Sunday, July 31, 2011

Advil Time

Went to bed last night with an aching back...from what???  I don't recall lifting anything, I didn't do anything different than I normally do, so I took some Advil and went to bed, thinking it would feel better...WRONG!  I woke up and still felt a twinge in my lower back.  So, no running for me today...which means I will miss my 100 miler by a lousy 6 miles... but the day isn't over with yet...although, right now I can safely say, I am not running as it is 107 currently and that temperature should last until about 9-10:00 PM tonight!!!  Oh well...
The good news is, that I went SHOE SHOPPING yesterday!!!
 I love going to Runner's Den and getting a new pair of running shoes!  Just the fact that I am in the store, is like heaven, but then I m surrounded by other runners and the staff is awesome!  My favorite is always there, (or I know his schedule...) Hahhaha... and he treats me like I am a Star Athlete!!  How fun is that for 20 minutes!!  Hahhaha.... Anyways, I got another pair of Asics... they are beautiful!  They have "speeding- ticket red" stripes so I guess these are going to be pretty fast... so I need to break these shoes in before the Marathon in October!!!  They smell so good, by the way!!  Hahahhaha
I bought the "clip-on" one, so I could still hold my water bottle!!
Aren't those shoes adorable?
I also picked up some Pepper spray for some of my "closest friends!"  Hopefully, I never need it, but since everyone has been telling me I should run with it, I bought some to make them happy! ( Inside, I guess it is a smart thing to have...) I figure if I am close enough... or rather in danger and threatened, I will use it... but let's all hope I NEVER EVER have to spray it...EVER!!!
Icing the back, and then Hot Tub tonight...and lots of Advil and I should be back in business... I do not have time for a backache!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

3 Weeks and counting...

Yes, I am officially 3 weeks from the start of my "race-season!"  It is so HOT here in AZ, there really isn't much racing that goes on here during the summer months!!  There are some 5K's, but I find them very hard to run, since those are to me "serious" races!  Everyone is trying to PR their 5K times, and I just don't start out that you know it takes me a bit to "get-going" so I feel like I am getting run over in the first 500 yards of a 5K.  I do prefer the distance runs... I am SLOW... but everyone starts those races SLOW!!!

My first race is a Half Marathon in beautiful Park City, Utah.  This will be my 3rd year running it!  It is one of my favorites, due to the spectacular course...such beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures... but the main reason, is that my number one fan, my MOM, meets me there and cheers me on...nothing like it in the world compares to having your Mom cheering you at the start, and seeing her proud face at the Finish Line, no matter how long it takes for that reason- it is my favorite!

Then about 35 days later... I will be running my 2nd Marathon in St. George, Utah!  ( No, I don't live in Utah, just some beautiful courses, and cool weather!)  I am excited to run the marathon, since it was a Lottery race, and I rarely win anything... so winning 26.2 miles is worth it!  Hahhaha... I am trying not to have high expectations this year, since last year, was truly my proudest moment to date, so this one will pale to the 1st Marathon, but excited nonetheless!  Last years time was pathetic, so I am at least hoping to make it to the finish line with a little better time!!  ( Please do no let me hit the WALL at mile 20!!!)  It took me longer to finish the 10K as it did to run the 20 miles before it!!!  URG!!!

Then another 30 days later, I will be running in the Women's Half Marathon right here in Scottsdale!  It is a great run, and besides the hill they don't advertise at mile 8- something... it is a terrific run!  Not to mention the Medal is the main reason I run this one...for real!

30 days after that, I will be running the Strip at Night in Las Vegas, Baby!!  Now, this will be a "race" -Half Marathon, that I run for pure enjoyment!!!  Just watching people as they will be all "bedazzled and blinged" out!! ( I will be one of them, too... just haven't decided if I am going as Elvis or a Showgirl just yet!!)  Just hoping I am not the only one in "costume"- Hahhahahhahahahhahahhahhahhaha...that would make me run fast and furious!!

That brings me to the Iron Girl, 1 week later!  Not a big race here this year, as they scheduled it very late- they needed a new sponsor- so it is only a 5K or a 10K run!  But the Medal is a nice one, and I would love to add that to my collection!!!

So as you can see, I have some real "fun" ahead of me, but I am anxious to get racing.  I don't race to win, as that is impossible for me, but crossing the finish lines at the end of the race, makes all the "training" runs so worth it!!
Wish me Luck in the upcoming months... as I will need it!

