Sunday, June 26, 2011


It was already 87 degrees when I left the house at 5:30 AM!!!  I knew it was going to be a HOT one... but I was only planning on 8 miles or so...I have to say, I was a cautious runner this morning!  My head was looking right and left, almost forgetting the most dangerous of all- the ground!  I have become a little paranoid lately, with all the creatures I have seen lately!  I love looking at nature and all the little creatures that live amongst us, however, they scare the crap out of me, when I am inches away from them, and not sure how they are going to react...when I scream!!! Hahahha... all kidding aside... I have been nervous and wake up through the night seeing coyotes running at me!   This morning, I can safely say, I saw nothing!!! I said out loud as I set out... that I was not afraid, and not in the mood to play this morning... and I think the snakes, coyotes, javelinas, bobcats, Lynx and "tigers" heard me!! Hahahha

It was HOT!!  Sweat kept dripping from my head, as I slowed down.  I really don't think that a human is supposed to run in that kind of heat... I ran to a Circle K- out of my way a bit, but I needed to refill my water bottle before heading home!  I ran out of water about 2 miles from home!  I even tried to ration my water intake...I really think that I would do well to train for a race in the Mohave Desert!  I can run in the heat, and no need for lots of water apparently...I wouldn't be last at least!  Hahahha-- 10 miles done for the day~~~ Have a great day!!

BTW... I am so close to my 100 miles for the month!!!  I really think I can do it!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exhausting Run!

As I sit here and reflect on my morning run, I am very thankful to be alive!  Seriously!  It was a tough morning run!!!
I got out there pretty early, trying to beat the heat and wind today!  I beat the wind, but again, managed to feel the warm sun on my face and shoulders, as the sweat poured off my head!  Whew, does it get warm fast!  I am about 3.5 miles from home, when I see a group of cyclists coming at me, since I run in 'their" lane most the time I try and move out of their way pretty quickly!  As I look to my right to jump into a path near the sidewalk, I notice not one, but two "Tigers!!"  Now, I know in my heart that Scottsdale doesn't have Tigers, however, I wouldn't say these were small by any means, but I guess they were bobcats or Lynx and they were at arms length, no lie!  One got a pretty good look at me too... I ran into the street, no oncoming traffic and ran towards the median... and then wondered if I dare cross back over and run... would they chase me?  I do not know much about these guys since I don't know what they are...per say...!  I'm not sure that one realizes that a Bobcat/Lynx is fairly BIG... not a small/medium dog- big,  but bigger and look like a tiger...dead serious!!!  (Look them up on line!)
Anyways, I made my way back to the street and began to run... picked up a little speed and kept on...I was planning to run about 13 miles this morning... so I had a ways to go!  As I  made my way down the road, I got into a groove and felt pretty good.  I come to my turn around spot and make my way back.  I ran past a park, as I was out of water so I thought a good time to run to the restroom and fill up!  The fountain water came out very warm... yuck!  I swallowed a GU, and kept on my way.  Knowing it would be better to just rinse and spit, and not drink the hot as I make my way back home, a Coyote decides right then and there to cut me off and run across the highway... what???   Where in the heck did he come from...?  I smile and continue on... Coyotes are my friends...right?  As I start to realize I am out of drinking water and I have about 5 miles left to go, I begin to think of nothing else but water, ice cold water, Popsicles, I hold tightly onto my water bottle with very little warm water left in it!
Now, as I am running along the highway, most cars "try" and go around me a little, believe me, they have plenty of room, but here comes Grandma in a white car with a handicap sticker hanging from her  rear view mirror crossing the white line into the bike lane!  I think for a second she will see me, and straighten out.. but here she comes!!!  I jump into the brush and rocks along side the road, and wave my water bottle at her... she is oblivious that she almost ran me over... I start to laugh out loud and swear a little bit...OK...maybe a lot, but still laughing to myself!!!
Now, I am starting to struggle!  I lost focus with the "tigers" and then the coyote, and now Grandma... I start to cry like a baby!  I am HOT, thirsty, shaken from the events of the day, and start to walk!  I really wanted to call Vito and just have him come get me...take me home and I decide running is no longer for me!  I jog a little, run a little, walk a lot!  I am really praying for a miracle that someone will see me, and call 911 or just simply throw an iced cold bottle of water at me... when, 1.5 miles from home, I see a vision, a white truck flashing its lights at me... its Vito!!!!  He pulls over and hand me a cold bottle of water, I start to cry, and say I am almost home... he says, "yes, you are keep going!!!"  So I finish my run completing 14.7 HOT, LONG and eventful miles!!!  Good grief...marathon training has only just begun!!!  Can I do it???
No, I didn't take this picture.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just me and a Javelina...

