Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 in Review

WOW!  The year went by so very quick! Whew, it must be a sign of getting older! Hahahaha
Well, it was a very busy year for me!  I got lots of running in this past year but not nearly enough as in years past.

Started a new job last November, 2011 at NASM.  Yes, a company that promotes good health and fitness, and working out or running is normal throughout the day, however, being somewhat new, I kept my running to lunch times, and well, living in AZ made it almost impossible to get outside for a run in the HEAT of summer!!

I started the New Year running PF Chang's Half RNR Marathon... it was a new course this year and it was wonderful!!  That particular race however, I had some serious wardrobe malfunctions!!  From the new cute running skirt to the homemade headband that was a little too tight... I felt like  "Rookie" all over again... Never again!!  Hahahaha

I then ran the Phoenix Half marathon for my birthday in March!!  Oh, that was a wonderful race!!  Way up in the mountains ( yes, that's what they call it here... more like small hill) we took a bus ride and waited for the start near a blazing campfire and they serenaded to the start line by Bagpipers!  Such a classy run... all for me on my Birthday!!!  Loved every minute of it!!

Of course, I did the Pat Tillman Run in April.  4.2 miles thinking about our Service Men and Women defending our country and thinking that 4.2 miles deserved a little more training than the 2 miles I spent the week before...

Then the HEAT set in for the rest of the Spring/ Summer/Fall... and I ran primarily at lunchtime and Sunday mornings to keep up my endurance, although, knowing I was actually "training" for anything, I ran here and there... and each time I ran it felt like the first time all over again.

I spent the summer months studying and preparing to take my CPT ( Certified Personal Training) exam, which I successfully completed as well as the Corrective Exercise, Women's Fitness and Weight Loss Specialist... so the summer wasn't a complete bust!!

Completed a virtual Half Marathon for Halloween ( spread out over 3 days)... which was my training for the next race in a week...the WHM!  WHAT???  A Half Marathon... I haven't trained all?  Well, I ran it, and believe me, it was a very humbling experience as I ran the 13.1 miles with no preparation except for mental determination and my finishing time was proof!  Disappointed with myself, I thought I would do better next time and spend some time training!!!  Well, that brings me to December...

I was chosen to be a Ram Ambassador which sponsored the Phoenix Hot Chocolate 15K/5K race!!  I looked so forward to it, but I ran about 3 miles to prepare for it, but it was a 5K and I was in no hurry to finish...I am not a big fan of Chocolate anyways...  Hahahahahha...The race was fun... and 5K seemed to be an OK distance for me since I wasn't chasing a medal...

Iron Girl was the week after, and I chose the 5K distance again, since I wasn't running to prepare for that one either... it was placed in Fountain Hills... and yes, there were plenty of those.  I finished with a big shiny MEDAL... and swore I would start training for January...

Folks, its December 26th and my next race is in 2 weeks and with all the "garbage" I have eaten over the Christmas holiday... haven't run a mile!!!

Please encourage me to run as I run in 2013!  I am registered for several races already and continue to look to register for more... but if I am not going to train for them... its a waste of money, to run in SLOWER than I normally do!  So I ask for your support this coming year!!  If you read this blog, become a follower!!!  Leave a comment!!  Help me succeed in 2013!!  I got a feeling it's going to be my best year yet!!

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Iron Girl 2012

This is one of my favorite races... in fact I think I have done this one every year that I have been running...this year it was in a different location.  It was located in Fountain Hills...hence the name, HILLS... I'll get to that in a minute...

It was a the coldest morning of the year in AZ about 42 degrees and it was very foggy.  I debated about even going as I really do hate the COLD... but I got dressed and drove to Fountain Hills.  I was there early, and waited in my car as I was so very close to the Start/Finish Line.  7:30AM I ventured out into the cold and waited for the gun to go off for the 5K run at 8:15...Brrr!

Keep in mind, that I hadn't run a mile since the Hot Chocolate Race last weekend, and prior to that race I may have put in about 5 miles...but I wasn't worried about a 5K...

The course was beautiful, as it was new and someplace I hadn't run before... but I didn't realize that it would be full of HILLS...What???  I think the course was one big climb up a HILL, but I survived...with absolutely no training for this one at all!!

