual runners... it was kind of like an agility course, weaving in and out of folks trying to balance alongside the curbs, and drain ditches...

Starting Line
The course was only 4.2 miles long, and it was a pleasant one.  The temperature was a little warm as I believe the starting temperature at 7:05 AM was a sweaty 75 degrees!  I was definitely overheating by mile 2!

The finish was grand... we ran into the stadium to the 42 yard line, watching yourself on the Jumbotron was quite an experience... I sprinted the last several yards, and crossed the finish line!!  Hooray!!!  Although, after slowing down, my heart raced and I felt extremely dizzy... that's what I get for sprinting!

Grabbed some water, ate a banana felt much better!  Walked around the Expo, and met up with some co-workers from NASM... took a group photo and made my way to the parking lot.

It was a great way to start my morning...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Shoes

Who doesn't love the smell of new shoes... Oh, my... I bought Spira's, I saw them at a few Expo's and fell in love with them, however, the ones I fell in love with, were not the ones I purchased!  The ones I loved- were really more geared for sprinters, and fast runners... and since I don't fall into that category, I went with their more typical running shoe.  They have springs in them, and I swear, when I took them for a quick test drive in the parking lot... I did bounce a little and felt like Tigger!!  Oh, my!  So with a "spring" in my step, I bought them and anxiously waiting to give them a run tomorrow.
I have been running in Asics... and I love them.  They have proven to be reliable, and I am sure they will always be my running shoe of choice... but one never knows... perhaps, I will graduate to the Pink and black Spira's I fell in love with from the beginning...Hahahaha