Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning run

What a glorious morning for a run...despite the warmer temperature, it was pleasant  all away around!  No snakes, coyotes or javelinas...just little Bunny rabbits hopping all around me.  Each time I saw one, I said Happy Easter to them...not sure if that is like saying.."it's hunting season" for them...hahaha... but they sure are cute and they made me smile!
Since today was holiday, the traffic was light, and very few runners and cyclists that I had to move for, so I was able to just run, and that I did.  I ran almost 11 miles in 2 hours which is a world record for me... it's going to be a good day!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought me... lights to wear on my evening runs!  Now, I didn't read anywhere on the package that it tames coyotes, or makes the snakes hide... but I'll keep reading...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, took off for a run tonight... 90 degrees outside when I left at 6:15PM... too warm for me, and it is only April.  I think I have a long training season ahead of me!  I began running and in pretty good spirits despite the heat.  I am no more than .50 mile from home when I just happened to look 2 feet ahead of me and see a snake... I look closely and all I see is the rattle part of him... very quickly he coils up and sticks his tongue out... I nearly dropped dead!  Not real sure what to do, I scream like a girl and jump to the side... and continue to stare at him, as he is staring at me...My head says run... but I wanted to snap a picture as I figured yet again, this was something to see... my damn iPhone takes the worst pictures, and short of getting on top of him, I called Vito instead.  He asks, "are you OK?"  I say, "no, I just came upon a rattlesnake and it coiled up and...."  I hear Vito yelling something about running in washes, and stay out their way... etc... well, I wasn't running in the WASH... so there!  I hang up and continue to run... although now, I see SNAKES EVERYWHERE...again.  I lost focus on this run as my eyes are about as fast as my legs... SLOW!  I finish the run in the dark... who the hell knows what comes out after the sun goes down...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Long Run

Left my house this morning it was already 67 degrees... I guess my Sunday morning sleeping in days are the temperatures here get warmer and warmer!
It was nice and sunny and bright out there today... bright enough that I could see the snake in my path about .50 miles from home!  He was all sprawled out in the trail blending right into the sandy dirt.  I saw him just before I leaped over him... hahaha... I took one big jump and before my heart started racing.... Neither party was harmed, thank heavens... but as I continued my 11 mile journey, I saw nothing but snakes... they were of course invisible...or were they...?  Hahahha...needless to say, I was spooked the rest of the run!

It felt great to be out there this morning... very few runners...lots of bikers!  I think I did a lot of jumping out of their way all morning long... the least they could do is give me a nod of thanks... but that may be asking way too much of them!  Oh, well... by the time I got home, it was a nice 77 degrees outside... just too dang hot...for me anyways!  Stuck my feet in the cold pool... and ready to start my day!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Morning run

What a great run this morning... I got out before the gusty winds the weatherman said we would have today!  There was a breeze, but if felt pretty good, as it was a warm one out there this morning.  I ran pretty strong, and felt that I had the entire road to myself too.  I didn't see many runners or bikers... wondering if they know something I didn't?
A mile from home, I came to a "jog" as I needed to cross the road, but something told me to look behind me NOW... so as I turned, I saw a pretty nice sized Coyote... which means I ran past him and didn't even see him... he was actually pretty good looking as far as Coyotes are concerned, almost a dark reddish brindle coat... he seriously came out of nowhere... it makes me wonder just how many I don't physically see!  I got chills, as I ran on... thinking about that!  No, he didn't look to chase after me, but he sure came to check me out!  Whew!  Dodged another one...Hahahha

Monday, I start a new job!  Hooray for me!  I have been so "lucky" since I was laid off awhile ago, to have so much free time to run and enjoy a non-structured day!  My running has improved greatly, and now I fear I won't be able to get my runs in... so bittersweet... but I am excited for the new job opportunity, and I WILL make this work.  I guess, there will be stories to come of my after dark running!! that is scarier than any Coyote story!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Running...

Got out there a little later than normal, but beat the blustery winds- not the HEAT!  I was sweating before mile 2!!  Hahaha..It really was a nice morning for a run... less traffic than a normal Sunday, not sure why...but it was most pleasant!
I ran at a slightly faster pace this morning... good for me!  It was kind of surprising!   I think being able to get out there consistently has helped improved my running.  I am in a groove right now, and hopefully, it can carry me for awhile.   Prior, I have had to break up my runs with several days off and on, and then it is like starting over each and every hopefully, I can continue this streak!
My run was uneventful... only saw a dead rattle snake!