The medal was gorgeous, and once put around my neck, I knew I had accomplished those hills, and for that I was proud!  Looking forward to doing it again next year...maybe I'll train for some hills or just train!  Hahahhaha

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hot Chocolate Race 15K/5K

Oh, what a "sweet" race this was last week!  I was an "Ambassador" for this race, and all that meant was that I got to promote it with a special promo code that would get participants a free hat!  Plus, I got a super cute shirt to wear as well!!

Race mornig was COLD...for Arizona!  There were about 7,000 runners attending this race!  I got there early as parking was going to be tough.

The race was held at a different venue, the Salt River Flats, never heard of it until race day, but I loved the new course, and although I only did the 5K, I heard the 15K was just as nice.  So enjoyable to run something different!!

Finisher's Mug

Afterwards, the Chocolate Party began... we were given darling plastic "Finisher's Mugs" filled with Hot Ghiradelli chocolate,  chocolate fondue for dipping marshmellows, rice crispy treats, sugar wafer cookies, and banana... so "tastefully" done!  Usually, I run for the shiny medals... but running for Chocolate was fun too!!

Hoping to run it again next year!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blogging fun

I am often asked how about the naming of my blog, I guess they don't know me that well...  Let me share how this blog came about in the early days.

I had just won the lottery (26.2 miles) for my very first ever marathon!!!  I wanted to share my marathon journey with EVERYONE!  What better way to do it than share it in a blog format, so anyone that wanted to read along could, although I didn't advertise the blog name or URL, I guess that is why I have 5 followers!  Hahaha

I journaled my runs, short and long and all the aches and pains along the way.  It became a habit to come in from a run and write about my adventure on the streets, dirt paths, and washes near my home, and there were plenty of adventures, trust me!
I successfully, finished my marathon, two years ago, and have still kept up my little blog as I continue on my journey as a RUNNER!!

Oh yeah, about the name of my blog... the Running Turtle definitely fits my style of running!  I am a SLOW runner!  I know that I am not going to break any records or tape at the Finish Line, but I have probably more FUN during the race since I am not concerned with "racing" others just myself!!  I run at a comfortable pace, and though I have been called a "jogger" a few times, I realize those calling me that, are in fact not RUNNERS at all, but those that sit on their couch mocking others or wishing they were out doing the very thing I am trying to do: RUN!

One of the very first Expo's I ever went to had a booth selling running gear.  I saw a shirt that had a cute Turtle on it, that said, "I am running..." and that is when I knew the perfect name for me and my blog!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It was a weekend all about the WHM race, beginning with the EXPO, which happens to be my favorite part of any race event!!  This Expo was no exception, very well organized with helpful volunteers handing you your bib and then moving you to pick up your ever so coveted Goody bag, and then off to pick up my event shirt... and then you enter the "Expo!"  So many vendors to visit all trying to sell you something you don't need but somehow you find that you MUST have it and in the Goody bag it goes. I love all the little freebies, lip balm, pens, stickers, tattoos, oh, and the chance to win a drawing of the coolest prize ever...even though, not in my lifetime would I win such a thing... but hey, can't win if you don't play...Hahhaha
I came home with a Goody bag filled with running shirts, a magazine subscription, an Iron Girl registration, and lots of lip balm...hey, I live in lips get dry!

This morning was the big race!  I didn't sleep well, knowing I had to get up super early, and excited to race, although, I hadn't trained well for this one at all.  I knew the course was going to be a challenge as it was the same course as last year, so I knew what was ahead of me...
I got up, got dressed, and headed for the starting line.  Met up with friends that I only see at races and on Facebook and took the appropriate pictures and yes, posted on Facebook!

I lined up in my corral, way did I belong in corral #1, but, there I was standing along some of the fastest women in the race.  Just for the record, I don't trip any runners up or slow them down at the start, so I don't feel so bad.  I just like to be where the action is, and dang it,  there's no action in the last corral!!

The countdown begins and we are off running. Now, I know I have 13.1 miles ahead of me, so no way am I going to charge out of the corral gunning to break the tape, so I settle in and stay out the way of others.  Its a beautiful course, as I try to get my mind to think of anything and everything but running... not as easy as it sounds.  I thought of to do lists, things I want to get while at the grocery store, and of course all those cute, cute running clothes running past me.  Note to self: buy a cute running skirt with ruffles!!  Sweet!!

