Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coyote Alley

Well, this weeks run's have been more eventful than I like.  Tuesday, I was chased by two dogs, a friendlier dog last night and tonight...?  Well, I was surrounded by 4 coyotes! I was less than a 1/2 mile from home, and I ran through the wash like I do all the time.  I call it "Coyote Alley", because I always see one or two through there... no big deal... they look at me- I look at them, and off we go our separate ways... but tonight, a big- boy coyote crossed right in front of me... out of no where really, as I usually see them way before I get to them, this one was within petting distance... I slowed down, as I didn't want to "frighten" him, and then there are two more right behind ME!!  Now, I come to a dead stop, and try and think this through... I see a guy walking his dog up head who looked a little frightened, so I "walk" more like a crawl towards him.  He is yelling,"there's another one..." I look and there is number 4!  Now, we are a bit surrounded at this point, the guy begins throwing rocks, at them, they just look at us!!!  Now, I could of  stood there all night, staring at them or make a run for home... I told the guy if he was smart he would take his doggie the other way, and I am going to make a run for it!
I say "good luck!" and run like hell out of there!  I didn't look back, for all I know they were right behind me, I didn't care... I just kept running!  I think I was running a quick 7 minute mile!!!  Hahahaha
Seriously... I was scared!  Never surrounded by 4 coyotes...and don't plan on it again!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Leader of the Pack

Went out for a quick run tonight, the weather was beautiful.  Now, I have seen all kinds of wild animals on my runs, and usually I end up chasing them, but tonight was a little different!  I was running down the street, when running from a side street I saw two animals running towards me... at first glance I thought they were two coyotes running which is not unusual and I certainly wasn't frightened at the thought of coyotes-( I think I have lived here a little too long!) But I noticed they were two dogs-big dogs running after me.  I kept running and then thought, not smart- they are running behind me, so as I looked back at them, they were within striking distance, so I thought to myself don't panic and keep going...well, as I kept "walking" I noticed cars coming to a stop and looking at me!  Well, I looked around again and there they were, just looking at me!  One dog was a Pit Bull- had such a cute face and the other dog was a mixture between a mutt/poodle-like hair and something else... both big dogs that had the look of them wanting to rob me!  Hahaha-  Cars looking at me, I am trying to say they aren't my dogs!  I finally, stopped one last time... told them-the dogs- not to mess with me and to go back home- not that I think they had one- and sure enough they took off running the opposite direction!  Whew!
Now, to the cars that sat in the street to "watch" I wanted to say, either help me, or move along!  Stopping and waiting for an attack is about as stupid as me "running" away from two wild dogs!!
Well, I got my run in for the night, but tomorrow I will be packing some ammo- mace that is...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vibrams Test Run!!

Well, I finally got brave and put the Vibrams on in daylight and went for a jog...yes, that's right a jog!!  Now back up a bit, as it took me well over 10 minutes to get the dang things on... I about gave up and threw a little tantrum and then tried again... and the last attempt, all toes were in the right place at the right time... Good Grief!  I was already sweating and ready for a nap!
I warmed up, and realized looking at my feet, that I truly looked like Frog man or for maybe a real TURTLE... but I was off... I started running and realized that I drastically need to shift my foot strike or I would end up with two broken legs, shin splints, and something else hurting...
I began running on my tiptoes and then slowly came down on my fore foot, and then before I knew it, I was flying... well for me...flying and I truly felt like a kid again running home from Grandma and Grandpa's house!  Oh what a feeling... I was free, like a child running carelessly...OK not quite, but you get the idea!!
I didn't go too far, as I wasn't sure how I would feel 50 feet from home, but I definitely will be taking them out for longer runs...
Getting them off was a bit easier...Who knew!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another great year ahead...

Well, it is January and I am beginning to register for this years races... it is exciting to look at all the local and neighboring states for races that are new and fun!!  The problem, however, is that I am a little too late to register without paying the higher price which is usually $10.00-$15.00 more than the original price- hard to swallow!  I found a Half I wanted to do, and realized I already missed the low price deadline for MARCH??  Oh well... I am registered for a fun run through a local Running Store, Runners Den, the Pancake Run- oh, and it was free!  A great 4 miler with "friends!"  And then I already signed up for a Half in February -just made the deadline for that one, and then got a $10.00 off coupon for the WHM in November!!!  I am on a roll...just need a way to pay for all my races this year!!  They are expensive!  But, I guess I would pay that much for a tech tee and a Medal...right?  Hahaha

I went out today for another quick 5 miler... beautiful running weather right now!  It was 59 degrees this evening and ran home as the sun went down... really a great way to end my day!