Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cloudy Skies

Oh, what a treat it was to run without the glaring sun for most of the run this morning!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love the SUN, but running with it in your eyes, and the heat does not make for ideal running conditions!!  Not to say that it wasn't HOT this morning... as it was 93 when I left the house, but no sun was a bonus!  I was hoping for raindrops but only drops of sweat fell on me!!

It was my first run since the Half marathon last Saturday... I got to run earlier in the week, but never made it out the today, I had no excuse!  I got out there!

Slowly, I "jogged" as I didn't have lots of energy.  I felt fine, just a little burned out.  I was not even a half mile from my house, when I noticed  Bobcat laying very still... in fact so still, he was dead.  I was a bit shocked, as I don't believe I have ever seen a dead one... as you all know I see them alive and well.  So, I felt somewhat safe -but where there is one... usually another one follows... I snapped a picture, not to be morbid, but to prove that these guys live around me and not to be taken lightly.  I felt bad he was dead, as I do not like to see that...but...he wasn't a threat to me and that made me feel better!!

I finished my 7 miles albeit a SLOW 7 miles... hopefully, tomorrow I will have some speed as I gear up for a 10-11 miles on Sunday!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Park City Half Marathon

Oh, what a treat this run was for me!  Mom and I stayed in SLC, and got up early to make our way to Park City around 5:00AM.  Park City is nestled in up in the beautiful mountains of Utah and 20 miles from SLC.  We got to the Host Hotel, Newpark Hotel, and made out way near the starting line.  There I met up with a friend from High School, Jay, and his family.  He and I have been running Park City now for 3 years, and it is a treat to run with old friends! ( Not that we are old!!!)
Ready to go!!
My Biggest Fan!
We make our way to the starting line and get ready to tackle the first wave of runners...shortly after the full marathoners take off for their journey!  It was a chilly morning.. about 56 degrees at the starting line... I soaked it up!  I can't remember feeling this cold before a run and I wasn't about to complain!!!  Before I knew it the horn went off... and we were on our way!  Now, Jay is much, much faster than me, so we ran our own race.
 I had a fantastic start and felt great! I was breezing along for the first several miles... until I realized I should be taking in the beautiful scenery around me!  We ran along a meadow buried alongside a mountain.  There were wooden planks which felt wonderful on my knees, and dirt paths along our way.  Off to the side were running brooks with water streaming down... oh, how I wanted to jump in and just soak...ahhh.... that would have felt great, but I kept going.  I was on target at mile 5 for a great finish time- for me anyways... but a minute later running at me was the first Half Marathoner making his way back already???  I felt a little defeated at the moment, but I was cheering him on... WOW!  Close to mile 6 about a mile and half before the turn around comes Jay!!!  Hooray!!!  I "high-five" him... and inside I was starting to feel the altitude kick in... I was having a tough time breathing up the side of the mountain... but still felt pretty strong!  I made it to the turn around at mile 7.25 and what a wonderful sight that was!!!  I choked down another GU and grabbed an orange slice and a Shot Block and began making my way down the mountain...little did I know that the orange slice was going to be the real hero in this run... I grabbed an orange slice at every stop thereafter...
About mile 9 my left calf seized up and began to cramp some... I knew I couldn't stop so I kept "jogging" and hoping that it would stay the same, or perhaps work itself out... it never did...
Rounding the corner to the Finish Line... I saw Jay jump up and his family cheered me in... and then I saw my mom... and that was better than any Medal!!
I may or may not do this one again next year, although thinking about the support and friendship I share there...I may change my mind...
Home  stretch!

Jay and I finished- look at our Medals

Love you Mom!

Cheering Squad!!  Family and Friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Park City bound...

