Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vegas RNR

WOW!  What a race!!  I was very excited to be a part of the "Strip at Night" race in Vegas for the 1st time!  A night race run down the famous Las Vegas Strip.  Running under all the neon lights of the casinos sounded amazing!!
Well...the weekend in Vegas was super super crowded with Runners of all shapes and sizes.  Saturday was Expo day, my favorite part of any race!  As I stood in a 3 mile long line to get in, I wondered if this would be any indication of how the race might be...once in the Expo, I felt very energized!!!  Surrounded with all the things I love...runners, running gear, and nutritional items for sale!  I visited each and every booth, and was delighted with all the new and creative things made especially for me... a Runner! Hahaha  4 hours later I think I saw EVERYthing, although most of that time was standing in lines and weaving in and out of the crowds!
Sunday, was the Big Day!  The most anticipated race of the year for me!  Since the race was a night, I wondered how I should spend my day.  Ate a big breakfast and did a little sight-seeing.  I met up with another LIN Lady in the afternoon and we got ready together.  We went as Showgirls, shiny, bling-y skirts and headbands with feathers... we were ready to Rock the Vegas Strip!
We took a shuttle to Mandelay Bay where the start and finish line would be.  Our Shuttle drive a little lost let us out somewhat close by, as we walked back to the Mandelay Bay...it beat walking there from our Hotel (smiling as the story is about to begin...)
As the crowds gathered to warm up and listen to the Pre-race concerts, I will say, it was FREEZING outside.  Absolutely freezing!  We grabbed a Starbucks to keep us warm!
We did meet a fellow runner who also was the key-board player for Tim McGraw, so we were invited to be VIP's and got to hang in the VIP tent prior to the race near outdoor heaters and private bathrooms...but that was short lived as we made our way to the Corrals.
the Corrals were jammed with 50,000 runners all waiting to start... the Wheelchair athletes took off before we made our way to the corral...I am one that likes to stand in the crowds at the start for mental preparedness...but we jumped in Corral 12 and within minutes we took off...it seemed that everyone started at once. 
I dodged in and out of runners/joggers/walkers... I was surprised the effort it took to do just that! 
I settled in and tried to enjoy the experience...the neon lights the crowds cheering and  knowing that I was doing something that I had dreamed about doing for months.  I had a great 8 miles... I felt no pain, no sense of tiredness, and I felt I could run forever...even though my pace did quicken a bit around the turn around area- Freemont and Golden Nugget, when the cheering crowd were the homeless, and no lights in a not so good of area... I didn't want to be left behind!  hahhaha
Coming back to the home stretch with 5 miles to go... I tried to run through some walkers, and I tripped on a marker in the road... didn't go down, but felt the twinge in my knee almost instantly!
The last 5 miles were tough, and it started to get COLDER as I slowed down more and more...
the water stations were cleared out as by standers were passing out beer, and another volunteer dipping cups into a pitcher of water and handing out...NO Thanks!
Neared the finish line, I ran in with about 10,000 others so it took some time to cross over the timing mats adding to my time...
COLD and miserable... I got my Medal!!!  Hooray!
Then the misery really set in... the strip was closed and no shuttles running as we were told there would be a way back... we ended up walking back to the hotel in the COLD, rainy weather, with nothing more than a Mylar blanket almost 3 miles...
Great experience, but one I won't do over!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Long Run

Gorgeous morning for a run...left the house at 54 degrees, and as I shivered and thought about how COLD it was, by mile .50 I was warmed up!  I headed out for a 10 miler this morning.  It felt great to be outside running and pretty much had the roads to myself...that was a first!  I wondered if I missed the memo...Hahhaha

I felt pretty good during this run, as I didn't count the miles, and didn't want to give up at mile 4...I made my way to the Circle K at mile 5.50 and filled up with ice water... couldn't get enough of that "liquid gold" today.  I headed back home, which is now an uphill climb!

Again,  I felt good, and was in good spirits...the cool breeze actually felt amazing by mile 8 and I was glad I didn't set out in gloves and ear muffs, as I would have discarded them along the way...
Got home after an 11 mile run and felt confident that I can finish Vegas next weekend!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lin Lady Virtual Party Video

I thought this would be the best place to store the video, since I didn't want it out on FB for the entire world to see!!  Here...no one visits so I think I am safe!  Hahaha
The video shows names being drawn for the Virtual party... I will also be sending the list via email at a later date!
Enjoy- I was very nervous!!  Hahahhaha

Lin Lady Video

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Running...

Left the house this morning-temperature 57 degrees- simply perfect for a Long Sunday run...although by mile 2, I was HOT!  Very quiet morning as I made my way along my route.  Very few bikers and runners out...so I was thinking maybe they knew something I didn't...

Made my way to my halfway point- Circle K- to fill up with ice water and take another GU (gel) which I had put in the inside of the little zipper pouch on my water bottle, so the GU was cold and hard to swallow! I have a tough time getting that nasty stuff down as it is...After re-fueling, I was on my way again.

I kept a pretty even pace, however, feeling the need to walk a bit at mile 7.  The sweat pouring off me, it felt like a typical AZ morning run, however the temperature was much, much cooler!!  I guess running really does heat you up!

Almost 11 miles this morning!  I am as prepared for the Half marathon next weekend as I will ever be...I am so not fast, but that really isn't the reason I run...I run the races for the shiny Medals!!  Hahaha

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monster Mash Fun Run

Last night was a perfect evening for a 5K- fun run!  The run was sponsored by ARR (AZ Road Racers).  I am on the Board of Directors and this was run put on for our members/non-members.  It was lots of fun really.  Some came in costumes, very few children, in fact there were only a couple of kids there, everyone else was there to run!  The run started after 6:00 PM so it was dark.  We ran around a lit park which was family friendly.  As we took off for the "fun" run, the group started out at a pretty quick tempo...I didn't use my iPod, and I don't believe I have ever run without music-except when my battery died once- so it was tough to keep beat to my out of breath gasps!  I wonder if I always sound that painful!  Hahhaha

We did two loops which were on and off the sidewalk and dirt paths, and as usual I lagged behind!  I lost the group at one point, so I just kind of made my own "loop!"

Afterwards, we grilled hamburgers/hot dogs...chips and candy!  I have to say, it was really a lot of fun, as I rarely run socially!  I usually run alone...
Dressed as a LIN Lady witch...is there such a thing?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Fun Run??

Weather was perfect!  Headed out for a 10 miler this morning...I haven't done 10 miles in awhile due to an injured knee, so I figured I would only go 10 and see what happens and hopefully, make the entire run without a knee issue!!!
About 3 miles from home, I come around the corner and see a pretty big Coyote cross the street, and then come back across again to my side of the street.  As he was crossing back over he saw me, and stopped, and then walked a bit and stopped and looked at me.  I waved him on... told him," run a long little buddy..." and he walked in a circle and looked at me again.  Now, we were both looking at each other very much aware of each other's presence.  He walked off a little into the wash, but kept looking at me, I kept looking at him, and wondering if there were more "friends" that I should be concerned about... As I passed him, I thought he was so cute, and I almost felt sorry for him.  Maybe he was lost and needed some help... then I snapped out of it and walked on by...of course, I figured I would snap a quick picture of him, but I was looking into the sun and couldn't get him on my phone... so I kept going...now, why couldn't he have come to play while my SIL and hubby went with me... I swear no one believes these creatures live here...hahahha  *** On a side note, why is it that I reach for my iPhone first, instead of my mace??? ***

I continued on my way, as I still have many miles to cover.  Finally, making my way to the Circle K to fill up my water bottle and choke down a GU, I realized that I was feeling pretty good still.  Relief since there were still 5 miles to home!

Still in pretty good spirits, I made it home 11 miles down!  Knee a little wobbly, but it was a good run.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's go for a W_A_L_K

My SIL came to visit us for a couple of days, and she was a real trooper to get up early and go out with me in the mornings.  We ended up walking which was a real nice change of pace (no pun intended) for me! In fact, Vito , even walked with us the first day!  I took them on my running route since that was the safest place to take them, and I knew the route like the back of my hand... and I thought it was equally important for Vito to see my route so in case I come up missing, he will know where to start the search!!  Hahaha

We did walk at a pretty good pace while talking the entire 7 mile stretch... we were able to visit, laugh and catch up as we clipped along!  I was glad we were walking as I am still trying to heal my knee.  BTW... it felt pretty good both days, so I do think I am on the mend... and be able to complete my training for the WHM in 2 weeks!!  Hooray!!!