Mile after mile I run keeping my mind occupied the best I could, trying not to count the miles left, although it was refreshing to think I somehow got into the single digits and then mile 8 hits.  This is where I start to cry and feel sorry for myself. Usually this is mile 9 but it came earlier in this race, and I was slowing down to where I could walk faster than I was I walked.  I walked while tears welled up and I thought that I should make the turn and finish the 5K route...who would know?  That medal was pretty shiny too...but I kept going and going.  Walking/jogging/walking and more walking!

The volunteers and crowds were inspiring... they rang cowbells, which made me smile, and they cheered for me calling me by name. (Our names were printed on the bibs)  What a wonderful and thoughtful thing for others to cheer me on, or maybe they saw the frustration on my face as my body ached and I still had 2 miles to go!

As I was nearing the finish line, I overheard someone say, they ran out of medals... I stopped and looked back as I about dropped dead.  Oh my gosh, that is the reason I just ran freaking 12.1 miles for that shiny Medal... WTH???  I saw them smile and laugh... joking of course, or were they?  I was slower than usual and I have heard of this happening at other races...crap, I kicked it into gear and finished the race... running with only one thing on my mind... that Shiny Medal!

I crossed the finish line, and I was handed a cold bottle of water... so needed, but I was still in search of the MEDALS!! I saw the men in Uniform standing there and yes, they still had those SHINY MEDALS!!  I cried as he put it around my neck, yes, I was too exhausted to do it myself, and wasn't that the reason they were there, to place it around my neck???  Oh, thank heavens, I got a Medal!!

I found my friend at the finish line, (one actually waited for me) oh yeah, I was her ride back home- she had no choice!  She could see I was disappointed in my time it took to complete the race, but when I asked her how she did, ( I already knew the answer...) she excitedly said, she PR'd!!  Jealous!

We took our pictures with those SHINY MEDALS around our necks...posted on Facebook and walked to the parking lot!!

Loved the race, and can't wait to experience it all over year!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Virtual Halloween Half

This morning I ran a Virtual Half Marathon!  It is a Race based out of Florida which is supporting a charity that I thought was a worthy cause.  So I registered and was sent a bib for the race...How fun is that???
Got up early to run, although the weather was perfect when I left the house!  61 degrees, and the sun wasn't quite up yet... so pleasant!

I figured this would be a great training run for the WHM next week, which I am totally unprepared for, but at the end of the day... I will finish a Half so I guess I should be proud of that..

Not many out this morning, which was nice, I had the roads to myself, which is wonderful!!  My run was pretty uneventful, as I didnt' see any "Wild" animals, unless you count a delicate sweet hummingbird, an big bunny that crossed inches from me, and a gorgeous Red Cardinal... I would say it was a near perfect morning run!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Great morning to get out there and run... cooler mornings have finally arrived here in AZ!  It was 65 and gorgeous out...

I decided to just put my head down and run this morning... not focus on any one spot to run to like I sometimes do... which is how I sometimes make it through a run... run from point to point to point... this morning, I just ran, and if felt great!  I think after a couple of months getting back into the routine of running nearly everyday has finally hit... I got my running legs back!
I am no where near the mileage I should be for the upcoming Half Marathon in a week and a half... but one way or another I will finish, just won't be fast... but then, I have never boasted about my speed...

I think running is a very personal sport... you get out of it exactly what YOU want... if you want speed then you focus on speed, you want distance- you focus on miles... for me, its about being out there alone with my thoughts, soaking up the air and the beauty around me.  I know I won't break the tape at races, and I don't run to "race"... I think registering and signing up for events, is a way of being accountable to get out there, and run, and that shiny medal is a payback for your efforts of getting up and getting it done each day!  Everyone that finishes a race regardless your time is a winner!!!

I set a goal at the beginning of October to run 100 miles... I am real close... but several others have jumped on it as well.. and I truly think they are trying to "race" me???  Another "race" that by simply finishing the 100 miles, I win!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lunch time running

Lunchtime isn't just for eating... I have been trying to get outside and run now that the temperatures are in the 90's.  I work near a canal that runs under the freeway, and on both sides there are lots of fields and horses and even a cow or two... the canal has big ugly fish swimming and from time to time there are folks out there fishing!  A little different than the canal banks near my mom's house- for sure!!!

