Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Running...

Got up early to beat the heat and wind...I beat the wind not the heat!!  Dang, it was warm out there at 6:00AM... already 76 degrees... Seriously, going to be along summer for me!  It was a nice run, as there was very little traffic and few bikers I had to jump out of the way for... smooth sailing.  I ran out of water about mile 4... nowhere to fill up, so I cut the run short...
About a mile from home, I noticed siting along the wash, a rattlesnake.  I stopped to take a look, as he just sat there all coiled up...I looked at him, he looked at me, and then I thought, maybe he is dead... he didn't move... so I moved in a little closer... Nope, not dead!  I backed away, while I could still feel my legs, and ran on home!  I thought we, (snakes and me), had a deal...I stay out of their WASH and they stay out my path... he was just on the edge... Snakes are evil... he baited me for sure!  UGH!!!
Home and ready to start my day...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Blogger has been down, and I have been unable to post last week, so I thought I would try and catch up a little... I have been using a training plan set for me by, Coach Scully.  It has involved speed work, which is something I requested and needed some help in that area.  Speedwork is typically done one day a week, which does help in other training runs.  I thought I would have use of a track, but apparently, I am getting there too early, and the gate is locked... so instead of breaking the law or the lock... I have been doing speedwork a different way.  Actually, I think it is more fun than the track!  ( I really wouldn't know that to be a fact, as I have really only run on the track several years ago...not fun then!)  But I have been picking points to run to and run them hard and fast... and then jog a little and do it again to the next point!  I think it is working, as my training runs feel a bit faster and I m completing them quicker!  Hooray for me!

I don't normally, post after every run... but tomorrow is my long run day... and I am actually looking forward to it... crazy huh?  I'll post again tomorrow! ( If Blogger lets me!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, I was anything but speedy this morning.  Got my way to the track, and the gate to the field was locked???  What?  Locked at 6:15 AM?  Crap!  So, I decided to go for  run and just run fast from point A-to point B slow down and do it again maybe 10 times.  Not quite like the track, but speed work nonetheless!
The morning was perfect running weather.  Overcast, maybe 63 degrees, cool breeze ( a little more wind than I like) and no need for sunglasses...simply perfect conditions, except- my legs wouldn't move.  I started out slow, and then thought, maybe I 'll just do this later... but I kept going, and barely made it a mile and had to walk!  So I walked for a minute, and started again... I was able to run but not fast, no turnover in the legs at all... I was determined to get at least a slight speed workout in, after all, it was SPEED Day... hahhaha... but I just didn't have the energy or the willpower to speed up this morning!  I finished up 5. 75 miles...well over an hour... SHHHH... don't tell Coach Scully!  Hahahaha...perhaps, I will do speed work tomorrow AM... Today was not the day!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easy 5 mile

This morning was another EASY 5 miler!  I think I like this training plan Coach Scully put together!!  It was much cooler this morning for AZ, and with a light cool breeze, it felt great!  One needs to take advantage of the cool mornings here, they don't come around too often!  It was an uneventful run... my favorite kind, and even though I ran EASY... I ran a little faster than about :45 seconds!  I haven't even begun the "speed" workouts yet!!  Hooray!  Hahaha...Tomorrow will be a test for me, as I haven't run track in years, and not really fond of it, so we'll see how it goes, if I live to tell about it or not... Now 6X400... does the 400 mean halfway around or a full lap????  Hahaha... Good Grief!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning!

What a great morning for a run... as I headed out the door this morning, it was already 70 degrees... I knew it was going to be a warm one...and it was.  Today, was the first day using the training for speed!  It was a day I could certainly handle.. 5 miles EASY... well, most of my runs are EASY... so I am off to a great start!  Ran 5.64 miles 1:08... not bad considering having to stop for lights, and traffic along the way.
It felt great to be out there this morning, since I missed my LONG run yesterday!!  Have a great day!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Need for Speed!!

I have been given a great opportunity to try out a training guide for SPEED!  As you know I am SLOW... I wasn't born a runner, so for me, the fact that I finish I race is quite an accomplishment!  But, I feel, that I could do better and want to be faster... so Coach Scully- offered to put together a Training guide for me, and I promised to give it a go...Below is my training for the next month... and then I plan to test it out at a 5K early June... anxious to see what my 5k time will be... So, wish me luck...what this starts tomorrow???  Hahahha- I'm ready!

Smart Running!
Running Programs By Coach Josh Scully

Program for Tina

One Month Training Plan!!

5 Pro
5 e
8 Pro
5 Pro
5 Pro
10 e
5 Pro
10 Pro

E: Easy runs: Just go out and run! Have fun!
Pro: Progression run!! Run the first half of the run at EASY pace, get you breathing right! The last half of the run, pick up the pace!! Should feel really good when you finished!!
Wednesday Track: Consistency! Four weeks of 6x 400s!! First week, run each 400 in 2:30. When you are ready to go again, go! Make each one at 2:30, the last couple should be the fastest! Record your 400 times and your recovery times! Recovery times are very important!!
Weekend Pro runs: Like normal Pro runs but be patient!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Morning~

Got up early and couldn't wait to get out there and run this morning... I left the house at 6:15AM and it was already 66 degrees out, so I knew I had  limited window to get moving before it got too warm!  It had been awhile since I had been out running, so I knew today would be a little slower than I liked, but I still managed to be within minutes of my normal time/mileage, so all is not lost!
I am starting my Marathon training, and I am a little excited about it this year. Last year, I was just plain scared and had no idea what I had gotten myself into... this year?  Well, at least I know what is ahead of me, and that will help quite a bit.  I searched for some training plans, Runner's World, Hal Higdon and both seem to be aggressive, and I guess that is what I need to be ready!  Last year, I blended, Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway and did I think I will find ONE plan and use that and see what happens!
Well, off to the shower and ready to begin my day!  It started out great...amazing what a little run will do for you...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lottery Results

Yes, I am in again this year for the St. George Marathon!  2 years in a row!  It is very exciting to win anything, even if it is 26.2 MILES of pavement, with countless training miles!  The thrill of crossing the finish line however, more than makes up for the the pain and misery endured in the months leading up to the race!
I will start my marathon training in the morning... get my 7 miles done, and then begin hitting the weights! Wish me luck, as I swore I would never train for a marathon in the brutal AZ heat ever again... Hahahaha!