I was so hoping that we would run into a coyote or two, perhaps a javelina...just so that they could actually see one and know that these little guys cross my path nearly everyday... but of course, NOPE...not a one came out to "play" with us, although we (I) did see two cross the road up ahead of us a ways, and had I been by myself running, I would have probably been a little too close for comfort...whew!  I guess not seeing any was a good thing, as I would have had to "protect" my SIL...and show her I am not afraid!!!

Day one:  both came back and said how their hips hurt and that they could feel the workout...Hooray!!!  I didn't hurt...I do it everyday!!!  Hahahhaha   Proud moment, although I didn't tell them...Shhhh....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running like the wind...

Out this morning for a run.  72 degrees and it felt wonderful...except for the wind!  It was a bit breezy, not like a hurricane, but windy enough!  No matter which way I ran, the wind was always pushing me back.  Now, had it been pushing me along, helping me run faster, I would have loved it!!!  Hahhaha  I will say the temperature was perfect this morning!
It was an uneventful run, and those are the kind I really enjoy the most!  My heart beats like it should and doesn't race especially when my legs can't race that fast!!
My SIL is coming to visit this week, and wanted to go for a run with me tomorrow!  She plans on "speed-walking" due to a recent back operation...but I have a feeling I will be sprinting to keep up with her!  I am a little nervous about our "run" in the morning!  Hahahahha...maybe we will see a coyote or three or maybe a javelina...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running with my RoadRunner Friend

Got up and out the door to go for my Sunday run, I knew I would be cutting it short due to a knee issue, but nonetheless, it felt great to be out on a Sunday morning!  Less traffic and it just feels crisper and better on a Sunday!
It was a uneventful run, which is the way I like them...my mind races and my legs shuffle behind...I get lots of problems and issues sorted out in my head, and I feel renewed by the time I get home...well, sometimes!

As I make my way to the final trail to home, I turn the corner and there sits a beautiful Roadrunner!  So , so not like the cartoon Roadrunner...but a bit more graceful.  He was pretty quick, and I wanted so bad to grab a picture of him, but as I fumbled with the iPhone, I missed him, so I just admired him for a second...I really think he was mocking me a little...but he was well worth it!

Home and putting the knee on ice...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


65 degrees this morning when I left...what a perfect temperature for running!  I actually thought about wearing gloves next time, but after about 10 minutes of running, there would be no need for the gloves!  The frozen water bottle begins to feel pretty good after mile 1!
My run was uneventful... the way I like them.  I have been nursing a sore knee, and today I wondered if I would make the entire route...I did, although I felt the knee quiver a bit throughout!  I hate having an injury!  Especially, when I can not identify the reason behind it...how did it happen.  One day I am fine, and next day I can't walk....just don't get it sometimes!
I have about 3 weeks until my next race- the Women's Half Marathon right here in Scottsdale!  It will be great, since I won't have to travel for this one, and it is a nice course pretty much throughout the 13.1 miles.    So I plan to be ready for it, and continue to work on my Running Streak...so far so good!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Run

I rarely get up on Saturday to run... Sunday is my long weekend run, but this morning I felt the need to get out there!  See... I was challenged to a Running Streak...meaning you need to run EVERYDAY, even if its a mile.  Now, I normally run 4 days a week, so I feel pretty good about that... but adding an additional 3 days will be tough.  I don't want to get all ready for a run, if its just going to be a mile... I mean, my getting ready routine takes as long as it takes me to run a mile... so I guess I will be getting a few more miles in...Now, what do I get at the end of the challenge??  Well, nothing! Except the fact that I ran for so many continuous days.  But, I can send $20.00 to URSA with a Running Streak of a year or more and get my name published!!!  Now, c'mon, that's worth it right?????

This morning was beautiful. I left the house just be 8:00AM and the weather was 59 degrees.  I thought I would freeze, but by mile 1, I was drenched in sweat, and wished I had worn a sleeveless shirt instead of short sleeves!!!  Lesson learned...tomorrow is my long run day, with a knee not feeling 100 % I am hoping to get in 10 miles!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

65 degrees...Really?

A little chilly as I headed out the door today... oh, it felt delightful!  As I reached mile 1, my left knee began to give me some trouble... sharp pains and it felt like it would give out on me at any given moment... I ran through it for the first 3 miles, and then I got a little worried and backed it off some.  I really thought it would go away, but I ended up having to walk a mile, cringing every so often.  What happened?  What did I do?  It didn't hurt when I went to bed last night, or when I woke up this morning?  I plan to ice it and baby it a bit today, and see if it just needed a little TLC and attention!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Run, run, run

Up early to go for a run... I usually go outside in the morning to choke down my GU...as the outside air seems to help some...hahahha...I noticed it was a tad windy out... I wondered if I had the strength to run through it...it would have been much easier to go back to bed...but since I had already choked down my GU... there was no turning back!  (I didn't take that nasty stuff for nothing!!!)  Hahaha

I headed out.. still a little dark this morning... and I ran against the wind for the first 4 miles... UGH... but the breeze felt good as it was 80- degrees when I left the house... so I wasn't going to complain!

I must have been a little earlier this morning as I didn't see any HS kids waiting for the bus and no Bike Bully either... good timing on my part!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Up at it this morning... I am loving the cool mornings... I actually look forward to getting out there early!  Feels great after the summer heat here in AZ.

I was running this morning, reflecting on the long, HOT, summer running, in preparation for the Marathon this coming Saturday!  I get a little teary-eyed thinking about the fact that I trained for it, and not running it!  Physically, I was ready but my body is relieved that we aren't running 26.2 miles...mentally, I was geared up for the big day, and now, I am not so sure I could train for another marathon again...

I still have several big races coming up by end of the year, so I need to focus hard and train for them!  I am getting there mentally!  Hahhaha

My run this morning was uneventful!  No coyotes, no bike Bully, and no freaking TARANTULA's!!!  Hooray!!!  I love boring runs!!!  LOVE them!!!  It can be exciting to see wildlife out there- but I have seen my share for awhile!!!  They will be exciting again soon enough!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typical morning run...

Back out there this morning, after a not so restful night... I felt spiders crawling on me, and saw them every time I closed my eyes... ooh  how I despise those things...but today would be different, I had to get back out there for fear I would never leave my house again... so out the door I went!

It was a cool morning and it felt so good!  I just love these mornings, and I think I will be getting more and more of these now that our Extreme Heat is leaving us...good riddance!! hahahha

As I make my way down Coyote Boulevard, I see the same woman on her old fashioned bike every morning.  She seems a bit "out-there" and quite frankly, she annoys me! She rides as if she owns the entire road.  Every other day, we pass each other and no matter what side of the road I run to, she comes straight at me.  I move for all cyclists and usually step to the left of them so they have the right away, and this woman doesn't understand that concept.  So this morning, I tugged the white line thinking she would move, NOPE, I see her stupid tire approaching me...I say "are you gonna run me over...??"  She rambles on and on.. I tell her to "share the road..." and then a few other choice things... and she kept going on and on about something.. I couldn't hear her, my iPod was playing... I think she is a Bully...and I WILL NOT be bullied on my morning run... I wonder if she has ever felt the sting of pepper spray in he eyes??????  Hmmm...
So as I pass her and exchange "pleasantries"  I continue soaking up the cool morning air...As I make my way to the main roads... a coyote runs in the street...I smile and laugh to myself... coyotes vs. BIG SPIDERS?  I'll take a coyote any day of the week!

I make my way back towards home, and I am making good time... I am actually impressed with myself!  I get to the top of my street and what do I see?  What could make this an even better run???  Yep!  Another TARANTULA...

Monday, September 26, 2011

So much for a beautiful morning run...

What a beautiful way to start my Monday and week!  Got up early and made my way out the door. The temperature was just right, about 78 degrees and it felt wonderful!  I forgot what it was like to run when the sweat isn't pouring off you by the first mile and your frozen ice water is already just water...

I felt great running... no pain, no struggling, just out for a nice morning run.  It is fun to be out there early, and funny to see the same people every morning doing the same thing.  Biking, or driving the kids to school or work.  Same cars, same routine...maybe, they think that about me too!  Familiarity is kind of nice sometimes!

