Monday, November 29, 2010

Whew!  I finally got back out there!  Took a little time off... actually, it has been a little too cold for me to run!  Hahaha.. that makes me laugh, when I look back at training for the Marathon, in the 110 degree heat... I was praying for snow and freezing temperatures, and now that I have freezing temperatures (52 degrees) I am complaining... will I ever find the perfect runnning weather?  I think I did this afternoon!  It was a wonderful 56 degrees, and it felt GREAT!  Refreshing to say the least...yes, I did work up a sweat but it took at least a mile or so to start feeling the heat!
Still breaking in my new shoes... I think I will keep them!  One foot feels better than the other, but I hate to buy two pairs of shoes, just so each foot gets the right I will adjust and see how long it takes me to throw my hip out or bust down a knee... that will give me the incentive to buy another pair of shoes, in another size.  A pair for my left foot and a pair for my right!  Hahaha...although that really isn't all that funny!
I missed the Turkey Trot this year by sleeping in and thinking about how COLD it would be standing out there waiting for the start, so I did of did my own Turkey Trot... it was great!  I won!!  The first race I actually came in first and won my my age group!!  So, I got to thinking this afternoon, maybe next year I will host my own race- Not a Thanksgiving day one, but maybe in say, June or September?  I bet I could find 25 people/friends that would want to participate... I have some thinking to do... Would you want to participate in a race that was put together by "The Running Turtle"?  Hahaha

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today was one of those "feel sorry for me" days!  I couldn't brave the cold this morning, yes, it was a chilly 47 degrees and I just didn't have it in me!  I was a little bummed that I didn't make the Iron Girl run this year... but I am tired and my legs are too!   I decided to get other things done this morning, and would plan to go out later this afternoon!
I finally laced up for the afternoon run, after all, I had new shoes to break in- Hooray!  I was about a 1/2 mile in, and decided, I wasn't sold on my new shoes!  I went up a 1/2 size to accommodate my left foot and now my right feels unsupported...Why does it have to be so difficult??  Besides, I really didn't want to get my new shoes dirty, so I was being careful so I am sure that added to my instability!  Hahaha...
Every 1/2 mile it seemed I had to slow down and walk... I just couldn't make my legs move!  Now, perhaps, it wasn't really my legs fault after all, I didn't exactly eat like an Athlete today!  Coke and a danish for breakfast, handful of dark chocolate covered pistachios, left over chicken for lunch, and a GU right before I left... not sure there was much there to give 100% today!
As I hit the WALL- literally, I straddled the wall, right there in Coyote Alley for about a minute, wondering if I could even make it home ( less than a mile to go)!!  I flipped through my Ipod found a Lady Gaga song and went on my way...Jury still out about the shoes.  I will take them running a few more times this week before I make my final decision!  Woe is me!!  I will eat better this week!!! Hahahhaha

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shoe Shopping!

I have to say, that one really doesn't "shop" for running know what you want before you even step foot in the door... but it is much more fun to call it Shopping!!  Woke up this morning, knowing I was getting a brand new pair of Running shoes!  Hooray!!  My old shoes had too many miles on them, but I was in between a Marathon and a Half, so no time to break in a new pair!
I went to Runner's Den and met up with my good friend there, Craig.  He ran his 200th Marathon the day I ran my very first, in St. George, I would like to think he knows a little something about shoes!  hahaha
I wanted to give the Mizuno's a try, I have been running in Asics, and I found the last pair to hurt my feet- yes, I am blaming the shoes, so I needed to try a new brand.  The thing I like about Runner's Den, is that they are very patient people and allow you to try the shoes and if you aren't happy, simply bring them back!
The Mizuno's are a little more narrow than my Asics, but they felt good and light.  I actually, went up a 1/2 size...I wonder if it is true about your feet getting bigger after a marathon...really? ( I thought it was just your head that got bigger from all the bragging!!! ) Oh well, I am anxious to try them out, but they are almost too pretty to run seriously, they are!
I almost feel bad for my old shoes, but I plan to donate them, so they will be happy and hopefully, make someone else happy for a few miles!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can you say PR?

I can now!!!  Hooray!!!  What a great day!  Today was the WHM, and my day started early!  I was very lucky, that Vito agreed to drop me off this morning at the starting line and then meet me at the finish line!  Saved me an hour of driving around in circles trying to find the parking lot #59 (although, it was where I thought!) and then taking a bus and worrying I would be late for the Starting line!!!  Whew!  Speaking of the Starting Line... oh, my goodness, I was seriously in Heaven up there.  Somehow, I made it to corral #1...I really think WHM knew I needed a head start, but I took full advantage of standing with some of the faster women!  I had never been that close to the starting line before and what an different experience that was.  I really didn't want the race to ever start!  I was so content just standing there in Corral#1!!  Although, I guess more women 'warm'-up" there, as there was this one woman, "warming-up" for a good 25 minutes... she made me tired, I really wanted to tell her to stand still for a minute... she was ruining my Corral # 1 experience! seriously, she did!
As the count down started, I was directly behind the Pacing car... that was so cool, even though it only lasted about a minute... before the masses overtook me!!  Oh, well, I looked important... even if it was for a split second... I got a taste... moving on to the race.
I bought a new SPIbelt, that had bands for my gels, cool, but I didn't adjust beforehand, it so it started bouncing!! What?? These belts don't bounce... so after about 2 miles of that, I tried to tighten it and that helped, but then it made my shorts start to wedge since I moved the belt below my hips... didn't care.... it wasn't bouncing!  Mile 2, my stomach didn't feel so good, CRAP!!  Literally!  I was a bit nervous, but I think once my SPIbelt  stopped bouncing, I felt better!!  Whew!!  I was starting to sweat a little... Hahaha
Mile 2.5 -I grabbed an empty cup of water... What???  They weren't filled yet, but that's OK, living in AZ, you learn to ration your water, so I waited until the next water table!  Had a great first 8.5 miles... I was running at a good pace and was ahead of my normal time by about 10 minutes... I was stoked!  I was hoping that I would PR at this point, and I kept on...I beat my 10 mile time by minutes too... wow, could I really beat my best Half Marathon time to date???   Only a 5k left... easy!!  No problem!!!  Well, it was a problem, I was spent!  That was the LONGEST 5K ( besides my very first one...) I ever ran!  I really didn't think there was a finish line!!  Wait!  Was I running a Marathon?  Hahaha... no, but it felt like one!
And then... there is was... the FINISH LINE!!!  I had PR'd!!!  I felt like crying... OK, so I did a little...but pure tears of joy!  And then, meeting me at the Finish Line were the Armed Forces- in uniform, handing out the Glorious Medals!  Ahhh.... this was the reason I signed up in the first place!  The two- in- one medal!!  Oh my... just like I pictured!  Heavy, Silver, Big, and Shiny!... In the middle of this big Sunburst... was a charm that can be removed and worn on a chain!!  I did have my charm transferred, but I also think I will buy a bigger chain and wear the Medal!  Hahaha...
Oh, what a day!  PR, Medal, Charm and Corral #1... what more could I have asked for...?  I hope the WHM comes to Scottsdale next year!
Expo- Loving the Goody Bag

5:45 AM- I wanted to just stand in my Corral  (Once in a lifetime for me!)

My friend Lauren before the start

Corral #1

Finish Line!!!

LIN Socks/ Medal

Minutes from finishing

Proud moment...

My Chauffeur/Hubby