Up very early to get out there before the HEAT... it was already 80 degrees at 5:45AM... so I knew it would be a long hot run!  I spent most of my run looking for snakes... I really, can't take seeing another one right now... so as my head is down for the most part, I happen to look up, not even a mile from my home, and I see a big brow/blur skipping across the road in front of me... I actually, take a second look and sure enough a Javelina!!!  I haven't seen one in almost a year... where there is one, there is usually another one close by...I watched him go into the wash next to me and hide behind a I couldn't see him, but I didn't stand around for long... I was busy looking for others... didn't see any more... thank goodness!  But I knew I had to come back that way, and I would be on the lookout again then.
It was a HOT one, but I went 6.50 miles and felt pretty good!  I just wish I could go for a run without the dangers of snakes, coyotes, scorpions, spiders, oh yeah, and Javelinas!  I know I live in the Desert, but why do I have to "run" into these little pesky animal things... I really do despise them.  I am not afraid of them, but I seem to get a little closer to them each time, and I have been VERY LUCKY!!

I use MAP MY RUN app this morning... and spent way too much time trying to figure out how to upload and save the map and run for a challenge I am in for the month... I think it is too much work.  I already run with a GPS, and record my time and pace on two other apps... hmmm... need to re-think this!

Have a great day, and stay cool!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot Run

I was out the door this morning before 6:00AM.. and it was already warm, with the Sun nice and bright!  I struggled a little bit this morning, as I just didn't have the drive to run or run fast... but the Long Runs are meant to be run slow and easy... and that is what I did!
As the morning heated up, I knew I would be in trouble if I went too far feeling like I did, so I changed up my route a little bit...I went down a different road, that was actually a good idea, as there was little traffic and a slight decline... but I knew what goes downhill must have an UPHILL waiting for me!
Now, being about 2 miles from home, I was thinking what an uneventful run this was, and how peaceful my runs are when they are like this...oops!!  Thought too soon!  As right in front of me passed a Coyote- he was pretty big, but as he ran across my path... he didn't even look at me!  Whew!  Although, Coyotes are my friends...I almost believe it!  hahahha  As I approached the spot where I saw the snake from a few days ago, now, all dried up and petrified, another one slithered right in front of me... not a big one and it wasn't a Rattler...just Bull snake!  hahahha( Scary, that I know my snakes...huh?)  That of course got me moving pretty quickly again...that I didn't even stop to admire the Woodpecker that flew past me!
8 miles done!  Ready for the pool to soak my legs, feet and hips and then start my day!
I am getting close to my goal of running 100 mile this month!  I just hope I can kick it a little this week!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scorpion attack!

Another WARM morning run today... It is getting warmer and warmer, and yes, I know I live in AZ!!  This morning seemed to be a bit brighter too, as I wore a new pair of running sun glasses!  They fit great, and feel so light, yet, they do NOTHING to keep out the SUN... so they are useless-
This morning, I was running along minding my own business, when apparentaly, I stepped on something that splattered on my right leg... not sure what I stepped in and was praying I didn't just step in dog crap...( people) don't clean up after their dogs!!  I looked and saw Scorpion guts on my leg! I flattened him!!  Of course, I winced, and started limping... hahahha... no, my leg didn't hurt, but I didn't know what else to do!  I didn't want to wipe it off with my hand... so I started running again, and headed for the park to the water fountain... good grief!  What a morning... at least the little guy didn't sting me...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Long Run

Believe it or not, I actually look forward to my Sunday runs!  I prepare for them the night in advanced.  I drink lots of water, get my running gear ready, water frozen, pasta dinner and bed early...I normally don't sleep well the night before knowing that I need to get up extra early to beat the AZ HEAT... and not wake my hubby and 2 fur babies!  Not an easy task!  I think the quieter one tries to be, the louder one becomes- especially in the wee hours of the morning... this morning was no different!
Got out there pretty early this morning... about 6:00 and was feeling ready to go!  It was already 75 degrees, a little warm, but I wasn't going to let the heat get me down... I ran at a decent pace for the first part of my run... and as the heat kicked in... my pace slowed!  I think I sweat off about 8 lbs... so not complaining... hahahha- but wow, does it heat up fast!
My run was uneventful... a few bunnies crossed my path, but no snakes or Coyotes...I feel I may be pressing my luck a bit... but I will take these types of runs when I can get them!
As I neared mile 9, I was completely out of water, with 2 more miles to go!  That was filling up already at the halfway point... I am good at rationing water... I live in the desert after all... but for the last two miles, all I thought about was WATER and that I didn't have any...I guess next week I need to bring the fuel belt with 4 extra bottles with's that time of year- HOT!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day!!

Wow, already June where has this year gone???  Oh my!  Got up early to start my morning off right with a run!  After all, it's National Running Day!!  Who doesn't celebrate that holiday?  Hahahha... I got out there early as it has been HOT the last couple of mornings... great cloud coverage this morning... great morning run!  No little creature sightings... whew!  I realized as I began my run that I left my knee band at home, so I was very "careful" running... didn't want to injure anything... so speed work was out of the question, although I did have some good spurts of speed here and there... my knee felt fine, it was all in my head...I guess we just get used to a routine and when we miss a step, I feel jinxed!  CRAZY!!

I challenged myself this month... I want to run 100+ miles in the month of June!  I have come close in months past, but never quite made it over the 100 mile mark... so this is the month I will do it!  I am 94 miles closer as of today!  Wish me luck with the 100+ and speed!!

Oh, and by the way... Yep... I registered for the Vegas Half will be epic as it is the first time being run at night up and down the strip!  Seriously, can't wait for that one... I will be running as an ELVIS...I thought that would be original...:)