I am running at a good pace for me this morning, and as I near mile 6.87 which is the corner to my house, I see something that I hoped and prayed that I would NEVER, EVER see...yep, a freaking, giant TARANTULA...just sitting there...well...I saw it, screamed and probably swore a little too...I could hear myself over my iPod..so I guess it was pretty loud!  I did the "tippy-toes" dance and felt my heart stop beating...I think I was in shock...I started to walk on my toes to home...and I went back and thought, no one will believe me, so I got out my iPhone and took a picture....I zoomed in as I really couldn't get much closer, but OH MY GOSH, he was HUGE and the most scariest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

Now, I have seen EVERYTHING!  I spent the spring and summer, being tortured by Coyotes, Javelinas, Rattle snakes, and Bobcats ( Tigers)!!!  Paranoia has now set in as I run in the fall and have to watch for TARANTULA's...not sure that's going to happen!  Damn, I just want to run and see NOTHING just run!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Morning...

This morning's run was pleasant!  Started off cooler than usual but ended the same way...HOT!! Hahahhaha...

I got a early start out there.  It is so nice to have the roads to yourself.  I run by a Bus stop for High School students, and as I run by there, I get choked up...their cologne and perfume is so STRONG... I smile inside and wonder if I wore that much when I was that age...I don't think so, but get 5-7 HS kids together, it can literally gag you!

I also run by an elementary school and seem to get there just as the custodian is raising the American flag each morning.  It is a wonderful sight to see that flag hoisted up and flying so freely... if is a great reminder of how lucky we are to live here in the US!

Only did 6 miles this morning, as I ran out of water...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cooler Temps...?

Well, by now, most of you must be sick of me complaining about how HOT it is to run here in the mornings... in fact I am sick of it too!  Hahhaha  This morning was a perfect 77 degrees at 6:00AM!  It felt so good!  I forgot that it can be that temperature in the mornings, and that is near perfect running weather for me!  ( I DO NOT LIKE COLD OR SNOW!!!)

I headed out, and was feeling great!  I started my Garmin, and began to run shortly thereafter...sometimes I start it, and "warm-up" a little bit!  It's that first mile thing for me... but this morning, I took off.  I think I wanted to feel what it was like to run in cooler weather, and afraid it might not last til the corner!!  Hahahaha

As I turned the corner,  and headed up Happy Valley Road, I saw about 3 feet in front of me, a coyote crossing the street.  I thought I wonder if there are more... as they travel in packs!  ( I should know!)  Yep, here come two more coyotes crossing the street.  I come to a walk and wonder had I only been a minute faster I could have reached out and pet them...and then I see another!  4 coyotes crossing the street!  I smile,  and walk quickly but looking side to side as if I am paranoid, but I really wasn't scared!  I guess the summer cured me of the creatures out there!  I hadn't seen 4 coyotes together since that fateful January afternoon...

I wondered if thy were happy it was cooler too... anyways, I picked it up again and began to run.  Beating the school bus and the High School students waiting...it felt great!

Completed my 7 miles and felt great!!  9 minutes faster than last time, so maybe the cooler temps will help me run faster...I didn't really like the thought of doing speed work anyways... hahahhaha  I just hope the weather stays like this for the next 5 months before that brutal extreme heat advisory comes back...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

5K- ARR- "I Did a Green Run"

What a change of pace this morning was for me!  Usually, I am up and ready to go for a LONG run and endure the HEAT for a couple hours...whew!  This morning, I got up same time, but headed out to a local race.  I signed up for the 5K on a whim.  The temperature was in the high 70's and start time about 80-something...so much cooler than the 93-94 degrees normally.  It was going to be a great race!

I haven't raced a 5K since Christmas of last year... so this was a different distance for me!  I mostly train and run longer distances, so 3.1 miles couldn't be so bad...

I lined up and was ready to go... I knew this would be a faster paced run than I am used to but that would be my challenge... as normally I am nervous about the distance at the start of the race!!!

We did observe a moment of silence in honor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks 10 years ago, and we were off...my mindset went into automatic mode and that was start out slow and conserve energy for later in the race.  Well, there isn't really a  "much later in the race" effort needed, as this was only 3.1 miles, so this is a race that you go all out from start to finish I just realized that a little later...Hahhahaha...

Cooler temperatures, different route, gravel and dirt trails to run on, was just what my legs and knees needed.  It was fun to run a local 5K and I promise to do many more local races and hopefully build up my speed in doing so!  It was fun to be a part of it this morning!!

Beautiful location and cooler temperatures!!

A great friend to see at the races!

A true running legend... 207 marathons!   Whew!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hydration IV Drip

Didn't have the energy to run this morning... still HOT at 5:30-6:00 AM here.  I should be used to it by now, and not even blink at 93 degrees at that time of the morning... but lately, it has gotten hotter and hotter, and I am just plain "burned-out!"

I ran yesterday, and cut the run short by a mile... as I couldn't go another step further.  As I was coming home yesterday, a man that I see every morning walking his two dogs, stopped in his car and said, " Wow, you went for a long run...!"  Now, he is probably one of the nicest guys I see in the morning, always waving from the other side of the street, as I run by... but it was strange that he would say that to me... I guess he doesn't know how SLOW I  really am.. .because the run was shorter than normal and I rarely run that way home... but it goes to show you, that people get used to seeing you everyday, running the same route everyday at the same time everyday... makes me a little nervous... I mean I am sure that Ted Bundy was a super nice guy...but seriously!  Maybe I am just so tired and worn out that it bothered me, but I need to find a new route for awhile!!!

Well, for those of you that know me, I have a tremendous fear of needles... and Spiders!! But, today I went in for a Hydration IV drip... it is an IV in your arm pumping your full of vitamins and minerals as well as hydrating you.  I needed it, as all summer long, I have been so tired and worn out...and I am sure running in the HEAT has added to my dehydration!  I am supposed to feel better, but it could take a few times depending on how depleted my body really is... I hope I feel better, as I don't plan on making the IV part of my training routine....Hahahahaha

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Morning Run

I realized it has been almost a week and no post...but then it was almost a week of no running!  Yes, that is right, I took some time off from running... 6 days to be exact!  It was nice to "sleep"in, although I was wide awake, talking myself into getting up and going... but somehow, I decided to lay in bed instead!

I have been training for a Marathon all summer long!  It has been a brutal summer for HEAT and running! 5 weeks to go, and I suddenly realize that financially this year I can not make it! Hubby tells me that he has a meeting that weekend and won't be able to drive me, and fears I will get lost driving myself (probably true...) and I can't quite spend $400.00 on a plane ticket with pool repairs, Vet bills...my babies need their teeth cleaned...Spa repair, and a few other things needing to take priority at this time!  So cancelling my Hotel and coming to terms of not running the Marathon that I have been training for all freaking summer long in the HEAT...made me lose my interest in running for a couple of days!  Those that are runners can appreciate that, those that are not...don't understand the let down of not running a race you have prepared for, for the last 4 months!

Well, this morning, I decided that I still have 2 Half's and an Iron Girl along with some 5K's to run this year, so I need to continue my training...and get out there and run!  With the pressure off of the Marathon, I will make the most of the next couple of months doing some speed work, weight training and logging less miles...should help me be better prepared for the Half in November!  We'll see!

This morning's run was uneventful!  It was cloudy out there but that doesn't mean it was cool, in fact it was HOT and HUMID but that didn't bother me much today.  I ran and had the streets to myself this morning... I guess other Runners and Cyclists stayed in bed!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cloudy Skies

Oh, what a treat it was to run without the glaring sun for most of the run this morning!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love the SUN, but running with it in your eyes, and the heat does not make for ideal running conditions!!  Not to say that it wasn't HOT this morning... as it was 93 when I left the house, but no sun was a bonus!  I was hoping for raindrops but only drops of sweat fell on me!!

It was my first run since the Half marathon last Saturday... I got to run earlier in the week, but never made it out the door...so today, I had no excuse!  I got out there!

Slowly, I "jogged" as I didn't have lots of energy.  I felt fine, just a little burned out.  I was not even a half mile from my house, when I noticed  Bobcat laying very still... in fact so still, he was dead.  I was a bit shocked, as I don't believe I have ever seen a dead one... as you all know I see them alive and well.  So, I felt somewhat safe -but where there is one... usually another one follows... I snapped a picture, not to be morbid, but to prove that these guys live around me and not to be taken lightly.  I felt bad he was dead, as I do not like to see that...but...he wasn't a threat to me and that made me feel better!!