In the heat,the smell can really make your stomach turn... as the horses, cows, chickens, llamas, and boiled fish can create a stench that can either make you run super fast in hopes of fresh air, or you can get violently sick and have to walk in order to keep from losing the lunch you haven't eaten yet!!

But getting out of the office and being able to get in a run, albeit a short one, is a nice break in the day.  I get out and sort through work, and believe me, by the time I get back, I have issues solved and write down a few of my thoughts when I get back to my desk!

Yes, I shower and refresh before heating up my's nice, because many of us at work do the same workout routine at work, as we have lovely gym on site as well.  So I don't feel bad getting changed and head out for a run, as I almost feel guilty if I don't get out there!!

I am determined to get my goal of 100 miles this month... it will take all 31 days to get there, but I will do it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Another Sunday run in the books!  A beautiful morning for a run, as it was 73 degrees when I left the house.  I seriously had the streets to myself this morning!
I was really trying to get a picture of my new cute running shirt!  hahahha

As I ran, I realized there really wasn't a place I would rather be at the moment than outside feeling the cool morning air, and having my thoughts to myself...

It was really a perfect running morning... I passed lots of cyclists... well, they passed me, but I didn't see  one other runner... not even a coyote... I thought that was a bit eerie... but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I added an extra mile this morning, as I felt pretty good out there... and I am really trying to "speed" my mileage as I am no where near ready for the race in less than a month!!

I will be running at lunchtime hopefully, 3-4 days this week... perhaps, after this week, I should begin to feel a little more prepared...and next week I'll go for the Big 10... today was only 7, but it was a healthy 7 miles!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lunchtime run

Yep, I have a goal this month to run 100 miles in October!  Hahahahha... it can be done, but its not easy when one has to run at lunch time during the week!  

It was a very busy day today, Monday's usually are, but I brought my running gear with me as I do on most days... but the day can get away from me pretty easily!

I had almost decided that today wasn't going to be a run day, and then I thought, I should take lunch like everyone else...and with that, I got changed and headed out for a run!

It was 99 degrees, and I work out in the middle of nowhere, and so there are corn fields that were recently plowed... and then I guess smothered in manure... good grief, take the Heat and Smell and I thought... I mean I wanted to pass out... crap, it smelled out there!!!

3 miles down, 97 more to go!  

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday run-day

Up and at it this morning... the weather is just now finally the right temperature in the mornings... a cool 76 degrees this morning... the bright sun glaring down but a couple of patches here and there with some shade...
As I started my run after about a 3 minute walk to my "starting"point, I realized that I left my knee support band at home... I wondered if I should go back and get it, or cut my run short without it... I have to say, that had I not been so used to wearing it, I wouldn't have thought about it at all.  In fact, my knee felt great, and there wasn't a need for it after all.  Mind over matter I guess, when I would  think about it I ran cautiously, and at other times never noticed it missing!  My early morning workouts are really working for me!!!
Lots of cyclists out there, very few runners...which made me wonder if there was a race in town I didn't know about... Hahhaahahaha

One month from the first of many Half's I am registered for, so I guess I don't have any more excuses for not running... I need to get the mileage in... so I guess there will be mores posts on this blog, so I can be accountable!

My mom says she reads this blog... anyone else?  Hahaahahhahahaha

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another gorgeous morning...

Yes, the weather was perfect this morning!  I couldn't wait to get out there... 81 degrees and slight cloud coverage... or I beat the sun... well, we can pretend right?  hahahhaha

Ran pretty strong this morning, although I have some real pain in my right foot... seems that the nerves on the bottom of that one like catch on fire around mile 2... and then they smolder the rest of the run... UGH!  But, I don't let that stop me... I have 6 weeks to the date to get ready for a Half marathon and the training or lack of, is starting to worry me some!

Halfway through my run, I looked back and saw a lady in blue running behind me... and I thought, I can not let her pass me.. so I ran as long as I could...through the pain in the right foot, and then walked and kept looking back...I never look back... but today was different... I was racing the lady in blue.  She was a bout a 1/4 mile behind me, although at one point she got a little to close... so I ran harder and faster... determined to not let her "win!"

