Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflection of 2010

What a great Running year it was for me!
I started the year out unemployed, as I was laid off.  Our Company closed up as many others did, and I found myself one of the many looking for employment and hope.  That being said, I knew I would now have plenty of time to get in my daily runs and I looked forward to getting up in the mornings.  Yes, I was depressed about not having a job to go to, but I knew out running would at least make me feel normal...running seemed normal to me...Hahaha...anyways, I made a list of races and goals I wanted to complete for 2010, and I successfully completed each and every one of them!
I started with doing the Sedona Half Marathon in February...couldn't have been colder but beautiful scenery all around me was worth it.  I felt like I truly ran a mountain and then some doing that race, and felt so incredibly empowered by doing so!  I said after completing Sedona, that I could do anything!

Next came Pat's Run... a run that I look forward to each year, as that is such an inspiring run that makes you feel that you are running with a true Hero, himself, Pat Tillman!  What an incredible Athlete!  I say that, because unlike most, he walked away from an aspiring football career to fight for our Country and never made it home!  God Bless each and everyone of our Service Men and Women.

Then I decided to get brave myself and registered for a Marathon!!!  What???  It was a Lottery Draw, and my chances of winning any type of lottery were slim to none, but I gambled and I could at least tell everyone I "tried" to get in...Hahaha... well, the morning of May 7th, I sat in front of my Computer to see the winners... and my name was on the list... I had to look again, as I couldn't believe that- one:  I won a lottery, and two: a Marathon?  Me?  Well, the real training begins...although it was only May and the marathon wasn't until October...plenty of time!!  Hahahahahahahahhahhahahhhhaahhahaha

August came and Park City was on my list...what a gorgeous goodness!  Up in the mountains where it is cool, scenic and serene... although while running it, you really don't appreciate the beauty, you just want it over with- quickly!  I have done Park City twice with two wonderful High School friends... friends that I hardly knew in school yet, have become two of my closest running friends, and looking forward to doing it again with them in 2011.  The absolute one thing I love most about the Park City race, is that my mom comes and cheers me on and there is nothing like having your biggest fan out there waiting for you at the finish line!  Love you Mom!!

Well, the fun is over and now it is late August and October 2nd is how far away...?  Not far at all!  Keep in mind I live in Sunny, HOT Arizona!  Love the temperatures here... but training for a Marathon was absolutely the most brutal thing you can do here in the Summer... what was I thinking..or not thinking!!

I couldn't have trained in the heat without the help of my Hubby!  He seriously saved my life out there as he would drive by once or twice during my long runs and provide ICE, ice water, cold bucket of ICE and a cloth to cool me as I would still have miles to go... keep in mind I would start at 5:00AM and not finish until close to 9-9:30AM... ( duh?  The Running Turtle?)

Well, St. George  Marathon here I come!  Scared to death, we drove to St. George, Utah for my Marathon debut... excited but terrified!  Once there, I never really settled in, as I was too anxious to relax.  The Expo was exciting for me, as I met for the first time my Sponsor, LIN Socks, Angelo.  What a welcoming sight to see and meet him finally, as I could see I was really part of an exciting Team!  Thank you, Angelo!
Also, I met up with two other High School buddies!  What fun!  I did persuade one of them to actually sign up with me- through FB- and he did!  Larry you are a trooper!

The morning was here and I was running a MARATHON!!!  Scared I hadn't trained well enough, and worried that I would let my family and friends down... I stood at the starting line with tears running down my face... could I do it?  With Larry by my side, step for step, ( OK.. he was a step ahead of me...) we ran the first 20 miles having the time of our lives... beautiful scenery, friendship- bonded for life!  He left me for dead however, at mile 21 and I didn't see him until the FINISH LINE!!!  Yes, I finished!!
With my supportive Husband and new best friend, it was truly one of the best days of my life!

With one more race ahead of me this year, I never really took more than a week off to recover as I had the WHM in a month!  What a wonderful event that was, as I had wanted to run that one last year during the inaugural event in FL... long story, but it was brought to Scottsdale and I was running it this year!

I think I was put in the wrong corral, as I stood in Corral #1...soaking it in... I wasn't nervous about this one as I had just ran a MARATHON... and this was only a HALF!!! Hahahhaha... Wonderful event, and I even got a PR (Personal Record)!  What a great finish!

I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring to me!  Hoping to run more races and set new goals for myself!  Yes, I want to run another Marathon, and try for a new PR!  Oh, and by the way, I am still looking for a job?

Many thanks to my family and friends for making it a great year for me!!
Happy New Years!
The Running Turtle

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Run

Well, I got out there today, after taking a few days...quite a few days off...and made it 5 miles!  Whew!  It started out cold and the water bottle in my hand was frozen, but I warmed up quickly, I think it was only 53 degrees!! (OK, that is cold for me!)  The first mile or so, were painful... I couldn't get a rhythm going, I couldn't zone out, and I felt each step I took... had to stop every so often... I thought about just turning around and going back home, but I thought I would go a little further each time I debated about going home... I got into "running mode" about mile 3 and then I started to feel pretty good.. but I headed back home anyways... The important thing today was that I got back out there!  No, I didn't try out the Bikila's just yet, maybe this afternoon, or tomorrow for a run around the block...Hahaha