I finished my 7 miles albeit a SLOW 7 miles... hopefully, tomorrow I will have some speed as I gear up for a 10-11 miles on Sunday!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Park City Half Marathon

Oh, what a treat this run was for me!  Mom and I stayed in SLC, and got up early to make our way to Park City around 5:00AM.  Park City is nestled in up in the beautiful mountains of Utah and 20 miles from SLC.  We got to the Host Hotel, Newpark Hotel, and made out way near the starting line.  There I met up with a friend from High School, Jay, and his family.  He and I have been running Park City now for 3 years, and it is a treat to run with old friends! ( Not that we are old!!!)
Ready to go!!
My Biggest Fan!
We make our way to the starting line and get ready to tackle the first wave of runners...shortly after the full marathoners take off for their journey!  It was a chilly morning.. about 56 degrees at the starting line... I soaked it up!  I can't remember feeling this cold before a run and I wasn't about to complain!!!  Before I knew it the horn went off... and we were on our way!  Now, Jay is much, much faster than me, so we ran our own race.
 I had a fantastic start and felt great! I was breezing along for the first several miles... until I realized I should be taking in the beautiful scenery around me!  We ran along a meadow buried alongside a mountain.  There were wooden planks which felt wonderful on my knees, and dirt paths along our way.  Off to the side were running brooks with water streaming down... oh, how I wanted to jump in and just soak...ahhh.... that would have felt great, but I kept going.  I was on target at mile 5 for a great finish time- for me anyways... but a minute later running at me was the first Half Marathoner making his way back already???  I felt a little defeated at the moment, but I was cheering him on... WOW!  Close to mile 6 about a mile and half before the turn around point...here comes Jay!!!  Hooray!!!  I "high-five" him... and inside I was starting to feel the altitude kick in... I was having a tough time breathing up the side of the mountain... but still felt pretty strong!  I made it to the turn around at mile 7.25 and what a wonderful sight that was!!!  I choked down another GU and grabbed an orange slice and a Shot Block and began making my way down the mountain...little did I know that the orange slice was going to be the real hero in this run... I grabbed an orange slice at every stop thereafter...
About mile 9 my left calf seized up and began to cramp some... I knew I couldn't stop so I kept "jogging" and hoping that it would stay the same, or perhaps work itself out... it never did...
Rounding the corner to the Finish Line... I saw Jay jump up and his family cheered me in... and then I saw my mom... and that was better than any Medal!!
I may or may not do this one again next year, although thinking about the support and friendship I share there...I may change my mind...
Home  stretch!

Jay and I finished- look at our Medals

Love you Mom!

Cheering Squad!!  Family and Friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Park City bound...

Well, this morning was the last run before the Half in Park City this year.  I kept thinking that it will be so much cooler at the starting line and finish line than it is right now in AZ at 5:30AM!!!  I am not one to like the COLD at all.. hence, living in AZ, but I seriously need a break from the HEAT!  It has been a tough summer, and I would have thought by now, I would have learned a lesson, and not "train" for a marathon in the middle of summer here in the Sunny State!  2 years in a row, and I swore last time I wouldn't do it!! Hahahha... oh well,
I got in a 7 mile run this morning... slow but steady!  I felt very slow and sluggish at times, and then out of nowhere, I would get a burst of energy, and that felt great!  I plan to take those moments with me to Park City!
I haven't raced since February, and I am looking forward to standing all nervous at the Starting Line Saturday.  I have certainly trained for a Half, although I have really been training for my Full, so I am prepared...but always those doubts creep in, did I do enough?  I guess we'll see... but even if I don't beat my time this year, I still beat everyone else not running and at the end of the day, I ran a Half Marathon!!
I will post again when I get back into town, as I won't be doing any more running until then.... Wish me luck, as I definitely will need it, but I will have the support of my Mother at the Finish Line...and that will be my prize!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Early at it this morning...already HOT!  That's to be expected, I know, but I really need a break from the heat.  It seems to be getting HOTTER not cooler out there, no matter what time of day I get started!
It took me awhile to get my rhythm going this morning... I just couldn't settle in and focus on the run, I think the sweat was dripping so fast and steady, I felt like I was racing the sweat drops running down my face...I made my way to Bobcat Highway, and I became "focused" on looking for wildlife.  As I turned the corner to the straightaway, "Eye of the Tiger" began to play on my Ipod!  As I smiled and then broke into laughter at my stupid self, I settled in and began to run at a steady pace. (Keeping my eyes on the lookout for Tigers...hahhaha!)  As I neared the 5 mile mark, I could hear my iPhone being texted... I usually don't look at it or hear it while running, but I needed a break and began to walk for a minute.  I looked at it, and this is the picture my Hubby who is visiting NY/NJ sent me:
"You would love this cream filled donut!"
I wasn't sure if that was funny at the moment or not!  Certainly came at a point in my run where I was about to give in... and then seeing that donut, just made me want to stop and turn around!  What the hell am I doing running in 94 degree temperatures, clinging to my last swallow of water before my next re-fill , while everyone else out there is enjoying a freaking cream filled donut!!!??  I began to run harder and trying to keep the tears and sweat from getting in my eyes... Ahhh... Circle K was in site!!

I went in to fill up my water bottle, and this time I brought $$ with me to get a Slushy... I was brave and asked for a small cup to sample, she was nice this time and gave me a small styro-foam cup!  I sampled one that was "Power-Ade" blue.. that would be awesome right?  NOPE!  I swallowed and dumped out, and then got a taste of a cherry flavored one... well...it was cold, refreshing it was not!  Saved my $$ and filled up my bottle with ICE and water and went on my way...
The last 5 miles were tough!  I was hot, I was tired, I had no gas left in the tank... knowing my ice was melting, I had to run faster, so it would stay cold...that didn't happen!

I began to walk, and walk and thought, I am tired of running!  I am SLOW, I am not very good at it anyways... you know, all the negative thoughts I could think of at the time... 
Made it home, 11 miles completed... I hope I am a little faster next week as I am running a Half Marathon in Park City!  I am hoping for snow, or at least 40 degree cooler temps... I need a break from the Heat!!  One more run until the Starting Line- Saturday!!  Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Need for Speed

Got up at at it pretty early this morning!  Even though the temperature was WARM, there was some cloud coverage that was most delightful...I knew there wasn't a chance for rain, but I thought how wonderful that would feel this morning...
There were lots of folks out today...more than I have seen in awhile...perhaps, we were all trying to beat the school buses and school kids as they stand there boldly, not wanting to budge an inch for you as you run past them.  If only I was little faster, I would say something to them or better yet, tease them with my pepper spray... you know just to teach them a lesson... but I need to work on my speed a little more before I attempt doing any of that...
I ran at what I thought was a pretty good pace this morning.. even with the sweat streaming down my face and into my eyes...so I was a little disappointed to see my end time and pace.  I even threw in a little "speed work" to quicken my step some, but apparently, that didn't do anything but make me thirsty and sweat more...Hahahaha...finished now until Sunday...gonna start drinking my water now... will need to be fully hydrated- can't have a repeat of last week!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Got an early start on my run this morning... it felt great to be out there!  I knew it was going to be a long run today, so I tried to settle in and find a good pace...and I did.  Sweat was pouring from my head, but I was used to that by now, and I knew it would only get worse as the miles increased.  Saw lots of bunnies out and about today, and I was very cautious as I neared the "Bobcat Street" since there were lots of bikers coming at me, I needed to feel safe should I have to lunge up on the sidewalk...so imagine my surprise when I saw this:
I actually, burst out laughing, and wondered if I was being "punked" as this was absolutely the funniest thing I have ever seen.  Right there on "Bobcat Street!"  ( I guess, you would have had to of been there...it was pretty funny!)  So of course, I had to stop and get a picture!!

I kept going, and needed to make a decision by next light... should I go straight and complete my full fun as intended...or turn and just do 10 miles... I kept going straight...hooray for me!!   I ran and was in good spirits...I ran to the end of Hayden and turned around to climb up the hill and made my way for the park... I was out of water!!!  I knew the park would have a drinking fountain and I could fill up there... but the water was so hot I could have made soup!  I guess hot water is better than NO water, so I filled up!  Knowing that wasn't going to keep me very hydrated with another 9 miles to go, I thought I would take a detour and head for Circle K.