Well, this morning was the last run before the Half in Park City this year.  I kept thinking that it will be so much cooler at the starting line and finish line than it is right now in AZ at 5:30AM!!!  I am not one to like the COLD at all.. hence, living in AZ, but I seriously need a break from the HEAT!  It has been a tough summer, and I would have thought by now, I would have learned a lesson, and not "train" for a marathon in the middle of summer here in the Sunny State!  2 years in a row, and I swore last time I wouldn't do it!! Hahahha... oh well,
I got in a 7 mile run this morning... slow but steady!  I felt very slow and sluggish at times, and then out of nowhere, I would get a burst of energy, and that felt great!  I plan to take those moments with me to Park City!
I haven't raced since February, and I am looking forward to standing all nervous at the Starting Line Saturday.  I have certainly trained for a Half, although I have really been training for my Full, so I am prepared...but always those doubts creep in, did I do enough?  I guess we'll see... but even if I don't beat my time this year, I still beat everyone else not running and at the end of the day, I ran a Half Marathon!!
I will post again when I get back into town, as I won't be doing any more running until then.... Wish me luck, as I definitely will need it, but I will have the support of my Mother at the Finish Line...and that will be my prize!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Early at it this morning...already HOT!  That's to be expected, I know, but I really need a break from the heat.  It seems to be getting HOTTER not cooler out there, no matter what time of day I get started!
It took me awhile to get my rhythm going this morning... I just couldn't settle in and focus on the run, I think the sweat was dripping so fast and steady, I felt like I was racing the sweat drops running down my face...I made my way to Bobcat Highway, and I became "focused" on looking for wildlife.  As I turned the corner to the straightaway, "Eye of the Tiger" began to play on my Ipod!  As I smiled and then broke into laughter at my stupid self, I settled in and began to run at a steady pace. (Keeping my eyes on the lookout for Tigers...hahhaha!)  As I neared the 5 mile mark, I could hear my iPhone being texted... I usually don't look at it or hear it while running, but I needed a break and began to walk for a minute.  I looked at it, and this is the picture my Hubby who is visiting NY/NJ sent me:
"You would love this cream filled donut!"
I wasn't sure if that was funny at the moment or not!  Certainly came at a point in my run where I was about to give in... and then seeing that donut, just made me want to stop and turn around!  What the hell am I doing running in 94 degree temperatures, clinging to my last swallow of water before my next re-fill , while everyone else out there is enjoying a freaking cream filled donut!!!??  I began to run harder and trying to keep the tears and sweat from getting in my eyes... Ahhh... Circle K was in site!!

I went in to fill up my water bottle, and this time I brought $$ with me to get a Slushy... I was brave and asked for a small cup to sample, she was nice this time and gave me a small styro-foam cup!  I sampled one that was "Power-Ade" blue.. that would be awesome right?  NOPE!  I swallowed and dumped out, and then got a taste of a cherry flavored one... was cold, refreshing it was not!  Saved my $$ and filled up my bottle with ICE and water and went on my way...
The last 5 miles were tough!  I was hot, I was tired, I had no gas left in the tank... knowing my ice was melting, I had to run faster, so it would stay cold...that didn't happen!

I began to walk, and walk and thought, I am tired of running!  I am SLOW, I am not very good at it anyways... you know, all the negative thoughts I could think of at the time... 
Made it home, 11 miles completed... I hope I am a little faster next week as I am running a Half Marathon in Park City!  I am hoping for snow, or at least 40 degree cooler temps... I need a break from the Heat!!  One more run until the Starting Line- Saturday!!  Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Need for Speed

Got up at at it pretty early this morning!  Even though the temperature was WARM, there was some cloud coverage that was most delightful...I knew there wasn't a chance for rain, but I thought how wonderful that would feel this morning...
There were lots of folks out today...more than I have seen in awhile...perhaps, we were all trying to beat the school buses and school kids as they stand there boldly, not wanting to budge an inch for you as you run past them.  If only I was little faster, I would say something to them or better yet, tease them with my pepper spray... you know just to teach them a lesson... but I need to work on my speed a little more before I attempt doing any of that...
I ran at what I thought was a pretty good pace this morning.. even with the sweat streaming down my face and into my I was a little disappointed to see my end time and pace.  I even threw in a little "speed work" to quicken my step some, but apparently, that didn't do anything but make me thirsty and sweat more...Hahahaha...finished now until Sunday...gonna start drinking my water now... will need to be fully hydrated- can't have a repeat of last week!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Got an early start on my run this morning... it felt great to be out there!  I knew it was going to be a long run today, so I tried to settle in and find a good pace...and I did.  Sweat was pouring from my head, but I was used to that by now, and I knew it would only get worse as the miles increased.  Saw lots of bunnies out and about today, and I was very cautious as I neared the "Bobcat Street" since there were lots of bikers coming at me, I needed to feel safe should I have to lunge up on the imagine my surprise when I saw this:
I actually, burst out laughing, and wondered if I was being "punked" as this was absolutely the funniest thing I have ever seen.  Right there on "Bobcat Street!"  ( I guess, you would have had to of been was pretty funny!)  So of course, I had to stop and get a picture!!

I kept going, and needed to make a decision by next light... should I go straight and complete my full fun as intended...or turn and just do 10 miles... I kept going straight...hooray for me!!   I ran and was in good spirits...I ran to the end of Hayden and turned around to climb up the hill and made my way for the park... I was out of water!!!  I knew the park would have a drinking fountain and I could fill up there... but the water was so hot I could have made soup!  I guess hot water is better than NO water, so I filled up!  Knowing that wasn't going to keep me very hydrated with another 9 miles to go, I thought I would take a detour and head for Circle K.

