Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Running...

Left the house this morning-temperature 57 degrees- simply perfect for a Long Sunday run...although by mile 2, I was HOT!  Very quiet morning as I made my way along my route.  Very few bikers and runners I was thinking maybe they knew something I didn't...

Made my way to my halfway point- Circle K- to fill up with ice water and take another GU (gel) which I had put in the inside of the little zipper pouch on my water bottle, so the GU was cold and hard to swallow! I have a tough time getting that nasty stuff down as it is...After re-fueling, I was on my way again.

I kept a pretty even pace, however, feeling the need to walk a bit at mile 7.  The sweat pouring off me, it felt like a typical AZ morning run, however the temperature was much, much cooler!!  I guess running really does heat you up!

Almost 11 miles this morning!  I am as prepared for the Half marathon next weekend as I will ever be...I am so not fast, but that really isn't the reason I run...I run the races for the shiny Medals!!  Hahaha

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monster Mash Fun Run

Last night was a perfect evening for a 5K- fun run!  The run was sponsored by ARR (AZ Road Racers).  I am on the Board of Directors and this was run put on for our members/non-members.  It was lots of fun really.  Some came in costumes, very few children, in fact there were only a couple of kids there, everyone else was there to run!  The run started after 6:00 PM so it was dark.  We ran around a lit park which was family friendly.  As we took off for the "fun" run, the group started out at a pretty quick tempo...I didn't use my iPod, and I don't believe I have ever run without music-except when my battery died once- so it was tough to keep beat to my out of breath gasps!  I wonder if I always sound that painful!  Hahhaha

We did two loops which were on and off the sidewalk and dirt paths, and as usual I lagged behind!  I lost the group at one point, so I just kind of made my own "loop!"

Afterwards, we grilled hamburgers/hot dogs...chips and candy!  I have to say, it was really a lot of fun, as I rarely run socially!  I usually run alone...
Dressed as a LIN Lady there such a thing?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Fun Run??

Weather was perfect!  Headed out for a 10 miler this morning...I haven't done 10 miles in awhile due to an injured knee, so I figured I would only go 10 and see what happens and hopefully, make the entire run without a knee issue!!!
About 3 miles from home, I come around the corner and see a pretty big Coyote cross the street, and then come back across again to my side of the street.  As he was crossing back over he saw me, and stopped, and then walked a bit and stopped and looked at me.  I waved him on... told him," run a long little buddy..." and he walked in a circle and looked at me again.  Now, we were both looking at each other very much aware of each other's presence.  He walked off a little into the wash, but kept looking at me, I kept looking at him, and wondering if there were more "friends" that I should be concerned about... As I passed him, I thought he was so cute, and I almost felt sorry for him.  Maybe he was lost and needed some help... then I snapped out of it and walked on by...of course, I figured I would snap a quick picture of him, but I was looking into the sun and couldn't get him on my phone... so I kept, why couldn't he have come to play while my SIL and hubby went with me... I swear no one believes these creatures live here...hahahha  *** On a side note, why is it that I reach for my iPhone first, instead of my mace??? ***

I continued on my way, as I still have many miles to cover.  Finally, making my way to the Circle K to fill up my water bottle and choke down a GU, I realized that I was feeling pretty good still.  Relief since there were still 5 miles to home!

Still in pretty good spirits, I made it home 11 miles down!  Knee a little wobbly, but it was a good run.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's go for a W_A_L_K

My SIL came to visit us for a couple of days, and she was a real trooper to get up early and go out with me in the mornings.  We ended up walking which was a real nice change of pace (no pun intended) for me! In fact, Vito , even walked with us the first day!  I took them on my running route since that was the safest place to take them, and I knew the route like the back of my hand... and I thought it was equally important for Vito to see my route so in case I come up missing, he will know where to start the search!!  Hahaha

We did walk at a pretty good pace while talking the entire 7 mile stretch... we were able to visit, laugh and catch up as we clipped along!  I was glad we were walking as I am still trying to heal my knee.  BTW... it felt pretty good both days, so I do think I am on the mend... and be able to complete my training for the WHM in 2 weeks!!  Hooray!!!

I was so hoping that we would run into a coyote or two, perhaps a javelina...just so that they could actually see one and know that these little guys cross my path nearly everyday... but of course, NOPE...not a one came out to "play" with us, although we (I) did see two cross the road up ahead of us a ways, and had I been by myself running, I would have probably been a little too close for comfort...whew!  I guess not seeing any was a good thing, as I would have had to "protect" my SIL...and show her I am not afraid!!!

Day one:  both came back and said how their hips hurt and that they could feel the workout...Hooray!!!  I didn't hurt...I do it everyday!!!  Hahahhaha   Proud moment, although I didn't tell them...Shhhh....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running like the wind...

