Sunday, February 20, 2011

IMS AZ Half Marathon

My day started at 4:00AM- the alarm went off, and I was up and at 'em!  Got dressed, ate my oatmeal and out the door by 5:00AM... the race took place in another part of town that I was unfamiliar with- until yesterday- EXPO- packet pick up!  Of course, the freeway was closed, so I had to make a few minor detours-right?  Well, one detour took you to another and so on... I got lost a few times, multiple U-turns- and just before the panic button was about to go off, I found my way to the parking lot-Whew!
I got there with some time to spare- barely!  I was in the wrong parking lot, but so were many others, as the Shuttle Buses were no where to be found... I followed the other "sheep" and made my way to the bus!  The bus took us to the starting line, which was in another part of town, I had never heard of- until today!
We had an hour and half before the race began.  It was COLD, and began to sprinkle a bit before the gun went off- oh, it would be a LONG RUN.  Now, keep in mind, that I trained for this run in less than two weeks- due to flu, and then a cold, and a hurt right foot.  So, I wasn't planning on "winning" by any means or even beating my WHM time...
About three miles in, it began to pour... cats and dogs were falling from the sky... I really wanted to find a place to get shelter... hahaha- seriously!  I kept on, as the rain soaked through my two shirts, and running shoes... Thank heavens I was smart enough to wear a hat- never worn one before running (NEVER try something new on race day!!!) but, it was waterproof, and that helped to some degree in keeping the top of my head dry.  As the rain turned into a drizzle, it was near mile 5 or so... and then just we were all wet and I was a bit miserable!  I drudged on and on and on... this run seemed to go forever!
My foot began to hurt at about mile 9 and then I felt every foot strike, so I slowed down (slower than I was already going) and tried not to hobble much!  At last... mile 10!!!  Only a 5K left... I can do it!  Had pretty good time until then- it started to rain again pretty hard and the wind began to blow.  Blowing the hat off my head- I tried to rip the hat off as that wasn't going to work for the next 3 miles, holding on to my hat, but I somehow tangled it into my ponytail and it couldn't get it off my head... so I figured it wasn't going anywhere if it does blow off my head!  Finally, I see the FINISH LINE!!  Hooray!  I did it!  2:43- Hahaha not a World Record, but for the lack of training I put in... I was happy to just be done!  COLD, WET and TIRED!!!
NOTE:  I wore my LIN Ladies High Performance Tech Tee for the first time today. ( NEVER run in something you haven't trained in before race day!!)  I swear, I couldn't hide!  I had people coming up to me that had met me in the parking lot, the bus, various aid stations... and all acted like they knew me!  They recognized the shirt!  So, LIN Socks- you got a lot of advertising today!!!  I went slow so they could read the website!!! hahahaha  check the socks out!!  Even in the rain, and my feet soaking wet- no new blisters to report!!!  How's that for a great sock!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday's Run

It felt good to be back out there running on Sunday's again... Sunday is the day I do my longest run of the week!  It is quieter out and less traffic... unless you count the cyclists out there... then not so much!  I do alot of jumping and running to get out of their way...but overall, it is a nice day of the week!  I took a different route this morning, as I am really trying to stay out of the washes which isn't easy where I live... but I ended up doing an 11 miler and only planned on doing 10.
I have a Half marathon in less than a week, and I do not have the luxury of tapering as I missed a couple of weeks coughing and hacking and chasing my nose with a Kleenex!  So, I have some catching up to do!
I am posting this a day later... due to the fact that I was actually spent went I got home yesterday, and did much of nothing the rest of the day...besides a little grocery shopping and sitting in the 80 degree weather outside!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, call me a wuss, but it was cold out there this morning!  42 degrees and breezy!  I was chilled to the bone as I walked out my back door...I thought maybe only a couple miles would be good...I figured once I got to moving, I would warm up!  I did!  After about a mile... It felt wonderful outside...I actually started to sweat and I knew I would be able to get my full run in this morning after all.
I ran 3 miles out and as I turned to make my loop and run the next 3...I was hit in the face by a gust of wind!  Seriously!  I was running but not moving... not going anywhere, it felt as though I was running in place, and I really do think I was!  I thought I would go ahead and just walk for a bit... in fact, I was walking faster than I could run... so for the next mile I walked- pushing through the chilly wind!  I was again chilled to the bone, as the sweat began to dry...I tried to run, but really, I wasn't going anywhere so I walked again... I walked fast and strong, thinking this would be a great resistance exercise, if I was in the mood to do so... I wasn't!
As I made the final turn for home, the wind was now "pushing" me- but in the right direction!  I ran at a good pace the rest of the way home... Wind is great when it is moving in the same direction as I am moving!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday morning run

It felt great to be out there again this morning!  It was 45 degrees when I left the house- I remember the mornings when I would pray for 45 degrees out when the temps were already at  90 degrees at 6:30 in the morning...but this morning, I bundled up warm!  Long sleeve shirt and jacket along with running pants!  I was going to "brave" the cold!!  Well, by mile 1.5, I was sweating and wishing I had just worn a tank top!  But I had several miles to accomplish, so I kept on... I thought, maybe on my way back, if I had to walk or something happened and I had to wait for Vito to come pick me up from 6 miles out, I would need my jacket!
Well, I didn't need my jacket, so I guess the run was uneventful- but- 6 miles felt great, since I have been cooped up inside with a nasty cold, and cough for the past week or so!  Less than two weeks before my next Half- that I have barely trained for... should I be worried?  Hahaha- too late for that!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Checking In...

Yes, I have been running since my encounter with the Coyotes... but not as much as I would like.  I picked up someones nasty cold and it has really knocked me out!  I am rarely sick, so when I get down, I am down and out!!  So, between coughing fits, blowing my nose, basking in Vick's and Mentholatum...I have been thinking about running!  Hahaha
I have 17 days from today, until my first Half of the year!  Now, c'mon... really?  I am not sure I can run "half" way around my block!  So, it will be an interesting run for me!  Oh, well, someone has to close the race...why not me?
I am very disappointed in my training so far this year!  I have fallen victim to the chilly temperatures in AZ of 50's, 60's and low 70's... hahaha, but it is COLD in the mornings, and work was getting in the way of that, so I would run in the afternoons, when I am too tired to do anything more than grab a soda and relax.

So... I am giving myself one more day as a "PASS" to do NOTHING... and then, I plan to get a move on it.  I will treat the Half as a training run... and feel good that I finished...I will FINISH!
Yesterday, I registered for my favorite run of the year... Park City, UT!!  No prettier course to run than that one!  I have run in some beautiful places and so far... Park City wins hands down!  Now, come mile 9 of the course, I am not thinking that what so ever...more like... WTH?... and why did I sign up for this?

So I have something to look forward to and that will get me out of bed to get my runs in!!

Happy Pacing!!