Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Up at it this morning... I am loving the cool mornings... I actually look forward to getting out there early!  Feels great after the summer heat here in AZ.

I was running this morning, reflecting on the long, HOT, summer running, in preparation for the Marathon this coming Saturday!  I get a little teary-eyed thinking about the fact that I trained for it, and not running it!  Physically, I was ready but my body is relieved that we aren't running 26.2 miles...mentally, I was geared up for the big day, and now, I am not so sure I could train for another marathon again...

I still have several big races coming up by end of the year, so I need to focus hard and train for them!  I am getting there mentally!  Hahhaha

My run this morning was uneventful!  No coyotes, no bike Bully, and no freaking TARANTULA's!!!  Hooray!!!  I love boring runs!!!  LOVE them!!!  It can be exciting to see wildlife out there- but I have seen my share for awhile!!!  They will be exciting again soon enough!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typical morning run...

Back out there this morning, after a not so restful night... I felt spiders crawling on me, and saw them every time I closed my eyes... ooh  how I despise those things...but today would be different, I had to get back out there for fear I would never leave my house again... so out the door I went!

It was a cool morning and it felt so good!  I just love these mornings, and I think I will be getting more and more of these now that our Extreme Heat is leaving us...good riddance!! hahahha

As I make my way down Coyote Boulevard, I see the same woman on her old fashioned bike every morning.  She seems a bit "out-there" and quite frankly, she annoys me! She rides as if she owns the entire road.  Every other day, we pass each other and no matter what side of the road I run to, she comes straight at me.  I move for all cyclists and usually step to the left of them so they have the right away, and this woman doesn't understand that concept.  So this morning, I tugged the white line thinking she would move, NOPE, I see her stupid tire approaching me...I say "are you gonna run me over...??"  She rambles on and on.. I tell her to "share the road..." and then a few other choice things... and she kept going on and on about something.. I couldn't hear her, my iPod was playing... I think she is a Bully...and I WILL NOT be bullied on my morning run... I wonder if she has ever felt the sting of pepper spray in he eyes??????  Hmmm...
So as I pass her and exchange "pleasantries"  I continue soaking up the cool morning air...As I make my way to the main roads... a coyote runs in the street...I smile and laugh to myself... coyotes vs. BIG SPIDERS?  I'll take a coyote any day of the week!

I make my way back towards home, and I am making good time... I am actually impressed with myself!  I get to the top of my street and what do I see?  What could make this an even better run???  Yep!  Another TARANTULA...

Monday, September 26, 2011

So much for a beautiful morning run...

What a beautiful way to start my Monday and week!  Got up early and made my way out the door. The temperature was just right, about 78 degrees and it felt wonderful!  I forgot what it was like to run when the sweat isn't pouring off you by the first mile and your frozen ice water is already just water...

I felt great running... no pain, no struggling, just out for a nice morning run.  It is fun to be out there early, and funny to see the same people every morning doing the same thing.  Biking, or driving the kids to school or work.  Same cars, same routine...maybe, they think that about me too!  Familiarity is kind of nice sometimes!

I am running at a good pace for me this morning, and as I near mile 6.87 which is the corner to my house, I see something that I hoped and prayed that I would NEVER, EVER see...yep, a freaking, giant TARANTULA...just sitting there...well...I saw it, screamed and probably swore a little too...I could hear myself over my I guess it was pretty loud!  I did the "tippy-toes" dance and felt my heart stop beating...I think I was in shock...I started to walk on my toes to home...and I went back and thought, no one will believe me, so I got out my iPhone and took a picture....I zoomed in as I really couldn't get much closer, but OH MY GOSH, he was HUGE and the most scariest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

Now, I have seen EVERYTHING!  I spent the spring and summer, being tortured by Coyotes, Javelinas, Rattle snakes, and Bobcats ( Tigers)!!!  Paranoia has now set in as I run in the fall and have to watch for TARANTULA's...not sure that's going to happen!  Damn, I just want to run and see NOTHING just run!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Morning...

This morning's run was pleasant!  Started off cooler than usual but ended the same way...HOT!! Hahahhaha...

I got a early start out there.  It is so nice to have the roads to yourself.  I run by a Bus stop for High School students, and as I run by there, I get choked up...their cologne and perfume is so STRONG... I smile inside and wonder if I wore that much when I was that age...I don't think so, but get 5-7 HS kids together, it can literally gag you!

I also run by an elementary school and seem to get there just as the custodian is raising the American flag each morning.  It is a wonderful sight to see that flag hoisted up and flying so freely... if is a great reminder of how lucky we are to live here in the US!

Only did 6 miles this morning, as I ran out of water...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cooler Temps...?

Well, by now, most of you must be sick of me complaining about how HOT it is to run here in the mornings... in fact I am sick of it too!  Hahhaha  This morning was a perfect 77 degrees at 6:00AM!  It felt so good!  I forgot that it can be that temperature in the mornings, and that is near perfect running weather for me!  ( I DO NOT LIKE COLD OR SNOW!!!)