Now, I was so HOT and THIRSTY, I was even drinking the park -unfiltered water.  I was thinking about the crushed ice cubes at the Circle K, and I thought if I only had a $1.00 I would splurge and get an Icee as well... that would cool me right down...ahhh... but I had no $$$- So I began looking for change as I ran... maybe someone would have tossed quarters..dimes..$1.00 bills... but NOTHING!!!   All I could think about was the slushy...don't even like them, but I wanted one!  I thought maybe the kind lady will let me just "sample" one or two- that's all I needed...a little sugar to get me home...
Well, no such luck!  I got my water and ice and headed back out into the heat.  5 miles from home, I could do it... got my WATER in hand!!!

Well, I was pretty thirsty, so I drank a little more than I should have, so I began to ration it...I ran on and on, just thinking about the liquid gold in my water bottle... As I neared mile 12, I started to break down!  I could feel the heat on my head and arms and I was soaked... I had about 3 swallows left of "gold" and I needed every drop... I could feel tears well up... I just wanted to get home!!  I walked for quite a bit... had no energy to run... I tried running from sign to sign...cactus to cactus...

2 miles now from home, and having swallowed the last of my water, I wondered if someone would feel sorry for me and just throw a bottle at me... I cried, and wondered what I was doing out here in the HEAT with no water and end in sight...as I wiped away the tears, I began to run again...home, just get me home!!!  I was almost there, as I saw a couple running and having to stop... I said..."It's too hot for that...go home...hahha... I am out of water and near dead...."  the lady looked at me... and asked me if I needed some water...I said, " no, almost home thanks anyways..." and I started to cry again... I would have stolen that water bottle from her had it been a mile or two back... I got home, and have almost drank  5- 24 oz bottles of water!!!  I guess I was thirsty!!  16 miles done... and I am proud I finished...but it took me 3-1/2 hours to run that... and that is little discouraging...

Friday, August 5, 2011


Left the house this morning for my morning run.  They are certainly becoming routine for me.  Same route, same time, days vary very little...and the heat is I think getting hotter... whew!

This morning, I saw a pretty cute Coyote.  Figures, I video a run, to show these little guys, and don't see a thing out there... go without the video and what do you know?  Well, he was a loner and he looked at me as if to say," Not here to bother you, just passing by..."  I thought that was pretty kind of him.  He crossed the street, and was on his way.  Now, I know they usually run together, so I did look to see where his friends were, but apparently, he didn't have any... so on my way.

As I make the 3 mile mark, I decide to throw in a burst of speed.  Now,  mind you, I don't run fast...at all!  I am not too proud to say that, as many boast on their speed and mileage.  So, I decide to run from sign to sign as fast as I could... or at least pick up the tempo... I start out, and begin to "run" I was clocking about an 8 minute mile- that is if I could hold that speed for that long... it lasted about 50 yards, and I was done.  Sweating already, I was drenched and hesitated to drink my water so quickly, but I needed it badly!  Wow!  It felt amazing to run like that, it made me think of folks that run that speed or faster on a daily basis... probably routine for them!

I will try and work some speed into my running, to break up the routine- like chore , running has now become for me.   Changing routes is difficult, since I have no other way out of my neighborhood to go.

Out of water, and a half mile from from, I begin to wonder, why I do this???  Especially in the HEAT!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good morning!

It was the first day back running since I hurt my back a couple of days ago... It felt pretty good today, so I was up and at it!  I took my Flip video out with me, so I could video the run and my usual course of 7 miles...
I struggled with my water bottle now in my left hand and Flip in my right.  Not sure I have run before with both hands full... But despite the heat, it was a decent morning.

I reviewed the video when I got home, and apparently, I am a little more paranoid than I thought... I look actually frightened most of the video and I keep mentioning Coyotes and the Heat... DUH???  I live in Sunny AZ where the sun shines every day, and the temperatures are extreme in the summer!  Yes, there are tons of coyotes, and javelinas, snakes, bobcats out there... I am just very "lucky" I see them... and see them first, before I feel them running after me... so I think I need to stop being so freaking paranoid when I am out there... I have just had a few too close of calls, in the last several months and it is really starting to play with my mind...
I will put up the video soon, once I figure out how to load it on here... it looks like I am walking more than running, but I had my "hands full" this morning... hahhahha- no laughing or comments please once you have seen the video... oh, that's right, probably no one is watching it...except my Mother!!  Enjoy Mom!!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Advil Time

Went to bed last night with an aching back...from what???  I don't recall lifting anything, I didn't do anything different than I normally do, so I took some Advil and went to bed, thinking it would feel better...WRONG!  I woke up and still felt a twinge in my lower back.  So, no running for me today...which means I will miss my 100 miler by a lousy 6 miles... but the day isn't over with yet...although, right now I can safely say, I am not running as it is 107 currently and that temperature should last until about 9-10:00 PM tonight!!!  Oh well...
The good news is, that I went SHOE SHOPPING yesterday!!!
 I love going to Runner's Den and getting a new pair of running shoes!  Just the fact that I am in the store, is like heaven, but then I m surrounded by other runners and the staff is awesome!  My favorite is always there, (or I know his schedule...) Hahhaha... and he treats me like I am a Star Athlete!!  How fun is that for 20 minutes!!  Hahhaha.... Anyways, I got another pair of Asics... they are beautiful!  They have "speeding- ticket red" stripes so I guess these are going to be pretty fast... so I need to break these shoes in before the Marathon in October!!!  They smell so good, by the way!!  Hahahhaha
I bought the "clip-on" one, so I could still hold my water bottle!!
Aren't those shoes adorable?
I also picked up some Pepper spray for some of my "closest friends!"  Hopefully, I never need it, but since everyone has been telling me I should run with it, I bought some to make them happy! ( Inside, I guess it is a smart thing to have...) I figure if I am close enough... or rather in danger and threatened, I will use it... but let's all hope I NEVER EVER have to spray it...EVER!!!
Icing the back, and then Hot Tub tonight...and lots of Advil and I should be back in business... I do not have time for a backache!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

3 Weeks and counting...

Yes, I am officially 3 weeks from the start of my "race-season!"  It is so HOT here in AZ, there really isn't much racing that goes on here during the summer months!!  There are some 5K's, but I find them very hard to run, since those are to me "serious" races!  Everyone is trying to PR their 5K times, and I just don't start out that fast...as you know it takes me a bit to "get-going" so I feel like I am getting run over in the first 500 yards of a 5K.  I do prefer the distance runs... I am SLOW... but everyone starts those races SLOW!!!

My first race is a Half Marathon in beautiful Park City, Utah.  This will be my 3rd year running it!  It is one of my favorites, due to the spectacular course...such beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures... but the main reason, is that my number one fan, my MOM, meets me there and cheers me on...nothing like it in the world compares to having your Mom cheering you at the start, and seeing her proud face at the Finish Line, no matter how long it takes you...so for that reason- it is my favorite!

Then about 35 days later... I will be running my 2nd Marathon in St. George, Utah!  ( No, I don't live in Utah, just some beautiful courses, and cool weather!)  I am excited to run the marathon, since it was a Lottery race, and I rarely win anything... so winning 26.2 miles is worth it!  Hahhaha... I am trying not to have high expectations this year, since last year, was truly my proudest moment to date, so this one will pale to the 1st Marathon, but excited nonetheless!  Last years time was pathetic, so I am at least hoping to make it to the finish line with a little better time!!  ( Please do no let me hit the WALL at mile 20!!!)  It took me longer to finish the 10K as it did to run the 20 miles before it!!!  URG!!!

Then another 30 days later, I will be running in the Women's Half Marathon right here in Scottsdale!  It is a great run, and besides the hill they don't advertise at mile 8- something... it is a terrific run!  Not to mention the Medal is the main reason I run this one...for real!

30 days after that, I will be running the Strip at Night in Las Vegas, Baby!!  Now, this will be a "race" -Half Marathon, that I run for pure enjoyment!!!  Just watching people as they will be all "bedazzled and blinged" out!! ( I will be one of them, too... just haven't decided if I am going as Elvis or a Showgirl just yet!!)  Just hoping I am not the only one in "costume"- Hahhahahhahahahhahahhahhahhaha...that would make me run fast and furious!!

That brings me to the Iron Girl, 1 week later!  Not a big race here this year, as they scheduled it very late- they needed a new sponsor- so it is only a 5K or a 10K run!  But the Medal is a nice one, and I would love to add that to my collection!!!

