Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a great morning for a run!  It was only 61 degrees... I guess Winter is here for us in AZ- Hahaha... my fingers were actually frozen on the hand that was carrying my frozen water bottle!  It didn't take long however, for them to thaw right out... I ran the same 10 mile course, I always run...I think I need to change it up a bit, as I am getting a little bored with the same old scenery each week!  The problem is, that I don't have too many directions that I can go that don't have me running in a wash- feeling like a moving target for the Coyotes and Javelina's.  That would make my runs a little more interesting, but nonetheless a bit reckless- I'll figure it out!
I figured it being Halloween, I was bound to see some interesting creatures out there, but sadly, I am sure I was the scariest of all... 10.31 miles however, funny is that?  (The date today?)  I probably should have run less, since I have the WHM next weekend, which will be exciting!  I love Race week, it makes me feel important all week long...:)  Looking forward to my week ahead- I "train' the week before- drinking lots of water and eating right... something I should be doing all along...hahaha!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to the Sunday morning routine of running... and I loved it!  The weather was perfect this morning, a cool 75 degrees...ahhhh.  About .10 into my run however,  I ran through an invisible spider web... crap, I can feel it but can't see it... it took about a mile for me to get the "spider web" off of me... and then the "crawling sensation" began, I dug deep not to let it spoil my run...Have I ever mentioned that I truly hate spiders all kinds...even the dead ones?
I felt great, and the first 5 really didn't seem to bother me at all... found a rhythm and settled right in... at my 5 mile or so turn around I headed for the one and only Circle K in the area and filled up my water bottle... gagged down a GU and began my journey back home.  Either the Sun was starting to hit me just right or the GU with 2x the caffeine kicked in, but I started to sweat and felt the heat I have become so used to...I struggled at the 8 mile mark, as I had a dang rock in the bottom of my shoe, and my right knee began to warn me that it had had enough... when I  saw a good friend cruise by on her bike and waved at me... that was what I needed to get going again... I was out of water, but only 1.50 from home, when Vito pulled up on his way golf, and handed me an ice cold bottle of water!  (Just like the old days...three weeks ago...) The water some some magic in it, as I cruised on home completing a 10.50 run!  Whew!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, that was undoubtedly the slowest 3.15 miles I have run yet!! (45:46 minutes) This morning was the first run since the marathon.  I knew I wouldn't go too far, just wanted to stretch the legs, and make sure I could still run... 3 steps in, I knew I was going to cut whatever mileage my head was thinking...
The left outside of my thigh was so tight I was afraid my leg would buckle right underneath me, and my right knee was aching?  Thoughts of intensive care ran through my head, weeks of therapy crept in there... I really didn't have time for MRI's, and PT after all, I have a 1/2 marathon in less than a month!  WTH??
 I had ran 26.2 miles didn't feel any of that... was this normal?  Did I try and run too soon?  Did I rest too long...?  Who knows... what I do know, is that I was out in the fresh air and moving, albeit SLOWLY!

It was comforting knowing that I didn't have a MARATHON looming over my head, so whatever speed I was running was really for my own satisfaction this morning.  Besides the aches and pains I was experiencing with every step, I felt a sense of freedom, and that was something I haven't felt in a long time!

The run was short and fairly uneventful!  I saw a dead tarantula (the only good kind- dead) and plenty of bunnies, a roadrunner (mocking me I am sure) and then the beauty of a Red Cardinal!  Oh, he lit up my eyes, I stopped to admire and then tried to get my phone out of my SPIbelt to take a picture!  Just as I thought I had him in my camera's view a dang car drove past and scared him away!  Good thing I have a photographic memory...for a split second I felt nothing but joy!  Didn't last long, I jogged on home, trying to look like a real Runner does at the end of their run... after all, I ran past neighbors washing their cars... I had to put on a little show!

I'll try it again tomorrow...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I did it!!  26.2 miles... what a journey!  Hooray for me!! 
What a wonderful weekend I had...Vito and I drove to St. George, UT Thursday...I was nervous and anxious the entire drive!  Friday morning, I was up early and ready to hit the EXPO!  That really is my favorite part of the event!  It is always filled with excitement and tons of enthusiasm from other Runners!  This EXPO was kind of exciting for me, as I felt a part of it!  My Sponsor, LIN Socks, was going to be there!  I wore my LIN Ladies Jersey and I instantly saw LIN Socks as I walked in, as the jersey's matched! Exciting!  I was proud to be there, and met Angelo, our Team Captain for the first time.  WOW!  What a genuine person he is.  I had only met him via FB and through emails, and it was so nice to actually see him and his Team in action!  It made the LIN Ladies High Performance Team real to me!  There were socks in every color and design.  I think I need one of each!
As I walked through the EXPO, I ran into my Running buddy from HS... he said I "guilt- ed" him into signing up for the Marathon...but I didn't!!  :) I just casually mentioned it...  I also ran into another very good friend from HS, Bruce and his wife and it was fun to catch up even if it was for a minute or two...I wandered through the EXPO, had to buy a shirt that had 26.2 on it, along with a charm that said 26.2, oh yeah, and a car magnet for the world to see that had 26.2 on it... now, I didn't have an excuse not to finish, as I planned on wearing the shirt and charm...hahaha...

Relaxed Friday at our Hotel... and then Vito and I met Larry for dinner.  We all ate the "Marathon Special"   All you can eat Pasta!!!  I couldn't eat much, I was feeling a bit sick!  Went to bed early and slept for about 45 minutes... before the alarm went off!  3:00AM!!  I was up at at 'em... got dressed, ate my oatmeal and banana, and headed out the door...As Vito walked me to the bus, I was already in tears... not sure of what was about to happen...could I do it?  Did I train hard enough?  Seriously???  Got to the starting point met Larry there, and waited and waited.. about 2 hours before the gun went off... we lined up in the 3:20 pace team... hahaha... I wanted to be near the front of the 5:30 pack... I needed a head start!  And then it started!!!  We were off... the first couple of miles flew by... Larry and I ran side by side.. I 'm not used to running with anyone, but it really helped!  We laughed, joked, told stories, sang songs, saw things we had never seen before... like people actually peeing right there in the open... WHAT???

Anyways, 10 miles flew by, another 5 flew by, and we reached 20 miles at about 4:11... 6 more miles to go!!!  A time of 5:15 was in my reach!!!  How exciting!!!  Then...not sure what happened... Larry got head of me and I was cheering him on... soon he was out of sight, and I was left in the 6 miles of darkness.  I hit that "Wall" they talk about... I cried, and tried so hard to think positive...I can do this!!  I can do this!!!  I am doing this!!!  I had to walk a bit, slowed down to a crawl... cried some more.. what was happening to me???  I finally saw the Finish line... and I cried again.. this time I pulled it together and I could feel my heart race... I prayed that I wouldn't need the National Guards help to cross... I didn't!  I did it on my own!!!  It felt amazing!!!  I cried as they put the Medal around my neck... I did it!!! I came to finish and I did it!  Time...does it really matter???  5:51:05   It can only get better from here!!
Yes, I may do another Marathon, but right now...?  I am going to bask in the glory of telling EVERYONE I meet, that I ran a marathon!!!  26.2 awesome, glorious miles!!!  Yes, I am proud!

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