Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, I am packing up and ready to head to St. George in the morning!  I can not believe how fast the past few months have flown!  As I went for my last and final run before the Big Day, I reflected upon how far I have really come... and the challenges that I have overcome to prepare for this event!
I went yesterday, to have a Hydration IV to get fully hydrated with some minerals thrown in, and anyone that knows me, that was HUGE, as I don't do Needles of any kind!!!  I was so BRAVE!!  :)  This morning, I went for a quick 3 mile run, and felt great!  Had my last Assisted Stretching session this morning,  at: AT EASE FITNESS!  They are genius over there... the last three weeks have really helped my running stride... I am still SLOW... but I feel better!!
I have been so blessed with a wonderful support system, from my husband and mother. ( The only ones looking at this blog) Hahaha- They are my biggest fans and have been nothing short of encouraging and helpful as I have prepared for the Marathon!  I think they, as well as everyone else, will be glad when its over so I stop talking about it!!  Although, I will be bragging about the run for another 6 months... SORRY!!
Pictures and video will be here early next week!!  Cheers to the FINISH LINE!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Went out this morning for my last LONG run of only 6.51 miles... I actually felt pretty good all around... so I am as ready as ready can be I guess. I mean what's another 20 miles right? HAHA I will be packing up and heading out Thursday for a long drive and anticipate what Saturday will bring! I am not going there to start a race, I am going there to FINISH a race!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's taper time... and I am loving it!!! I was going to do 12 miles this morning, but ended up doing only 11... I miscalculated somewhere along the way... oh well, it was a good run nonetheless! Yes, my right knee hurt, but I wore a Protec knee band today and that seemed to help some... so I will be wearing that during the marathon for some relief... some is better than none!!!

This morning the temperature was about 82, so pleasant running, but as soon as the sun came up, it got back into the 90's and that was HOT!!! REMINDER: Never train for a Fall marathon while living in AZ... are you kidding??? HOT<>

Well, I will be running week days and then next week is an easy 8 miles and then the BIG ONE!! Nervous...? You bet!! Not sure I would commit to a marathon again... we'll see! Hoping for a good experience!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LIN LADIES High Performance Team

I have been invited to be part of an Awesome Ladies Athletic Team. The LIN LADIES High Performance Team. Each state is represented and I, of course represent AZ. This team is full of Podium winners- Tri-athletes, Iron Man's and Marathon Well, I am running my first Marathon and proud of that. I won't be standing on the Podium, winning a Medal, but I will finish any race I start and earn a big shiny Medal..after all, isn't that why we run these silly things?

LIN Socks, is my Sponsor, now, I always thought anyone that would Sponsor me would be wanting me to advertise for Molasses or Glue --- Slow and steady! Nope...I am sponsored by Socks!! Let me go back to the word, Sponsor... I am not paid by LIN Socks - I am promoting Socks which I love anyways.... This team is made up of Ladies who just happen to run and compete and LOVE SOCKS... We will be promoting socks at events, and sharing just how comfortable we are competing in them!

I do highly recommend their socks, as Socks are needed for just about every sport- I HIGHLY recommend their Compression socks, as they feel so good on the tired legs!
Check out the Website for yourself LIN Socks and if you like what you see use my name TINA (case sensitive) to get a 10% discount and free shipping over orders of $20.00 or more!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big 20!!! My last Long Run before the marathon!!! I did it!!! DONE!!! My morning started at 4:30 AM, got ready for the longest run so far... Vito drove me to the same spot he did last weekend and I ran from there adding mileage at the end of my route! It was a gorgeous morning!
Cooler than normal, and a bit overcast at times, which REALLY MADE DIFFERENCE!!! Running in the cooler temperatures is so much more pleasant!
As I was making my way down the first big hill, a big Roadrunner ran in front of me,I thought that was funny! It made me think of Wiley the Coyote/ Roadrunner cartoons. The Roadrunner I felt was mocking at me, but I still laughed and continued on my way! As I am nearing the descent, I stopped in my tracks, as a beautiful gray Egret circled around me... just stunning to see this magnificent bird fly- I hadn't seen one in a long time, and I think they are somewhat rare here in AZ as I know they live in FL too... two different climates... dry/humid but oh, he was pretty!
As made my way on to the main highway, Pima, I was feeling pretty good! I was stronger than last week, and my feet weren't hurting as bad, with the exception of my right knee I was clicking right along... As I neared the dreaded mile 9 (which seems to get me every time) it was fitting for a HUGE buzzard/vulture to land right next to me. He was HUGE, and intimidating... maybe he knew something I didn't know... but I wasn't going to let him eat me... so I hurried along, looking back a couple of times to make sure he wasn't following me... seriously... it did make the 9 mile mark go by faster anyways!
Once I hit mile 13, I called Vito for more water... he brought me ice and two water bottles which I quickly poured in my other bottles and was on my way! Slower pace at this point, but I still made my 19.44 miles in 4 hours. I have a little more confidence that I will finish within the 6 hour mark in 3 weeks!!!
The next 2-1/2 weeks will be pure delight as I start the tapering phase! Some hate to taper, I relish the shorter distances!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Matthew BabinTina Bortz Berlingeri:
...member, the training is the work. The marathon itself (me being a veteran of a big one!) is easy! It is a lifetime rememberance and accomplishment. You will enjoy for a long time. Not that I can motivate you, but it ain't physical - it's mental. I trained myself to run ten miles twice, and then 'anyone can survive a simple 10K' to finish it. If you ever hit tough points, just smile big and keep going!

I just loved this!!! Great advice from a great friend... It came at the right time!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a beautiful morning run...well, it started out that way!! Vito drove me to the top of a mountain and left me for dead... it felt like that, but it was actually only 15 miles from home. I wanted to run downhill a bit as the Marathon will be primarily downhill so I thought this was a good idea! It was beautiful up there... Still, calm, before sun-up and literally, I felt as though I was on top of the world. As Vito drove away, I did some stretching and I was off... down the mountain I went, windy roads, not the smartest path for a runner, but I changed sides of the road due to rocks, and virtually no road to run on...Once I hit the main road, there were nothing but cars and bikers!
I had one Coyote step out in front of me, looked at me, and then turned back... I figured he was going to get his friends and come back, but I didn't see him again!
I did well, until I got to about mile 10 or so, and my feet and knee were aching! My feet felt like they were on fire, and my legs hurt some, maybe from the downhill running... not used to that at all!
On their way to golf, Vito and his buddy found me and gave me COLD water and ICE!!! I was out of both, and needed it badly!!!
I limped for a mile or so, and then ran it in... only 15 miles this morning, and it felt much longer...maybe because of the drive there...? Not sure, but next weekend is the dreaded 20 miler, and I fear it!
Home now, took an Ice bath and shower and ice on my knee, and Compression socks on my legs! Done for the day!!!