Guess what...?  I won, I won!!! She never passed me, and I will chalk that one up to my first official- non-official race that I won!! Where the heck is the tape?  I crossed the finish line first!!!  ( I don't think she knew I was secretly racing her...)

Lots of training in the next couple of weeks...looking forward to it!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Morning run

What perfect weather we had this morning for an early run!  I headed out the door at 6:30 and it was only 72 degrees.... ahhh... so nice.  The first mile was directly into the sun, I couldn't see in front of me, so I prayed that no coyotes or other "animals" were up ahead, as they would have had the advantage!  As I approached one of the washes I run by, I saw a man just standing there, now keep in mind sun in eyes... and I was a bit startled as I came upon him so fast...well, my "fast" I slowed down and noticed that he was holding back his BIG dog on a leash to let me pass by... Oh, "thank you!!"  I shouted... Whew!!  I had just read and article in Runners World about two brothers out running and attacked by Pit bulls... good grief!!!  

I continued on my way, enjoying the new shoes on my feet, although they were feeling a bit tight... but I needed to break them in a little anyways...It was pleasant out, and I was thrilled to be a part of all the cyclists and runners out there this morning...

As I was headed back home, I came upon a BIG guy walking/running and thought for fun I would yell.." do you want to race...?" ( yeah that was an article I read in Runners World as well...)... he looked at me and smiled... but I prayed he didnt hear me!  Quickly, I said, " You would win anyways... have a nice run!"  I ran ahead while he was still walking to catch his breath... He never did pass me... but I think he turned somewhere shortly behind me... or did he?  Maybe, I did "win that race!"  Hahahahhahahaahhahahahaha...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful morning run

Yes, it was a gorgeous morning for a run... cloud cover, albeit still very warm out, no sun beating down and that felt heavenly...
I haven't run much all summer, and have been out a little bit over the last couple of weeks, but this morning... I felt strong, and anxious to get back out there an start running like a normal Runner... every day!  The weather is starting to cool down into the high 90's and that is tolerable... well, slightly better than the 115 temps... so I won't complain!

I was signed up for a 5K this morning... but I decided since I hadn't run in preparation for it, I didn't want to be completely embarrassed running with friends, so I took out on my own this morning.... and I  cleared my mind, and thought of everything and anything that came to mind... and didn't compete with anyone but myself!!!  Although, I did manage to beat the lady pushing a baby jogger on my way back home... I couldn't let her catch me, and she didn't!!  Hahahaha...that was my accomplishment this morning!!

Thinking seriously about joining Ragnar in February... I got an invite for a team looking for runners... what do you think???  200 miles... 2 days 1 night... no, mom, I wouldn't be running all 200 spilt up among 12 runners!!!  hahahahahaha

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Back!!

I realized that I have not updated this blog in some time... I have neglected it far too long!  I won't try and catchup... I'll just keep posting as of today!! Since, I have way too many followers... hahahahahhahahahahahaha.... I think I am the only one that reads this, and that's OK... I write mainly for myself as a way to journal and be accountable... so I will continue to blog and entertain myself!!

It has been a very, very long HOT summer here in AZ... I have had to switch up my routine and workout in the gym... not to my liking though... as I would much rather be outside... so the little runs I have done all summer long have barely prepared me for the race schedule I have built and paid for this coming fall and winter!!!  I did however, study and earn my NASM CPT!!  So the summer wasn't a complete loss!!

I got out there today, albeit very warm... I did manage to put in 6 miles!  SLOWLY...but I am not running for speed, as you should know by now... but as I started my running course I came across 4 nice big coyotes and I wasn't even out of my neighborhood yet!!!  As I saw them run into the wash, I figured I would see them on the other side...luckily, I did not!  But, it did make for a rather paranoid runner this morning...I jumped at quail and little baby bunnies... Good Grief!!

I am back to training for the fall races... which means running at lunch time again and in the heat, but I can't hold off any longer... so be prepared to hear about how HOT it is out there for awhile!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot out there...