So as you can see, I have some real "fun" ahead of me, but I am anxious to get racing.  I don't race to win, as that is impossible for me, but crossing the finish lines at the end of the race, makes all the "training" runs so worth it!!
Wish me Luck in the upcoming months... as I will need it!

P.S.  Does anyone even read this?  Hahhahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another day of running

I start each running day the same...get up early, sneak around the house getting dressed and ready, go outside to "choke" down my morning GU... and I do mean choke it down... my eyes water and I try with all my might to swallow it as I gulp a big glass of water...it's tough!  There has to be an easier method... those things are just nasty...but needed to get me moving and on my way!
I step out the door and wonder what this run will have in store for me?  I am surrounded by washes, which house many wonderful creatures...and I just never know which one(s) will greet me with a scare!  Hahhaha

This morning as I rounded the corner I notice 3 pretty decent sized Coyotes cross the street... now, I have no where to go except back home... and that isn't an option... so I slowly walk as not to startle them by running at my "lightening-speed" pace...I see them, and two of them are looking back at me... I often wonder what goes through their minds... as I know what runs through mine... and I am pretty sure it is not the same thing... once, I make it past them... I decide I should start running again... looking back a few times.  I start to settle into a nice rhythm...
It is a bit cooler out, but the sun is up pretty early.  Sweat pours off my face and into my eyes... my eyes sting, and I say out loud, " I love running!"
I make it home safe feeling pretty good.  Since I started doing Bikram Yoga I am noticing a little bounce in my step and I am hopeful, I am going to get a bit faster and stronger as my runs continue!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water, water and more water!!!

Up and at it this morning... I was anxious to begin my morning run!  I was headed out for a 15-16 mile run- Hahahha- it was HOT and a little bit humid, so I figured, I would not set myself up for disappointment, and  run as far as I could in the Heat!  I started out jogging, and then walking, and then trying to run from point to point... that is usually how my first mile starts out... I had a tough time settling into a nice steady pace.  As I rounded my first corner, I saw a beautiful Red Cardinal... oh, he was pretty, I knew it was a sign of a good morning... so I began to crank up the Ipod and give it a go!  As I crossed the highway  I ran past a Coyote just standing in the wash... I looked at him, he looked at me... and I ran on by, thinking I probably shouldn't be running...well, at my pace, jogging, just in case he was ready to "play" a little... so I began to turn my "jog" into a brisk walk, looking behind me as I turned the next corner... he didn't follow, so I was ready to go again!  Whew!
As I ran, I could feel the temperature rise, and I felt spent before mile 3.  I kept on, though as I knew the run wouldn't run itself... I decided a nice 10- miler would do at that point.  That made me feel a little better, at least now, I wouldn't be disappointed- and I had a plan!
I filled up at Circle-K... I think they know me by now, looking at a sweaty, red in the face-woman enter their store, they couldn't deny me water... could they?
I moved on and found my rhythm again...this time running uphill.  By mile 7.5 my legs felt heavy, it was with great effort to move one leg in front of the other.  I decided to play a mind game or two, to keep moving.  It worked, as I continued on my way home. Drinking the last drop if water, I wondered if I would make another 1.5 miles to home!!!  Hooray!!!  11.00 miles completed!  I guess, I need to break out the fuel belt and possibly the Camelbak for the next LONG RUN!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whew! Turn Up the HEAT!!

Went for a run again this morning... only 90 when I left the house this morning... so whatever!  I guess I should just get used to it, until October...right?  Not sure one gets used to the running in the heat.  But thank heavens it was uneventful!  I felt great running today, once I got past the first mile... that seems to be the hardest one for me.  I hit start on my Garmin, and then literally have to talk myself to start running after about 500 yards... then I run to a marker and walk... this takes place for the first mile... then I just kick in and go, and that feels great... so I spend the rest of the run trying to make up time from the first 13 minute mile...urrg!!!
Today was the day I decided to start my Bikram Yoga classes.  Doing it for 30 days... I hope to make at least 15 of those days to class.  It was HOT in there, I had forgotten how HOT that room can get.  It was a small class, so a perfect size to get back into it.  I remembered most of the poses, and what was really sad, was that I was able to actually do them back in the day... I tried not to think about that, and focus on the NOW! HOT and with sweat pouring from every pore of my body... I finished class, and felt surprisingly refreshed!  Although, there was one pose that I did, as I was leaning into the pose, I heard BOTH KNEES crack... yep, crack and I panicked!!  My face lost all color and I just knew that wasn't a good thing... so as I made sure I had feeling in both legs, I got through the pose and laid down trying to see if I could feel any damage...none so far!  Whew!  That sound is certainly not music to a runner training for a Marathon!!!  As I go running in the morning, I will know if I go back... but right now, I feel pretty good after being in the HEAT for over 3 hours today... watermelon has become my favorite food!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Off to a great week...

Up early to get my morning run in... I missed yesterday's long run due to sleeping in longer than normal... by about a 1/2 hour, but that 1/2 hour is crucial out here... it can literally make a difference in time, pace, and overall heat stroke!!!
So I wanted to get out there pretty early to make up some mileage!  It was already 92 degrees at 5:50 AM this morning... but I knew I had to get going.  As I set out, the humidity I could feel was thick and the sun already beating down was causing me to sweat and I hadn't even turned the corner yet... Once I made it to a "safe" place to run, I see the most beautiful RED CARDINAL.  He just sat in the tree allowing me to admire his beauty, I reached for my phone to grab a picture, but by the time I had it focused somewhat, he was gone!  Oh well, the picture in my head will always be there...
I felt pretty good this morning, I felt that I owned my run, as I ran more than I walked, which is tougher to do in the HEAT, but I kept a steady pace.
As I got home and opened the door, the A/C never felt as good as it did right then and there!!  Whew...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well, this morning's run felt great!!  It was a little cooler this morning only about 85 degrees, and there was an ever so slight breeze, and that felt so good!!!  I felt strong running today, as I was able to pick up the pace a little and shaved about 8 minutes off my time this morning!  I'll take it!!  No wild animals lurking out there and no snakes...that I saw anyways... so that in itself was a good morning run!!!
The last couple of days, I was thinking about trying Bikram Yoga again.   I practiced Bikram style Yoga before and really liked it, once I got past the intense heat, but that was like 10 years ago!!!  I figured since I run in the heat now, I should maybe adjust a little quicker...but I thought it would be great for stretching my running muscles, while sweating out the caffeine I have been so addicted to lately!  Iced Coffee and Soda hasn't really helped me perform so well...Hahahaha, and I complain about being so sluggish... gee, go figure!!  So we will see what happens!  I am going to try it for a month.  I will only be able to go about 3 times a week, since I run 4 and not sure running and Yoga on the same day is a good idea, but I don't know, so maybe I'll go more or less... I am going to start on Friday, since Friday's are usually a non-running day!  Wish me luck!  I am anxious to see how it helps me run in Park City next month!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rest day

Well, today was supposed to be a 14-15 miles run for me!  But...Friday, while out running I tweaked my right ankle/foot as I ran up on a curb and stepped most definitely wrong!!!  I saw stars, and thought that can't have been too good on the foot...  Thank heavens I was only a mile from home.  I walked a little bit, trying not to panic- and I thought I should try and run home.  As I "jogged" or ran home I felt sharp pains in my foot, and heat radiating up my leg... I could feel the tears start to well up, but I knew I would just get home and re-examine my injury!
I iced it, and tried to stay off it the rest of the day, Friday, and most of the weekend!  Babied it pretty much, as I have lots of running to do!
I woke up this morning, and thought, I would give it just one more day, so tomorrow, I will give it a go and only go as far as I can, and continue to ice it!  
I got a Half coming up in a month, and a marathon in 2 months... ugh... I am not getting worried...YET!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot and Humid and Dusty!!