Out this morning for a run.  72 degrees and it felt wonderful...except for the wind!  It was a bit breezy, not like a hurricane, but windy enough!  No matter which way I ran, the wind was always pushing me back.  Now, had it been pushing me along, helping me run faster, I would have loved it!!!  Hahhaha  I will say the temperature was perfect this morning!
It was an uneventful run, and those are the kind I really enjoy the most!  My heart beats like it should and doesn't race especially when my legs can't race that fast!!
My SIL is coming to visit this week, and wanted to go for a run with me tomorrow!  She plans on "speed-walking" due to a recent back operation...but I have a feeling I will be sprinting to keep up with her!  I am a little nervous about our "run" in the morning!  Hahahahha...maybe we will see a coyote or three or maybe a javelina...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running with my RoadRunner Friend

Got up and out the door to go for my Sunday run, I knew I would be cutting it short due to a knee issue, but nonetheless, it felt great to be out on a Sunday morning!  Less traffic and it just feels crisper and better on a Sunday!
It was a uneventful run, which is the way I like mind races and my legs shuffle behind...I get lots of problems and issues sorted out in my head, and I feel renewed by the time I get home...well, sometimes!

As I make my way to the final trail to home, I turn the corner and there sits a beautiful Roadrunner!  So , so not like the cartoon Roadrunner...but a bit more graceful.  He was pretty quick, and I wanted so bad to grab a picture of him, but as I fumbled with the iPhone, I missed him, so I just admired him for a second...I really think he was mocking me a little...but he was well worth it!

Home and putting the knee on ice...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


65 degrees this morning when I left...what a perfect temperature for running!  I actually thought about wearing gloves next time, but after about 10 minutes of running, there would be no need for the gloves!  The frozen water bottle begins to feel pretty good after mile 1!
My run was uneventful... the way I like them.  I have been nursing a sore knee, and today I wondered if I would make the entire route...I did, although I felt the knee quiver a bit throughout!  I hate having an injury!  Especially, when I can not identify the reason behind did it happen.  One day I am fine, and next day I can't walk....just don't get it sometimes!
I have about 3 weeks until my next race- the Women's Half Marathon right here in Scottsdale!  It will be great, since I won't have to travel for this one, and it is a nice course pretty much throughout the 13.1 miles.    So I plan to be ready for it, and continue to work on my Running far so good!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Run

I rarely get up on Saturday to run... Sunday is my long weekend run, but this morning I felt the need to get out there!  See... I was challenged to a Running Streak...meaning you need to run EVERYDAY, even if its a mile.  Now, I normally run 4 days a week, so I feel pretty good about that... but adding an additional 3 days will be tough.  I don't want to get all ready for a run, if its just going to be a mile... I mean, my getting ready routine takes as long as it takes me to run a mile... so I guess I will be getting a few more miles in...Now, what do I get at the end of the challenge??  Well, nothing! Except the fact that I ran for so many continuous days.  But, I can send $20.00 to URSA with a Running Streak of a year or more and get my name published!!!  Now, c'mon, that's worth it right?????

This morning was beautiful. I left the house just be 8:00AM and the weather was 59 degrees.  I thought I would freeze, but by mile 1, I was drenched in sweat, and wished I had worn a sleeveless shirt instead of short sleeves!!!  Lesson learned...tomorrow is my long run day, with a knee not feeling 100 % I am hoping to get in 10 miles!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

65 degrees...Really?

A little chilly as I headed out the door today... oh, it felt delightful!  As I reached mile 1, my left knee began to give me some trouble... sharp pains and it felt like it would give out on me at any given moment... I ran through it for the first 3 miles, and then I got a little worried and backed it off some.  I really thought it would go away, but I ended up having to walk a mile, cringing every so often.  What happened?  What did I do?  It didn't hurt when I went to bed last night, or when I woke up this morning?  I plan to ice it and baby it a bit today, and see if it just needed a little TLC and attention!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Run, run, run

Up early to go for a run... I usually go outside in the morning to choke down my the outside air seems to help some...hahahha...I noticed it was a tad windy out... I wondered if I had the strength to run through would have been much easier to go back to bed...but since I had already choked down my GU... there was no turning back!  (I didn't take that nasty stuff for nothing!!!)  Hahaha

I headed out.. still a little dark this morning... and I ran against the wind for the first 4 miles... UGH... but the breeze felt good as it was 80- degrees when I left the house... so I wasn't going to complain!

I must have been a little earlier this morning as I didn't see any HS kids waiting for the bus and no Bike Bully either... good timing on my part!