Left the house later than I wanted but by the time I left the house at 6:30 AM it was already 92 degrees out!  Whew, I was seriously sweating before I reached the corner... hahahahahaha... it had been awhile since I have run "my streets" since I have been running at lunch near my place of work so it was nice to be back out there amongst my "friends" coyotes, snakes etc... I can't say I missed them but it felt great to be welcomed back...
I cut the run short this morning, heat and lack of motivation.  I took the shortcut home which typically means running through the forbidden wash near by house... but I thought a little speed work was necessary this morning...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heat Wave

Yes, I am still running... although my running is now being done at lunchtime.  I work near a canal  with great running/cycling paths, and it is a wonderful break in my day.  At first, it wasn't so bad as I was running while it was cool out...75-80 degrees... but yesterday, I went out during an Extreme Heat Advisory, didn't know that until much later, and I paid for it the rest of the day!  It was about 100 degrees out and I had planned to go for a quick jog- maybe 3 miles... but I went with a friend from work who wanted to show me the other side of the canal.  I often look for new scenery...

The path was mainly gravel and dirt, just right for the knees... my favorite kind of running surface... but as we got about a mile into it, a smell from my past hit me, a large pasture of cattle.  OMGosh... I couldn't breathe, and the more I tried to hold my breath the more I inhaled it seemed.  (I grew up in a farming community)  I had the taste in my mouth and tried to run past it as fast as I could, and that wasn't too fast!  Nausea set in... and I wanted to turn around, but I was brave and kept going, after all, I wasn't by myself!  So we kept on... and found a nice couple of steep hills to run up and down and then we made our way back...We had already gone farther than I wanted to go int he first place...

I knew we would have to pass the pasture again, and I was bracing for it.  But then the heat, began to beat down on me, sweat was dripping and the smell from the cows was just a bit more than I could take... I had to walk, and though I tried to walk fast, I was very sick to my stomach, and wondered how I allowed myself to go this far, in the heat in the first place!! 

We made it back after going 5.50 miles.  Although that doesn't seem very far... try running that in the middle of the day, with the sun so bright, and 100+ degrees... plenty far in my book!

Got back to work and was wiped out!  It's supposed to be 109 today and 112 the next ... so there will be no running at lunch for me the rest of the week!  I am not training to run in the Sahara Desert anytime soon...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pat's Run 2012

Got up very early to get to this Race...why?  Well, there are over 28,000 runners and growing each year, as well as spectators which means about 40,000 people all crammed into a small area.  I swear every year, that I will not do this race because of all the people and traffic, and then I run it, and all of that disappears...

This is one charity race that I love, as it truly supports a Hero, who gave up his promising career in football to fight for our Country.  Sadly, he didn't make it home.

Corral 8 Volunteer from Luke Air Force
 This is my 5th year running Pat's Run, and every year, it is every bit as emotional as the year before!
I started in the right corral this morning, as I knew no matter how close to the start I was, I would be surrounded by a ton of people.  I started in corral 8.  The waves seemed to move pretty quickly... the countdown began 5,4,3,2,1 and we were off... I had nothing to prove so I wasn't going to sprint...Hahahha- I don't sprint, but I was off to run...just to find the "runners" ahead of me, walking and chatting as if they were out for a Sunday stroll...WTH???  C'mon, afterall this is Pat's Run, and if you know anything about this race, it is in a way sacred, and your walking is extremely disruptive... I kind of felt like an Elite runner, as I was running past them trying very hard not to twist an ankle as they weren't about to move for the actual runners... it was kind of like an agility course, weaving in and out of folks trying to balance alongside the curbs, and drain ditches...

Starting Line
The course was only 4.2 miles long, and it was a pleasant one.  The temperature was a little warm as I believe the starting temperature at 7:05 AM was a sweaty 75 degrees!  I was definitely overheating by mile 2!

The finish was grand... we ran into the stadium to the 42 yard line, watching yourself on the Jumbotron was quite an experience... I sprinted the last several yards, and crossed the finish line!!  Hooray!!!  Although, after slowing down, my heart raced and I felt extremely dizzy... that's what I get for sprinting!

Grabbed some water, ate a banana felt much better!  Walked around the Expo, and met up with some co-workers from NASM... took a group photo and made my way to the parking lot.