AZ was hit with a humongous dust storm last night, spraying the streets and cars with an inch of dust!  Mix in a little moisture and heat and you got yourself a wicked morning for running!  I set out early, and ready to go!  As I began to run, I realized I didn't have my "safety-net" with me, my phone!  So instantly I panicked, not that I wasn't connected to FB or I may get a phone call... but the fact that I was running without a way to call for emergencies!!  (I DO NOT TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE RUNNING!!!)  So that set the tone for the run... the air was thick and as cars drove past, they left a trail of dust...I had a hard time breathing, and the sweat was literally dripping!  I do sweat while running, but this morning due to the humidity had me sweating like a broken faucet...whew!  6.5 miles done this morning!  Besides the sweat, it felt good to be out there moving.
Yesterday, I met with my Sports Doctor, we talked about my favorite subject: nutrition... I actually felt better last week, by changing a few eating habits!  I am hoping to continue small steps again this week!!!  He also does "assisted- stretching" which is so much better than a massage... although I could use on of those too.  But the stretching really seems to help in lengthing my stride...although my time this morning didn't show that... hahahha

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quiet Sunday Run

Left the house at 5:30 this morning and already a balmy 94 degrees outside... muggy and HOT!!!  As I started out on my normal route, it was very QUIET... almost eerie, since I am usually greeted right off with a snake or at least a dead one!  That's OK with me!  As I turned to head down Lynx Lane- that is what I call it now, I kept my eyes peeled for any signs of orange or stripes or any movement on the side of the road... NONE to report!  Ahh... I could now relax and settle in... however, the heat was really starting to get to me.  I drank my water slowly as I tried to ration it between my next fill-up.  I felt a little dizzy, but kept going as I was in pretty good spirits throughout the run.
Filled up with ICE and a little water and made my way back home at the turn around spot.  I was now moving quite a bit slower...yes, even slower than normal speed, as I headed into the HOT sun.  I was absolutely soaking wet as I really wanted to take my top off... I could have, as I was covered underneath, but then I would have had to hold my top for another 4 miles...
Sipping my water as if it were gold... I completed 11 miles in safety!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


It was already 87 degrees when I left the house at 5:30 AM!!!  I knew it was going to be a HOT one... but I was only planning on 8 miles or so...I have to say, I was a cautious runner this morning!  My head was looking right and left, almost forgetting the most dangerous of all- the ground!  I have become a little paranoid lately, with all the creatures I have seen lately!  I love looking at nature and all the little creatures that live amongst us, however, they scare the crap out of me, when I am inches away from them, and not sure how they are going to react...when I scream!!! Hahahha... all kidding aside... I have been nervous and wake up through the night seeing coyotes running at me!   This morning, I can safely say, I saw nothing!!! I said out loud as I set out... that I was not afraid, and not in the mood to play this morning... and I think the snakes, coyotes, javelinas, bobcats, Lynx and "tigers" heard me!! Hahahha

It was HOT!!  Sweat kept dripping from my head, as I slowed down.  I really don't think that a human is supposed to run in that kind of heat... I ran to a Circle K- out of my way a bit, but I needed to refill my water bottle before heading home!  I ran out of water about 2 miles from home!  I even tried to ration my water intake...I really think that I would do well to train for a race in the Mohave Desert!  I can run in the heat, and no need for lots of water apparently...I wouldn't be last at least!  Hahahha-- 10 miles done for the day~~~ Have a great day!!

BTW... I am so close to my 100 miles for the month!!!  I really think I can do it!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exhausting Run!

As I sit here and reflect on my morning run, I am very thankful to be alive!  Seriously!  It was a tough morning run!!!
I got out there pretty early, trying to beat the heat and wind today!  I beat the wind, but again, managed to feel the warm sun on my face and shoulders, as the sweat poured off my head!  Whew, does it get warm fast!  I am about 3.5 miles from home, when I see a group of cyclists coming at me, since I run in 'their" lane most the time I try and move out of their way pretty quickly!  As I look to my right to jump into a path near the sidewalk, I notice not one, but two "Tigers!!"  Now, I know in my heart that Scottsdale doesn't have Tigers, however, I wouldn't say these were small by any means, but I guess they were bobcats or Lynx and they were at arms length, no lie!  One got a pretty good look at me too... I ran into the street, no oncoming traffic and ran towards the median... and then wondered if I dare cross back over and run... would they chase me?  I do not know much about these guys since I don't know what they are...per say...!  I'm not sure that one realizes that a Bobcat/Lynx is fairly BIG... not a small/medium dog- big,  but bigger and look like a tiger...dead serious!!!  (Look them up on line!)
Anyways, I made my way back to the street and began to run... picked up a little speed and kept on...I was planning to run about 13 miles this morning... so I had a ways to go!  As I  made my way down the road, I got into a groove and felt pretty good.  I come to my turn around spot and make my way back.  I ran past a park, as I was out of water so I thought a good time to run to the restroom and fill up!  The fountain water came out very warm... yuck!  I swallowed a GU, and kept on my way.  Knowing it would be better to just rinse and spit, and not drink the hot water...so as I make my way back home, a Coyote decides right then and there to cut me off and run across the highway... what???   Where in the heck did he come from...?  I smile and continue on... Coyotes are my friends...right?  As I start to realize I am out of drinking water and I have about 5 miles left to go, I begin to think of nothing else but water, ice cold water, Popsicles, slushes...as I hold tightly onto my water bottle with very little warm water left in it!
Now, as I am running along the highway, most cars "try" and go around me a little, believe me, they have plenty of room, but here comes Grandma in a white car with a handicap sticker hanging from her  rear view mirror crossing the white line into the bike lane...my lane!  I think for a second she will see me, and straighten out.. but here she comes!!!  I jump into the brush and rocks along side the road, and wave my water bottle at her... she is oblivious that she almost ran me over... I start to laugh out loud and swear a little bit...OK...maybe a lot, but still laughing to myself!!!
Now, I am starting to struggle!  I lost focus with the "tigers" and then the coyote, and now Grandma... I start to cry like a baby!  I am HOT, thirsty, shaken from the events of the day, and start to walk!  I really wanted to call Vito and just have him come get me...take me home and I decide running is no longer for me!  I jog a little, run a little, walk a lot!  I am really praying for a miracle that someone will see me, and call 911 or just simply throw an iced cold bottle of water at me... when, 1.5 miles from home, I see a vision, a white truck flashing its lights at me... its Vito!!!!  He pulls over and hand me a cold bottle of water, I start to cry, and say I am almost home... he says, "yes, you are keep going!!!"  So I finish my run completing 14.7 HOT, LONG and eventful miles!!!  Good grief...marathon training has only just begun!!!  Can I do it???
No, I didn't take this picture.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just me and a Javelina...

Up very early to get out there before the HEAT... it was already 80 degrees at 5:45AM... so I knew it would be a long hot run!  I spent most of my run looking for snakes... I really, can't take seeing another one right now... so as my head is down for the most part, I happen to look up, not even a mile from my home, and I see a big brow/blur skipping across the road in front of me... I actually, take a second look and sure enough a Javelina!!!  I haven't seen one in almost a year... where there is one, there is usually another one close by...I watched him go into the wash next to me and hide behind a cactus...like I couldn't see him, but I didn't stand around for long... I was busy looking for others... didn't see any more... thank goodness!  But I knew I had to come back that way, and I would be on the lookout again then.
It was a HOT one, but I went 6.50 miles and felt pretty good!  I just wish I could go for a run without the dangers of snakes, coyotes, scorpions, spiders, oh yeah, and Javelinas!  I know I live in the Desert, but why do I have to "run" into these little pesky animal things... I really do despise them.  I am not afraid of them, but I seem to get a little closer to them each time, and I have been VERY LUCKY!!

I use MAP MY RUN app this morning... and spent way too much time trying to figure out how to upload and save the map and run for a challenge I am in for the month... I think it is too much work.  I already run with a GPS, and record my time and pace on two other apps... hmmm... need to re-think this!

Have a great day, and stay cool!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot Run

I was out the door this morning before 6:00AM.. and it was already warm, with the Sun nice and bright!  I struggled a little bit this morning, as I just didn't have the drive to run or run fast... but the Long Runs are meant to be run slow and easy... and that is what I did!
As the morning heated up, I knew I would be in trouble if I went too far feeling like I did, so I changed up my route a little bit...I went down a different road, that was actually a good idea, as there was little traffic and a slight decline... but I knew what goes downhill must have an UPHILL waiting for me!
Now, being about 2 miles from home, I was thinking what an uneventful run this was, and how peaceful my runs are when they are like this...oops!!  Thought too soon!  As right in front of me passed a Coyote- he was pretty big, but as he ran across my path... he didn't even look at me!  Whew!  Although, Coyotes are my friends...I almost believe it!  hahahha  As I approached the spot where I saw the snake from a few days ago, now, all dried up and petrified, another one slithered right in front of me... not a big one and it wasn't a Rattler...just Bull snake!  hahahha( Scary, that I know my snakes...huh?)  That of course got me moving pretty quickly again...that I didn't even stop to admire the Woodpecker that flew past me!
8 miles done!  Ready for the pool to soak my legs, feet and hips and then start my day!
I am getting close to my goal of running 100 mile this month!  I just hope I can kick it a little this week!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scorpion attack!

