Sunday, March 4, 2012

Phoenix Marathon (Half)

Who in the heck gets up at 3:30 AM on  Saturday morning to get ready to run 13.1 miles???  Me!!  I did just that, Saturday morning!!  I drove to Mesa, about 40 minutes from my house to so that I could board a 5:00 bus up in the mountains in the freezing cold!  Refreshing...NOT!  As the bus dropped us off, we were greeted by fire pits lit up...I found a perfect spot and settled right in... my eyes were burning, but I was afraid to move as I might not get a spot near the flames again!  As the ashes flew, I turned my back so my eyes wouldn't tear up... little did I know tha tthe back of my hair was cinged and blackend by the smoke and ash!!!

7:00 start time, was getting close, we all ran to the starting point, so we thought, and were then escorted by Bag Pipers and police about a quarter mile to the starting was very classy!  The music was awesome, but it did feel a little like we were on a death the countdown began. 5,4,3,2,1 a cannon shot off, and scared the crap out of me!!!  It got me running for sure!
I started off very fast ...for me!  I was doing an 8:30 min mile... I had to slow my pace down and the next mile was about 9:40...still too fast for me... I finally settled in around a 10:15 minute pace...comfortable!

The course was pretty much downhill... it was a gentle decline with a inclines, but nothing I couldn't handle!  The course was filled with the friendliest volunteers, and great police doing their jobs!  (I have been in some where the police are more interested in talking on their phones than the runners safety...) I felt  very safe along the course!
The miles semed to come quicker than they have inthe past, which is a good thing... perfect weather except for the crosswinds ffrom mile 4- 10 but other than that...near perfect!
As I find my way to the Finish Line... I was greeted by a great friend that ran the race for me, in honor of my birthday while finishing waybefore me, he still greeted me at the Finsh line!!!  What a friend!!
As the medal was placed around my neck, I felt a sense of pride!!  I didn't PR, but had the best race I think I have ever had...