It was a great way to start my morning...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Shoes

Who doesn't love the smell of new shoes... Oh, my... I bought Spira's, I saw them at a few Expo's and fell in love with them, however, the ones I fell in love with, were not the ones I purchased!  The ones I loved- were really more geared for sprinters, and fast runners... and since I don't fall into that category, I went with their more typical running shoe.  They have springs in them, and I swear, when I took them for a quick test drive in the parking lot... I did bounce a little and felt like Tigger!!  Oh, my!  So with a "spring" in my step, I bought them and anxiously waiting to give them a run tomorrow.
I have been running in Asics... and I love them.  They have proven to be reliable, and I am sure they will always be my running shoe of choice... but one never knows... perhaps, I will graduate to the Pink and black Spira's I fell in love with from the beginning...Hahahaha

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Phoenix Marathon (Half)

Who in the heck gets up at 3:30 AM on  Saturday morning to get ready to run 13.1 miles???  Me!!  I did just that, Saturday morning!!  I drove to Mesa, about 40 minutes from my house to so that I could board a 5:00 bus up in the mountains in the freezing cold!  Refreshing...NOT!  As the bus dropped us off, we were greeted by fire pits lit up...I found a perfect spot and settled right in... my eyes were burning, but I was afraid to move as I might not get a spot near the flames again!  As the ashes flew, I turned my back so my eyes wouldn't tear up... little did I know tha tthe back of my hair was cinged and blackend by the smoke and ash!!!

7:00 start time, was getting close, we all ran to the starting point, so we thought, and were then escorted by Bag Pipers and police about a quarter mile to the starting was very classy!  The music was awesome, but it did feel a little like we were on a death the countdown began. 5,4,3,2,1 a cannon shot off, and scared the crap out of me!!!  It got me running for sure!
I started off very fast ...for me!  I was doing an 8:30 min mile... I had to slow my pace down and the next mile was about 9:40...still too fast for me... I finally settled in around a 10:15 minute pace...comfortable!

The course was pretty much downhill... it was a gentle decline with a inclines, but nothing I couldn't handle!  The course was filled with the friendliest volunteers, and great police doing their jobs!  (I have been in some where the police are more interested in talking on their phones than the runners safety...) I felt  very safe along the course!
The miles semed to come quicker than they have inthe past, which is a good thing... perfect weather except for the crosswinds ffrom mile 4- 10 but other than that...near perfect!
As I find my way to the Finish Line... I was greeted by a great friend that ran the race for me, in honor of my birthday while finishing waybefore me, he still greeted me at the Finsh line!!!  What a friend!!
As the medal was placed around my neck, I felt a sense of pride!!  I didn't PR, but had the best race I think I have ever had...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another beautiful morning run...

Went out for a 11 mile run this morning... it felt wonderful!  It was cool out when I left the house, but it warmed up pretty quick!  It wont be long before I will have to leave the house EARLY to get the run in before the heat sets in... I figure I got about another couple of weeks... then its brutal heat season!!

I remember when 10 miles seemed like a marathon distance... and now I am starting to get comfortable with it, which means this summer, I will be bumping the long runs to a higher mileage!  Keeping the long runs between 10-13 miles is perfect, unless you are training for a marathon!  I don't have one planned at this time, as I am not sure I can train for a fall marathon, while living here!  I did it two summers in a row, and the heat is just too much!

I have a race next week, that I am really excited about!  It is an  inaugural race, which means anything can happen, good or bad!!  It should be a beautiful run down the mountainside, at least that is what they are advertising!!  Best not be any hills, as I have not trained for them...hahahaha...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Still running...

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog... I have been running off and on... but nothing really exciting!  I have been running at lunch time at really does help to break up my day... I suppose I will be able to run outside during lunch for another month... and then I will have to go early or late...with the heat that starts to kick in here about the middle of March!!!
I am preparing for a Half Marathon, March 3rd!  I am excited abut this one as it is a new race this year, inaugural, and I find those to be especially rewarding!  They can also be rather disappointing...but this year, it falls on my Birthday weekend!  What better way to start the party, than with a Half Marathon!!! Woohoo!  Can't wait!

As I write this, I am getting ready to go out for a run this afternoon!  I went out yesterday, but it was a short today, I am hoping to go at least 7-8 miles!