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vibram Bikala's

Well, I did it!  I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers to run in!  I have been looking at these and have seen so many CRAZY people running in them!   I used to laugh at them and think how crazy they are, and how that must hurt with each and every step!  I even saw several folks running in these on the Marathon course!  CRAZY!!!  Well- I'm one of them!!  Hahaha...
When I went to try them on, I literally broke into a sweat trying to get my toes in the dang shoes... I began to move furniture, I needed something to put my foot on to see it that would help... the little foot bench I found had wheels, so that wasn't doing me any good, I finally ripped it off my foot and said it wasn't meant to be! I tried on another pair thinking that they would be easier or something... WRONG!!  After about 15 minutes seriously of trying to jam my toes and the rest of my foot into EACH shoe, I was ready for a nap!  Once, they are on I decided to run in them down the sidewalk in front of the store... I felt like I was running on my tippy toes!!!  I was, I guess, as they hurt your feet if you hit heel first, which I am a  "heel striker" anyways...  I was SOLD!!  Wrap them up!  Hahaha
I did buy them so that I can work on foot strength and better my running form!  I have yet, to take a real run in them, as I am kind of afraid... I mean look at them, they really aren't that pretty, they make me look like Aqua man or something... but... I WILL use them and hopefully, see a difference in my running stride and form!
Get ready for my Vibram Bikala adventures...ouch!!

Scary looking!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jingle Bell Run

I ran in a local 5K this morning, something I haven't done in awhile!  I love the feeling of the local races and the friends you see and meet there!
It was raining when I left this morning, and of course, since it rains so much here in sunny AZ, I don't even own a rain jacket -Hahaha- but by the time I got to Adobe Park, the rain had stopped!  I figured the rain would keep the racers home... but, was already crowded at 7:30, and the race didn't begin until 9:00AM!  9:00 AM is when the sun came out and I was dressed for winter- hahaha!
 The race was a charity for Toys for Tots and seeing all the unwrapped gifts for children really does a heart good, especially this time of year!  So, as I made my way to the registration line with my Barbie in hand, I was given my race bib, T-shirt, timing ankle band, jingle bells and a raffle ticket!!!  Wow!  It was like Christmas!!!  Well... kind of...
The goal of this run was to beat Santa to the finish line- if you were successful you were entered into another raffle for a free year of  Four Peaks Races!!!  I wanted to win it... So, as Santa yelled Go... I ran out  a little too quick, after all, I hadn't run in over a week, and I wanted to try out my brand new shoes.  We hit the dirt trail (didn't want to break in my shoes in the dirt..dang it...) and right into the sun!  What a great way to start the day!  About 1-1/2 miles in I wondered what I was doing out there...why am I running?  Why am I not home drinking a hot cup of coffee?  And then I saw Santa pass me... I remembered why I was out there... I ran into Santa at the Half way point- handing out water... as I passed him, I told him "All I want for Christmas is to beat you!!!"  He laughed... I saw Santa pass me again, along with a few dogs on leashes, and a couple of strollers and 4 year olds... oh well, I was out there to have fun today...right?
I got my Christmas wish, I beat Santa... but I realized, Santa wasn't out to WIN the race...
I hung out afterwards to see if my raffle ticket was a winner... what do you think?  My number did actually did get drawn... I won a $15.00 online coupon for RoadID...pretty cool!

Running Santa

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Running Form Class

Well, last week, while I was exchanging my shoes at Runner's Den, I was told about a Good Running Form class that they offered, that was after I ran 50 feet down the sidewalk trying out my new shoes... So, apparently, I was a great student candidate!  I signed up and went this morning.  I was there among 3 adults and 3 children...I guess it is good to start with good running form early!
We went through some drills, and then we each ran while being video taped twice.  Once with running shoes, and once barefoot... very different running with no shoes!
After reviewing the video tape, I can definitely see I am a "heel-striker" which exerts a lot more energy while running, and could be some of the reason behind my knee problems.  WOW!
We also ran to the sound of a metronome at 180/200 beats (cadence training) that was a great experience, now I want a little mechanical metronome to run with me... I am sure the neighborhood would enjoy the "beat!"  Hahaha...
All in all it was good class, and I did walk away from it learning a few things that I will practice and hope to feel an increase of energy and efficiency.
While I was there, I once AGAIN, exchanged my shoes... went back to the old standby, Asics!  Aren't they pretty?  Maybe, I should just try out shoes for a living... run in them for a week and exchange them for a different pair?  Do you think there is a job like that out there?  Let me know... I will apply!  hahaha

I also, found something I want for Christmas... Vibram 5 fingers shoes!  Stay tuned, as that will be a whole new runing experience!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't been motivated lately to do much running!  I think about it and plan to run and then something comes up and I do that instead!  Tonight, I decided I was going to stick to my plan and go for a run.  Afterall, I have eaten Christmas goodies and garbage lately, I thought it would be a good way to justify the crap I have put in my body lately!
I headed out and hadn't gone but 1/2 mile and I started to sweat and lose my breath!  I am thinking about the chocolate covered strawberry I ate just an hour before hand... so I kept on moving and keeping a slow but steady pace.
Now a week ago I broke down and exchanged my Mizuno's for Brooks!  I got the right size and boy do the new shoes feel great at the store... you get them home and they feel much different!  This time, my right foot seems to hurt and my right toes went numb... now that can't be good!  Hahahaha... I will give them a couple more runs I hate to take them back... the store is so nice and accommodating, I hate to go in every week and get a new pair of shoes...(Not a bad idea, really!) Hmmm... :)
Anyways I got a 5K in tonight, and will continue my journey back to an easy 10 miles within by weekend I hope!
I signed up for a Running form class at Runner's Den this weekend, hopefully, it will be worth it!
My new "Ride" Brooks