Monday, January 16, 2012

PF Chang's RNR Half Marathon

As I entered the EXPO on Saturday, I remembered what I love about running!  The excitement the day before the race, picking up your goody bag and if there is an EXPO, the thrill of walking through it looking for new inventions and must haves...I have been to quite a few that even the vendors recognize me... and of course, my favorite Vendor, SPIbelt!!
This EXPO, I was actually there to put in a few hours at the ARR booth, as I am the V.P. of Pace Teams.  I organized the RNR pace teams for the Full and Half marathon.  So it was nice to meet a couple of them and put a face with the name...  when my time was up at the ARR Booth, I was on my way to shop!!  Bought a shirt for me and my Hubby...and a black running skirt, that I have been wanting for some time, and wanted to buy some new earphones, but thought that purchase could wait until next time!
Sunday, was race day!!  I was up at 4:15AM and got ready to go!  I drove to the parking lots designated for the runners and walked about a mile to the start line.  It was a chilly, but overall perfect weather for running a long distance!

I waited to meet up with friends in the starting Corral #3... as my phone kept texting, I watied patiently for them to join me.  Sure enough, a couple of them showed up and we got ready to start the race together.  I didn't plan on running it with them, as they are all a bit faster than me!!

The gun went off, and we waited our turn to go...over 30,000 Half marathoners ready to run the course!  As I started to run, I noticed several things, or I should say I felt different things... my new running skirt was all twisted up around my SPIbelt, and my SPIbelt was bouncing all over the place... I kept trying to adjust and adjust... I finally lifted up my skirt and put the SPIbelt on underneath around my compression shorts and gave that a try.  MY skirt then stayed in place for the most part, but my SPIbelt did not!!  So every 200 steps, I was adjusting and did this throughout the entire race... UGH!  Talk about a wardrobe malfunction!!!  PIA was more like it!!  Hahhaha
I continued to run and felt otherwise great except for a throbbing headache... I realized that my fancy headband that I made for myself was a bit too tight around my head... so I eventually, pulled it down around my neck!  Dang it, I now didn't look so cute anymore!
As I hit mile 8, I was on target for a great finish...for me anyways... but, then mile 9 came and my emotions took over.  I was slowing down some, and could feel tears welling up and falling down my face... I had to suck it up and keep going, after all I was not just earning one finisher's medal, but two!  A 2nd one for running the Las Vegas RNR in December!!  So I had to keep going for fear they would run out of those medals before I finished....
As I crossed the finish line... I was happy I finished but highly disappointed with my final time!  I seem to be getting SLOWER not faster!!  I guess not putting in the mileage for training didn't help either!!!
Happy to say, I got both medals and I am proud of the fact that I was out there running and didn't give up!  Speed work is a MUST before my next Half in March!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, I am looking forward to another year of healthy running!  I have so many running goals this year... including keeping up with my running blog!  This blog for me is a dairy of running, and even though I think my mom is the only person besides myself that reads it, it is still important to keep it active and alive!

Last year was a great year for running!  I really had lots of time on my hands to get out there and run almost everyday.  I was not working steady, so I had time, but depressed that I wasn't working so my running suffered some!  Such a catch 22, since now, I have a job and virtually have no time to run!  But to me that is a challenge I don't mind, and I will do what I can to get out there everyday and improve my running!

I am a SLOW runner, I have never hid that fact from anyone... I run because I can, and I enjoy every aspect of running there is... I just run SLOW!!  I did get a metronome for Christmas... not for playing the piano, but for speed work!  I can get a pretty decent beat going and run to that, and increase my turnover and therefore, run a little faster, and faster with each use...I just need to remember to take it with me on a run!

This year, I have already registered for 3 Half marathons and have already committed to running a full marathon in December!  There will be a few races that I will not be running this year, as I need a change of pace...(no pun intended!) There are so many races out there, and I simply can't afford to run them all... so I need to be a little picky...and pick the right ones for me this year!

I have the most supportive friends and family!  My mom is always cheering for me no matter how slow I am... she is always proud of me and my husband is a good sport to wake up early and drive me to some of the "point-to-point' races.  I have friends that are interested in the races I go to, and always wish me luck!  That means the world to me...THANKS!!

One running goal is to run at least 100 miles a month... only 94 miles left to run in January!!