Thursday, March 31, 2011

In like a Lion out like Lamb...

That was how my month of March went this time round... a slow and sluggish start but ended strong!  I have officially upped my daily mileage routine from 5.50 miles to the big 6.50!!  I should mention that I am running the extra mile as fast as I did the 5.50... 1 mile further, same time or better!  Amazing feat for me!
This morning's run was fantastic with the exception of the heat!  Already 65 when I started and finished at 70 degrees, which is WARM... I guess my alarm clock will have to be set to get out there an hour earlier... I do hate running in the heat, and Summer is around the corner... !

It makes a big difference running in the morning because I want to, as opposed to HAVE to right now!  I am not officially training for anything right now, so I am running for pure enjoyment- that said, I register for the St. George Marathon tomorrow- Lottery entrance- so wish me luck!  Although, I do have a back-up plan should I not get picked this year... Tucson Marathon in December!!!  So either way, a Marathon will be run this year!!  So I will "enjoy" my April running time, because May will be a whole different story!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Videos- 2010

As St. George registration is about to open, I thought I could use a little reminder of how last year went...

And for a really good laugh- here is Park City 2010- Half Marathon-By watching this video you would think that I had never run before... very pathetic performance, but keep in mind that I was feeling very nausea the entire course- rough plane ride... so that makes me feel slightly better as I probably shouldn't have been running!  Enjoy!  Hahahaha

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday morning run

Sadly, I missed my long run yesterday, I volunteered at my hubby's Golfing event!  It was such a beautiful day yesterday...but today was even nicer!
I got out there early this morning and went for a 6 mile run!  It is wonderful to have increased my daily mileage to 6+ miles.  I remember the good ole' days when I thought 3 miles was the bomb!  Still is, when I am in a hurry... but moving up to 6 as the "daily routine" feels pretty good!
It was a pleasant run... no creatures, and no school children out- Spring Break for those little ones this week!  It's great, because I don't have to dodge school buses, and I run past an elementary school, and the parents dropping off their kids are the worst drivers!  They seem to be in a hurry to drop their children off, and then make a run for it- not looking where they are going... so this week will be WONDERFUL!!

I registered today for the Group ID for the Nike Women's Marathon ( Half for me!)  It is a Lottery again this year so we'll see!  Friday, I register for the St. George Marathon!!  I hope to be training for both events!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Went out this morning for a run... it was a bit chilly out when I started but heated up quick!  My first mile lately has been very tough... I can't seem to get any rhythm going... I have to stop and adjust everything... my shorts, my water bottle, my Ipod, music volume, fix my seems that I look for an excuse the first mile to turn around and go back home.... once I get through the first 3/4 mile mark... then I am off, and everything seems to fall into place... Anyone else have that problem?  I have to laugh sometimes, because it seems to happen more than not... but I have yet to turn around and go home!  Hooray for me!

I have a couple of Lotteries that I am entering in early next month... I will find out if I get into the races about the same time...and the races are two weeks apart!  One Full marathon and one Half...I just keep thinking "what if...I get into both!!"  Oh, how exciting that would be!  I, at least hope to get into one of the October races this year!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful day for a run...

Overcast for Sunny AZ is a lucky day for us here... it was cloudy and therefore kept the temperature down some... 60-65 degrees!  ahh... felt so good!  Today was my long run day and I put in 11 miles... which was LONG for me... but I felt pretty good the entire run.  My first long run in almost a month!
It was an uneventful run... which is the kind I like thee days... however, I did see my first rattle snake!  It was the best kind...dead... but still, I now know they are out and I need to start looking for them.  So between the coyotes and snakes... my runs just got a little bit more exciting!!! Hahahaha

Well, I am going to take a COLD dip in the pool, hot shower, and then stay in my Lin Compression Socks the rest of the day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Morning

Well, I was back out there after a week of feeling like CRAP!!  It was  63 degrees when I left my house this morning so I knew it would be a warm one...I felt pretty good although I felt like blowing my nose every 50 feet, but I sucked it up and kept going.  I was a little short on breath so as I came to my turning point- I turned right instead of left...
Now, turning right, meant only one thing... and that was right on "Coyote Alley" as I refer to it.  I haven't run this way in awhile not since I was surrounded by the "Fearsome Four" back in January... but I knew that was the shortest way home, and I would have to get over my fear at some point...right?  So I kept my eyes wide open and once I hit the wash... I took out my phone (just in case) and was ready to trudge through the wash.  Now, mind you I was a little apprehensive "jogging" through there... actually that was my normal pace...  but I wanted to take it slow enough so I could stop short if needed!  I looked both ways, and then behind me, and once I made past the "stand-off" point, I ran with abandon... I DID IT!!!  I ran through the wash with no coyotes or javelinas chasing me!!!  I DID IT!!
Now, don't tell my mom or Vito... I don't think they would be too happy for me!  hahahaha

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not again...

Well, I seemed to have caught yet, another COLD!  How can that be?  I am normally a very healthy, active person, and lately, I seem to have been hit by every little bug that comes along!  Not fair!
I have not run at all this week!  OK, today, is only Wednesday, but still... that puts me 3 days behind!

Thanks heavens, I don't have another race scheduled until April!  Speaking of races... last night Vegas RNR announced that they will be doing the race at night!  Pretty cool huh?  Running the Strip at night under all the neon lights and action!  I was a little shocked that they would consider closing the Strip down for a night and let the Runners take over!  This is a race I have wanted to do for some time, but oh my, the registration fees are outrageous!  Exclusive registration for 48 hours = $121.00 and then it moves to $130.00 until May and then increases!  I am having to re-think this one!  But, one only lives once, so we might as well have some fun doing it...right?  Provided, I haven't caught the Typhoid Fever or worse by then...Hahahaha
Hope to be back on track soon.  I may have to make my Long Run on Sunday a 5 miler!!!  Hahahaha

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

Well, today is the first day of March!  I have set a goal for the month to run 30 miles a week!  Now, I know that many run that many in a day... but for me, with time restraints, and other responsibilities, this is going to be a struggle!  But, I CAN do this, and I am so far 6 miles in to my 30 miles for the week!
Went for a run this morning... so pleasant out, about 50 degrees, and it was sunny and beautiful!  My run started out with a sighting of a beautiful Red pretty to see!  Ran at a normal pace for me, as my right foot feels just about every strike and my toes feel like lightening rods!  Been to the doctor- he was really no help this time at all... and I am waiting for new E-soles (inserts) to be finished by end of week!  Hopefully, that will help solve some of the problem!  It felt great to be out there this morning- a great start to my day!
Got home, showered, took my boys for a walk... and not 20 feet out the door, I stepped on a little rock and turned my ankle some... how about that?  I plan to baby it today... maybe stick in the ice cold pool!