Now, I was so HOT and THIRSTY, I was even drinking the park -unfiltered water.  I was thinking about the crushed ice cubes at the Circle K, and I thought if I only had a $1.00 I would splurge and get an Icee as well... that would cool me right down...ahhh... but I had no $$$- So I began looking for change as I ran... maybe someone would have tossed quarters..dimes..$1.00 bills... but NOTHING!!!   All I could think about was the slushy...don't even like them, but I wanted one!  I thought maybe the kind lady will let me just "sample" one or two- that's all I needed...a little sugar to get me home...
Well, no such luck!  I got my water and ice and headed back out into the heat.  5 miles from home, I could do it... got my WATER in hand!!!

Well, I was pretty thirsty, so I drank a little more than I should have, so I began to ration it...I ran on and on, just thinking about the liquid gold in my water bottle... As I neared mile 12, I started to break down!  I could feel the heat on my head and arms and I was soaked... I had about 3 swallows left of "gold" and I needed every drop... I could feel tears well up... I just wanted to get home!!  I walked for quite a bit... had no energy to run... I tried running from sign to sign...cactus to cactus...

2 miles now from home, and having swallowed the last of my water, I wondered if someone would feel sorry for me and just throw a bottle at me... I cried, and wondered what I was doing out here in the HEAT with no water and end in I wiped away the tears, I began to run again...home, just get me home!!!  I was almost there, as I saw a couple running and having to stop... I said..."It's too hot for that...go home...hahha... I am out of water and near dead...."  the lady looked at me... and asked me if I needed some water...I said, " no, almost home thanks anyways..." and I started to cry again... I would have stolen that water bottle from her had it been a mile or two back... I got home, and have almost drank  5- 24 oz bottles of water!!!  I guess I was thirsty!!  16 miles done... and I am proud I finished...but it took me 3-1/2 hours to run that... and that is little discouraging...

Friday, August 5, 2011


Left the house this morning for my morning run.  They are certainly becoming routine for me.  Same route, same time, days vary very little...and the heat is I think getting hotter... whew!

This morning, I saw a pretty cute Coyote.  Figures, I video a run, to show these little guys, and don't see a thing out there... go without the video and what do you know?  Well, he was a loner and he looked at me as if to say," Not here to bother you, just passing by..."  I thought that was pretty kind of him.  He crossed the street, and was on his way.  Now, I know they usually run together, so I did look to see where his friends were, but apparently, he didn't have any... so on my way.

As I make the 3 mile mark, I decide to throw in a burst of speed.  Now,  mind you, I don't run all!  I am not too proud to say that, as many boast on their speed and mileage.  So, I decide to run from sign to sign as fast as I could... or at least pick up the tempo... I start out, and begin to "run" I was clocking about an 8 minute mile- that is if I could hold that speed for that long... it lasted about 50 yards, and I was done.  Sweating already, I was drenched and hesitated to drink my water so quickly, but I needed it badly!  Wow!  It felt amazing to run like that, it made me think of folks that run that speed or faster on a daily basis... probably routine for them!

I will try and work some speed into my running, to break up the routine- like chore , running has now become for me.   Changing routes is difficult, since I have no other way out of my neighborhood to go.

Out of water, and a half mile from from, I begin to wonder, why I do this???  Especially in the HEAT!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good morning!

It was the first day back running since I hurt my back a couple of days ago... It felt pretty good today, so I was up and at it!  I took my Flip video out with me, so I could video the run and my usual course of 7 miles...
I struggled with my water bottle now in my left hand and Flip in my right.  Not sure I have run before with both hands full... But despite the heat, it was a decent morning.

I reviewed the video when I got home, and apparently, I am a little more paranoid than I thought... I look actually frightened most of the video and I keep mentioning Coyotes and the Heat... DUH???  I live in Sunny AZ where the sun shines every day, and the temperatures are extreme in the summer!  Yes, there are tons of coyotes, and javelinas, snakes, bobcats out there... I am just very "lucky" I see them... and see them first, before I feel them running after me... so I think I need to stop being so freaking paranoid when I am out there... I have just had a few too close of calls, in the last several months and it is really starting to play with my mind...
I will put up the video soon, once I figure out how to load it on here... it looks like I am walking more than running, but I had my "hands full" this morning... hahhahha- no laughing or comments please once you have seen the video... oh, that's right, probably no one is watching it...except my Mother!!  Enjoy Mom!!