P.S.  Does anyone even read this?  Hahhahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another day of running

I start each running day the same...get up early, sneak around the house getting dressed and ready, go outside to "choke" down my morning GU... and I do mean choke it down... my eyes water and I try with all my might to swallow it as I gulp a big glass of's tough!  There has to be an easier method... those things are just nasty...but needed to get me moving and on my way!
I step out the door and wonder what this run will have in store for me?  I am surrounded by washes, which house many wonderful creatures...and I just never know which one(s) will greet me with a scare!  Hahhaha

This morning as I rounded the corner I notice 3 pretty decent sized Coyotes cross the street... now, I have no where to go except back home... and that isn't an option... so I slowly walk as not to startle them by running at my "lightening-speed" pace...I see them, and two of them are looking back at me... I often wonder what goes through their minds... as I know what runs through mine... and I am pretty sure it is not the same thing... once, I make it past them... I decide I should start running again... looking back a few times.  I start to settle into a nice rhythm...
It is a bit cooler out, but the sun is up pretty early.  Sweat pours off my face and into my eyes... my eyes sting, and I say out loud, " I love running!"
I make it home safe feeling pretty good.  Since I started doing Bikram Yoga I am noticing a little bounce in my step and I am hopeful, I am going to get a bit faster and stronger as my runs continue!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water, water and more water!!!

Up and at it this morning... I was anxious to begin my morning run!  I was headed out for a 15-16 mile run- Hahahha- it was HOT and a little bit humid, so I figured, I would not set myself up for disappointment, and  run as far as I could in the Heat!  I started out jogging, and then walking, and then trying to run from point to point... that is usually how my first mile starts out... I had a tough time settling into a nice steady pace.  As I rounded my first corner, I saw a beautiful Red Cardinal... oh, he was pretty, I knew it was a sign of a good morning... so I began to crank up the Ipod and give it a go!  As I crossed the highway  I ran past a Coyote just standing in the wash... I looked at him, he looked at me... and I ran on by, thinking I probably shouldn't be running...well, at my pace, jogging, just in case he was ready to "play" a little... so I began to turn my "jog" into a brisk walk, looking behind me as I turned the next corner... he didn't follow, so I was ready to go again!  Whew!
As I ran, I could feel the temperature rise, and I felt spent before mile 3.  I kept on, though as I knew the run wouldn't run itself... I decided a nice 10- miler would do at that point.  That made me feel a little better, at least now, I wouldn't be disappointed- and I had a plan!
I filled up at Circle-K... I think they know me by now, looking at a sweaty, red in the face-woman enter their store, they couldn't deny me water... could they?
I moved on and found my rhythm again...this time running uphill.  By mile 7.5 my legs felt heavy, it was with great effort to move one leg in front of the other.  I decided to play a mind game or two, to keep moving.  It worked, as I continued on my way home. Drinking the last drop if water, I wondered if I would make another 1.5 miles to home!!!  Hooray!!!  11.00 miles completed!  I guess, I need to break out the fuel belt and possibly the Camelbak for the next LONG RUN!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whew! Turn Up the HEAT!!

Went for a run again this morning... only 90 when I left the house this morning... so whatever!  I guess I should just get used to it, until October...right?  Not sure one gets used to the running in the heat.  But thank heavens it was uneventful!  I felt great running today, once I got past the first mile... that seems to be the hardest one for me.  I hit start on my Garmin, and then literally have to talk myself to start running after about 500 yards... then I run to a marker and walk... this takes place for the first mile... then I just kick in and go, and that feels great... so I spend the rest of the run trying to make up time from the first 13 minute mile...urrg!!!
Today was the day I decided to start my Bikram Yoga classes.  Doing it for 30 days... I hope to make at least 15 of those days to class.  It was HOT in there, I had forgotten how HOT that room can get.  It was a small class, so a perfect size to get back into it.  I remembered most of the poses, and what was really sad, was that I was able to actually do them back in the day... I tried not to think about that, and focus on the NOW! HOT and with sweat pouring from every pore of my body... I finished class, and felt surprisingly refreshed!  Although, there was one pose that I did, as I was leaning into the pose, I heard BOTH KNEES crack... yep, crack and I panicked!!  My face lost all color and I just knew that wasn't a good thing... so as I made sure I had feeling in both legs, I got through the pose and laid down trying to see if I could feel any damage...none so far!  Whew!  That sound is certainly not music to a runner training for a Marathon!!!  As I go running in the morning, I will know if I go back... but right now, I feel pretty good after being in the HEAT for over 3 hours today... watermelon has become my favorite food!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Off to a great week...