Another WARM morning run today... It is getting warmer and warmer, and yes, I know I live in AZ!!  This morning seemed to be a bit brighter too, as I wore a new pair of running sun glasses!  They fit great, and feel so light, yet, they do NOTHING to keep out the SUN... so they are useless-
This morning, I was running along minding my own business, when apparentaly, I stepped on something that splattered on my right leg... not sure what I stepped in and was praying I didn't just step in dog crap...( people) don't clean up after their dogs!!  I looked and saw Scorpion guts on my leg! I flattened him!!  Of course, I winced, and started limping... hahahha... no, my leg didn't hurt, but I didn't know what else to do!  I didn't want to wipe it off with my hand... so I started running again, and headed for the park to the water fountain... good grief!  What a morning... at least the little guy didn't sting me...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Long Run

Believe it or not, I actually look forward to my Sunday runs!  I prepare for them the night in advanced.  I drink lots of water, get my running gear ready, water frozen, pasta dinner and bed early...I normally don't sleep well the night before knowing that I need to get up extra early to beat the AZ HEAT... and not wake my hubby and 2 fur babies!  Not an easy task!  I think the quieter one tries to be, the louder one becomes- especially in the wee hours of the morning... this morning was no different!
Got out there pretty early this morning... about 6:00 and was feeling ready to go!  It was already 75 degrees, a little warm, but I wasn't going to let the heat get me down... I ran at a decent pace for the first part of my run... and as the heat kicked in... my pace slowed!  I think I sweat off about 8 lbs... so not complaining... hahahha- but wow, does it heat up fast!
My run was uneventful... a few bunnies crossed my path, but no snakes or Coyotes...I feel I may be pressing my luck a bit... but I will take these types of runs when I can get them!
As I neared mile 9, I was completely out of water, with 2 more miles to go!  That was filling up already at the halfway point... I am good at rationing water... I live in the desert after all... but for the last two miles, all I thought about was WATER and that I didn't have any...I guess next week I need to bring the fuel belt with 4 extra bottles with me...it's that time of year- HOT!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day!!

Wow, already June where has this year gone???  Oh my!  Got up early to start my morning off right with a run!  After all, it's National Running Day!!  Who doesn't celebrate that holiday?  Hahahha... I got out there early as it has been HOT the last couple of mornings... great cloud coverage this morning... great morning run!  No little creature sightings... whew!  I realized as I began my run that I left my knee band at home, so I was very "careful" running... didn't want to injure anything... so speed work was out of the question, although I did have some good spurts of speed here and there... my knee felt fine, it was all in my head...I guess we just get used to a routine and when we miss a step, I feel jinxed!  CRAZY!!

I challenged myself this month... I want to run 100+ miles in the month of June!  I have come close in months past, but never quite made it over the 100 mile mark... so this is the month I will do it!  I am 94 miles closer as of today!  Wish me luck with the 100+ and speed!!

Oh, and by the way... Yep... I registered for the Vegas Half Marathon...it will be epic as it is the first time being run at night up and down the strip!  Seriously, can't wait for that one... I will be running as an ELVIS...I thought that would be original...:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Running...

Got up early to beat the heat and wind...I beat the wind not the heat!!  Dang, it was warm out there at 6:00AM... already 76 degrees... Seriously, going to be along summer for me!  It was a nice run, as there was very little traffic and few bikers I had to jump out of the way for... smooth sailing.  I ran out of water about mile 4... nowhere to fill up, so I cut the run short...
About a mile from home, I noticed siting along the wash, a rattlesnake.  I stopped to take a look, as he just sat there all coiled up...I looked at him, he looked at me, and then I thought, maybe he is dead... he didn't move... so I moved in a little closer... Nope, not dead!  I backed away, while I could still feel my legs, and ran on home!  I thought we, (snakes and me), had a deal...I stay out of their WASH and they stay out my path... he was just on the edge... Snakes are evil... he baited me for sure!  UGH!!!
Home and ready to start my day...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Blogger has been down, and I have been unable to post last week, so I thought I would try and catch up a little... I have been using a training plan set for me by, Coach Scully.  It has involved speed work, which is something I requested and needed some help in that area.  Speedwork is typically done one day a week, which does help in other training runs.  I thought I would have use of a track, but apparently, I am getting there too early, and the gate is locked... so instead of breaking the law or the lock... I have been doing speedwork a different way.  Actually, I think it is more fun than the track!  ( I really wouldn't know that to be a fact, as I have really only run on the track several years ago...not fun then!)  But I have been picking points to run to and run them hard and fast... and then jog a little and do it again to the next point!  I think it is working, as my training runs feel a bit faster and I m completing them quicker!  Hooray for me!

I don't normally, post after every run... but tomorrow is my long run day... and I am actually looking forward to it... crazy huh?  I'll post again tomorrow! ( If Blogger lets me!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, I was anything but speedy this morning.  Got my way to the track, and the gate to the field was locked???  What?  Locked at 6:15 AM?  Crap!  So, I decided to go for  run and just run fast from point A-to point B slow down and do it again maybe 10 times.  Not quite like the track, but speed work nonetheless!
The morning was perfect running weather.  Overcast, maybe 63 degrees, cool breeze ( a little more wind than I like) and no need for sunglasses...simply perfect conditions, except- my legs wouldn't move.  I started out slow, and then thought, maybe I 'll just do this later... but I kept going, and barely made it a mile and had to walk!  So I walked for a minute, and started again... I was able to run but not fast, no turnover in the legs at all... I was determined to get at least a slight speed workout in, after all, it was SPEED Day... hahhaha... but I just didn't have the energy or the willpower to speed up this morning!  I finished up 5. 75 miles...well over an hour... SHHHH... don't tell Coach Scully!  Hahahaha...perhaps, I will do speed work tomorrow AM... Today was not the day!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easy 5 mile

This morning was another EASY 5 miler!  I think I like this training plan Coach Scully put together!!  It was much cooler this morning for AZ, and with a light cool breeze, it felt great!  One needs to take advantage of the cool mornings here, they don't come around too often!  It was an uneventful run... my favorite kind, and even though I ran EASY... I ran a little faster than yesterday...by about :45 seconds!  I haven't even begun the "speed" workouts yet!!  Hooray!  Hahaha...Tomorrow will be a test for me, as I haven't run track in years, and not really fond of it, so we'll see how it goes, if I live to tell about it or not... Now 6X400... does the 400 mean halfway around or a full lap????  Hahaha... Good Grief!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning!

What a great morning for a run... as I headed out the door this morning, it was already 70 degrees... I knew it was going to be a warm one...and it was.  Today, was the first day using the training for speed!  It was a day I could certainly handle.. 5 miles EASY... well, most of my runs are EASY... so I am off to a great start!  Ran 5.64 miles 1:08... not bad considering having to stop for lights, and traffic along the way.
It felt great to be out there this morning, since I missed my LONG run yesterday!!  Have a great day!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Need for Speed!!

I have been given a great opportunity to try out a training guide for SPEED!  As you know I am SLOW... I wasn't born a runner, so for me, the fact that I finish I race is quite an accomplishment!  But, I feel, that I could do better and want to be faster... so Coach Scully- offered to put together a Training guide for me, and I promised to give it a go...Below is my training for the next month... and then I plan to test it out at a 5K early June... anxious to see what my 5k time will be... So, wish me luck...what this starts tomorrow???  Hahahha- I'm ready!

Smart Running!
Running Programs By Coach Josh Scully

Program for Tina

One Month Training Plan!!

5 Pro
5 e
8 Pro
5 Pro
5 Pro
10 e
5 Pro
10 Pro

E: Easy runs: Just go out and run! Have fun!
Pro: Progression run!! Run the first half of the run at EASY pace, get you breathing right! The last half of the run, pick up the pace!! Should feel really good when you finished!!
Wednesday Track: Consistency! Four weeks of 6x 400s!! First week, run each 400 in 2:30. When you are ready to go again, go! Make each one at 2:30, the last couple should be the fastest! Record your 400 times and your recovery times! Recovery times are very important!!
Weekend Pro runs: Like normal Pro runs but be patient!!