I headed out, and was feeling great!  I started my Garmin, and began to run shortly thereafter...sometimes I start it, and "warm-up" a little bit!  It's that first mile thing for me... but this morning, I took off.  I think I wanted to feel what it was like to run in cooler weather, and afraid it might not last til the corner!!  Hahahaha

As I turned the corner,  and headed up Happy Valley Road, I saw about 3 feet in front of me, a coyote crossing the street.  I thought I wonder if there are more... as they travel in packs!  ( I should know!)  Yep, here come two more coyotes crossing the street.  I come to a walk and wonder had I only been a minute faster I could have reached out and pet them...and then I see another!  4 coyotes crossing the street!  I smile,  and walk quickly but looking side to side as if I am paranoid, but I really wasn't scared!  I guess the summer cured me of the creatures out there!  I hadn't seen 4 coyotes together since that fateful January afternoon...

I wondered if thy were happy it was cooler too... anyways, I picked it up again and began to run.  Beating the school bus and the High School students felt great!

Completed my 7 miles and felt great!!  9 minutes faster than last time, so maybe the cooler temps will help me run faster...I didn't really like the thought of doing speed work anyways... hahahhaha  I just hope the weather stays like this for the next 5 months before that brutal extreme heat advisory comes back...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

5K- ARR- "I Did a Green Run"

What a change of pace this morning was for me!  Usually, I am up and ready to go for a LONG run and endure the HEAT for a couple hours...whew!  This morning, I got up same time, but headed out to a local race.  I signed up for the 5K on a whim.  The temperature was in the high 70's and start time about much cooler than the 93-94 degrees normally.  It was going to be a great race!

I haven't raced a 5K since Christmas of last year... so this was a different distance for me!  I mostly train and run longer distances, so 3.1 miles couldn't be so bad...

I lined up and was ready to go... I knew this would be a faster paced run than I am used to but that would be my challenge... as normally I am nervous about the distance at the start of the race!!!

We did observe a moment of silence in honor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks 10 years ago, and we were mindset went into automatic mode and that was start out slow and conserve energy for later in the race.  Well, there isn't really a  "much later in the race" effort needed, as this was only 3.1 miles, so this is a race that you go all out from start to finish I just realized that a little later...Hahhahaha...

Cooler temperatures, different route, gravel and dirt trails to run on, was just what my legs and knees needed.  It was fun to run a local 5K and I promise to do many more local races and hopefully build up my speed in doing so!  It was fun to be a part of it this morning!!

Beautiful location and cooler temperatures!!

A great friend to see at the races!

A true running legend... 207 marathons!   Whew!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hydration IV Drip

Didn't have the energy to run this morning... still HOT at 5:30-6:00 AM here.  I should be used to it by now, and not even blink at 93 degrees at that time of the morning... but lately, it has gotten hotter and hotter, and I am just plain "burned-out!"

I ran yesterday, and cut the run short by a mile... as I couldn't go another step further.  As I was coming home yesterday, a man that I see every morning walking his two dogs, stopped in his car and said, " Wow, you went for a long run...!"  Now, he is probably one of the nicest guys I see in the morning, always waving from the other side of the street, as I run by... but it was strange that he would say that to me... I guess he doesn't know how SLOW I  really am.. .because the run was shorter than normal and I rarely run that way home... but it goes to show you, that people get used to seeing you everyday, running the same route everyday at the same time everyday... makes me a little nervous... I mean I am sure that Ted Bundy was a super nice guy...but seriously!  Maybe I am just so tired and worn out that it bothered me, but I need to find a new route for awhile!!!

Well, for those of you that know me, I have a tremendous fear of needles... and Spiders!! But, today I went in for a Hydration IV drip... it is an IV in your arm pumping your full of vitamins and minerals as well as hydrating you.  I needed it, as all summer long, I have been so tired and worn out...and I am sure running in the HEAT has added to my dehydration!  I am supposed to feel better, but it could take a few times depending on how depleted my body really is... I hope I feel better, as I don't plan on making the IV part of my training routine....Hahahahaha

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Morning Run

I realized it has been almost a week and no post...but then it was almost a week of no running!  Yes, that is right, I took some time off from running... 6 days to be exact!  It was nice to "sleep"in, although I was wide awake, talking myself into getting up and going... but somehow, I decided to lay in bed instead!

I have been training for a Marathon all summer long!  It has been a brutal summer for HEAT and running! 5 weeks to go, and I suddenly realize that financially this year I can not make it! Hubby tells me that he has a meeting that weekend and won't be able to drive me, and fears I will get lost driving myself (probably true...) and I can't quite spend $400.00 on a plane ticket with pool repairs, Vet babies need their teeth cleaned...Spa repair, and a few other things needing to take priority at this time!  So cancelling my Hotel and coming to terms of not running the Marathon that I have been training for all freaking summer long in the HEAT...made me lose my interest in running for a couple of days!  Those that are runners can appreciate that, those that are not...don't understand the let down of not running a race you have prepared for, for the last 4 months!

Well, this morning, I decided that I still have 2 Half's and an Iron Girl along with some 5K's to run this year, so I need to continue my training...and get out there and run!  With the pressure off of the Marathon, I will make the most of the next couple of months doing some speed work, weight training and logging less miles...should help me be better prepared for the Half in November!  We'll see!

This morning's run was uneventful!  It was cloudy out there but that doesn't mean it was cool, in fact it was HOT and HUMID but that didn't bother me much today.  I ran and had the streets to myself this morning... I guess other Runners and Cyclists stayed in bed!