Up early to get my morning run in... I missed yesterday's long run due to sleeping in longer than normal... by about a 1/2 hour, but that 1/2 hour is crucial out here... it can literally make a difference in time, pace, and overall heat stroke!!!
So I wanted to get out there pretty early to make up some mileage!  It was already 92 degrees at 5:50 AM this morning... but I knew I had to get going.  As I set out, the humidity I could feel was thick and the sun already beating down was causing me to sweat and I hadn't even turned the corner yet... Once I made it to a "safe" place to run, I see the most beautiful RED CARDINAL.  He just sat in the tree allowing me to admire his beauty, I reached for my phone to grab a picture, but by the time I had it focused somewhat, he was gone!  Oh well, the picture in my head will always be there...
I felt pretty good this morning, I felt that I owned my run, as I ran more than I walked, which is tougher to do in the HEAT, but I kept a steady pace.
As I got home and opened the door, the A/C never felt as good as it did right then and there!!  Whew...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well, this morning's run felt great!!  It was a little cooler this morning only about 85 degrees, and there was an ever so slight breeze, and that felt so good!!!  I felt strong running today, as I was able to pick up the pace a little and shaved about 8 minutes off my time this morning!  I'll take it!!  No wild animals lurking out there and no snakes...that I saw anyways... so that in itself was a good morning run!!!
The last couple of days, I was thinking about trying Bikram Yoga again.   I practiced Bikram style Yoga before and really liked it, once I got past the intense heat, but that was like 10 years ago!!!  I figured since I run in the heat now, I should maybe adjust a little quicker...but I thought it would be great for stretching my running muscles, while sweating out the caffeine I have been so addicted to lately!  Iced Coffee and Soda hasn't really helped me perform so well...Hahahaha, and I complain about being so sluggish... gee, go figure!!  So we will see what happens!  I am going to try it for a month.  I will only be able to go about 3 times a week, since I run 4 and not sure running and Yoga on the same day is a good idea, but I don't know, so maybe I'll go more or less... I am going to start on Friday, since Friday's are usually a non-running day!  Wish me luck!  I am anxious to see how it helps me run in Park City next month!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rest day

Well, today was supposed to be a 14-15 miles run for me!  But...Friday, while out running I tweaked my right ankle/foot as I ran up on a curb and stepped most definitely wrong!!!  I saw stars, and thought that can't have been too good on the foot...  Thank heavens I was only a mile from home.  I walked a little bit, trying not to panic- and I thought I should try and run home.  As I "jogged" or ran home I felt sharp pains in my foot, and heat radiating up my leg... I could feel the tears start to well up, but I knew I would just get home and re-examine my injury!
I iced it, and tried to stay off it the rest of the day, Friday, and most of the weekend!  Babied it pretty much, as I have lots of running to do!
I woke up this morning, and thought, I would give it just one more day, so tomorrow, I will give it a go and only go as far as I can, and continue to ice it!  
I got a Half coming up in a month, and a marathon in 2 months... ugh... I am not getting worried...YET!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot and Humid and Dusty!!

AZ was hit with a humongous dust storm last night, spraying the streets and cars with an inch of dust!  Mix in a little moisture and heat and you got yourself a wicked morning for running!  I set out early, and ready to go!  As I began to run, I realized I didn't have my "safety-net" with me, my phone!  So instantly I panicked, not that I wasn't connected to FB or I may get a phone call... but the fact that I was running without a way to call for emergencies!!  (I DO NOT TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE RUNNING!!!)  So that set the tone for the run... the air was thick and as cars drove past, they left a trail of dust...I had a hard time breathing, and the sweat was literally dripping!  I do sweat while running, but this morning due to the humidity had me sweating like a broken faucet...whew!  6.5 miles done this morning!  Besides the sweat, it felt good to be out there moving.
Yesterday, I met with my Sports Doctor, we talked about my favorite subject: nutrition... I actually felt better last week, by changing a few eating habits!  I am hoping to continue small steps again this week!!!  He also does "assisted- stretching" which is so much better than a massage... although I could use on of those too.  But the stretching really seems to help in lengthing my stride...although my time this morning didn't show that... hahahha

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quiet Sunday Run

Left the house at 5:30 this morning and already a balmy 94 degrees outside... muggy and HOT!!!  As I started out on my normal route, it was very QUIET... almost eerie, since I am usually greeted right off with a snake or at least a dead one!  That's OK with me!  As I turned to head down Lynx Lane- that is what I call it now, I kept my eyes peeled for any signs of orange or stripes or any movement on the side of the road... NONE to report!  Ahh... I could now relax and settle in... however, the heat was really starting to get to me.  I drank my water slowly as I tried to ration it between my next fill-up.  I felt a little dizzy, but kept going as I was in pretty good spirits throughout the run.
Filled up with ICE and a little water and made my way back home at the turn around spot.  I was now moving quite a bit slower...yes, even slower than normal speed, as I headed into the HOT sun.  I was absolutely soaking wet as I really wanted to take my top off... I could have, as I was covered underneath, but then I would have had to hold my top for another 4 miles...
Sipping my water as if it were gold... I completed 11 miles in safety!!