Monday, January 16, 2012

PF Chang's RNR Half Marathon

As I entered the EXPO on Saturday, I remembered what I love about running!  The excitement the day before the race, picking up your goody bag and if there is an EXPO, the thrill of walking through it looking for new inventions and must haves...I have been to quite a few that even the vendors recognize me... and of course, my favorite Vendor, SPIbelt!!
This EXPO, I was actually there to put in a few hours at the ARR booth, as I am the V.P. of Pace Teams.  I organized the RNR pace teams for the Full and Half marathon.  So it was nice to meet a couple of them and put a face with the name...  when my time was up at the ARR Booth, I was on my way to shop!!  Bought a shirt for me and my Hubby...and a black running skirt, that I have been wanting for some time, and wanted to buy some new earphones, but thought that purchase could wait until next time!
Sunday, was race day!!  I was up at 4:15AM and got ready to go!  I drove to the parking lots designated for the runners and walked about a mile to the start line.  It was a chilly, but overall perfect weather for running a long distance!

I waited to meet up with friends in the starting Corral #3... as my phone kept texting, I watied patiently for them to join me.  Sure enough, a couple of them showed up and we got ready to start the race together.  I didn't plan on running it with them, as they are all a bit faster than me!!

The gun went off, and we waited our turn to go...over 30,000 Half marathoners ready to run the course!  As I started to run, I noticed several things, or I should say I felt different things... my new running skirt was all twisted up around my SPIbelt, and my SPIbelt was bouncing all over the place... I kept trying to adjust and adjust... I finally lifted up my skirt and put the SPIbelt on underneath around my compression shorts and gave that a try.  MY skirt then stayed in place for the most part, but my SPIbelt did not!!  So every 200 steps, I was adjusting and did this throughout the entire race... UGH!  Talk about a wardrobe malfunction!!!  PIA was more like it!!  Hahhaha
I continued to run and felt otherwise great except for a throbbing headache... I realized that my fancy headband that I made for myself was a bit too tight around my head... so I eventually, pulled it down around my neck!  Dang it, I now didn't look so cute anymore!
As I hit mile 8, I was on target for a great finish...for me anyways... but, then mile 9 came and my emotions took over.  I was slowing down some, and could feel tears welling up and falling down my face... I had to suck it up and keep going, after all I was not just earning one finisher's medal, but two!  A 2nd one for running the Las Vegas RNR in December!!  So I had to keep going for fear they would run out of those medals before I finished....
As I crossed the finish line... I was happy I finished but highly disappointed with my final time!  I seem to be getting SLOWER not faster!!  I guess not putting in the mileage for training didn't help either!!!
Happy to say, I got both medals and I am proud of the fact that I was out there running and didn't give up!  Speed work is a MUST before my next Half in March!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, I am looking forward to another year of healthy running!  I have so many running goals this year... including keeping up with my running blog!  This blog for me is a dairy of running, and even though I think my mom is the only person besides myself that reads it, it is still important to keep it active and alive!

Last year was a great year for running!  I really had lots of time on my hands to get out there and run almost everyday.  I was not working steady, so I had time, but depressed that I wasn't working so my running suffered some!  Such a catch 22, since now, I have a job and virtually have no time to run!  But to me that is a challenge I don't mind, and I will do what I can to get out there everyday and improve my running!

I am a SLOW runner, I have never hid that fact from anyone... I run because I can, and I enjoy every aspect of running there is... I just run SLOW!!  I did get a metronome for Christmas... not for playing the piano, but for speed work!  I can get a pretty decent beat going and run to that, and increase my turnover and therefore, run a little faster, and faster with each use...I just need to remember to take it with me on a run!

This year, I have already registered for 3 Half marathons and have already committed to running a full marathon in December!  There will be a few races that I will not be running this year, as I need a change of pace...(no pun intended!) There are so many races out there, and I simply can't afford to run them all... so I need to be a little picky...and pick the right ones for me this year!

I have the most supportive friends and family!  My mom is always cheering for me no matter how slow I am... she is always proud of me and my husband is a good sport to wake up early and drive me to some of the "point-to-point' races.  I have friends that are interested in the races I go to, and always wish me luck!  That means the world to me...THANKS!!

One running goal is to run at least 100 miles a month... only 94 miles left to run in January!!