Sunday, August 29, 2010

The longest run yet...17 miles!! Got up at 4:30 this morning, and was out the door by 5:30AM! Still dark out, but that is the only time to start if you want a few minutes of cool temperatures here in Sunny Arizona!!! I had a rough couple of miles, and then it just sort of clicked, and I was ready to zone out for a while... Once, I made my turn around at about mile 8.50 I called Vito, who was already on his way, to bring me some ice and water! He was wonderful.. he pulled up, got out and brought out a bucket full of ice water with a washcloth that was ice cold! I "washed" up all over... couldn't believe how delightful that felt! COLD water dripping down y back, I cooled off my legs, arms, and the top of my head... refilled water bottle with ice and I was ready to go! It felt so refreshing... however, I hit mile 10 and I was sweaty again, and ready to lay down!
I kept going, albeit, I had to walk/run/walk/ and run... I was spent!!!
Finally, made it home, and again, Vito had drawn an ICE BATH for me, with a cooler full with another ice bag... the water was FREEZING and it took me no time to fully sit down and relax!
(not sure you can fully relax in a tub of ice...) took a shower and made a protein shake, and now i am done for the day!!!
I hurt everywhere, but my feet ache the most right now! A little over 4 hours!! UGH!!! Next weekend, I am going to cut back to maybe 12 miles and then hit a 20 and then taper for the next 3 weeks!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Got in another 6.5 miler this morning... partly cloudy skies with some sun sneaking in... so it wasn't too bad! As I started out, I saw a beautiful rainbow, and just knew it was going to be a good run! I felt strong and sustained a slow pace, but felt good. As I neared mile 3 I saw yet, another rattle snake in my path... I stopped and then "tip-toed" around him, he didn't seem to be bothered by me, so I took a quick picture... I normally, wouldn't take pictures of snakes of any kind- but I was feeling brave!!! I see these buggers just about every run, and I am sure I run past many more and not realize it! They are becoming common and I need to stay aware!
I will be taking tomorrow off as a rest day, and then Sunday will be long run day... trying to decide if I go 15 or 18 miles... maybe somewhere in between!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Park City Half Marathon

Click here to watch

Flew into SLC, Utah on the bumpiest plane ride ever! Coming right into the storm, there was so much turbulence, I really thought for real, the plane was going to crash! As I sat in my fastened seat belt, paralyzed I was sweating so much, it was literally dripping from every pore.... sick to my stomach, and afraid i was going to throw up! The worst feeling in the world. That feeling unfortunately stuck with me through the entire weekend! Yep, the weekend of the Park City, UT Half Marathon!
Had a nice weekend, hung out with my mom, and laughed and enjoyed our time together! Saturday morning, (race day) I got up around 3:30 AM... before my alarm went off scheduled at 4:15 AM... couldn't sleep! I was ready to go! Feeling still a bit of nausea, got ready and drove to Park City... i met up with some High School buddies and lined up for the race.
The start was quick, and my damn Garmin was still searching for satellite when the gun when off... .5 miles in it was ready, threw me off pace... I guess I am too dependant on it...not good! The first couple 3 miles, I really was having a tough time breathing... yes, higher altitude, but I have an inhaler and used it before I started... didn't find my rhythm, until about mile 5 or 6...too late at that point, however, I was feeling strong! I didn't finish with a PR but 2 minutes better than the previous year, so I will take it!
Got home, showered and was so sick the rest of the afternoon. I had a headache, and knew if I ate something that would go away, but so sick to my stomach, I couldn't eat... I was miserable!
Several hours later, finally, threw up... (TMI and graphics, I know) I may have over-dosed on the Gatorade during the race... oh well, the lessons I learn!
I have 5 weeks to be ready for this dang Marathon, and if the numbers add up, I should finish in about 5:38... WOW!!! Speedy huh?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Up at 4:30 this morning and out the door by 5:10AM... still dark here, but I thought I would try and beat the heat as we are in the middle of an Excessive Heat Warning... nope- hot as hell out there at 5:10 in the morning!!! I was fully prepared, I took my water bottle, another bottle for back up and a bottle of Cytomax and headed out...It was nice running in the dark as I felt I was the only one out there that early today.
As I completed mile two, turning the corner I saw what at first looked like a coyote... but it was a Bobcat! ( brown with stripes) (I am now convinced that the "Bobcat" I saw a month ago was in fact, a Tiger...) He danced in the street, and I did a little dance... not sure exactly what I should do. He stopped in the road stared at me, I stared back, and clapped my hands (softly...hard to do with a water bottle) and he took off. I really wanted to follow him and see where he was headed... I watched as he ran into the wash and got buried somewhere in the rocks... I had another 13 miles ahead, so I decided to keep going...
I felt pretty good, as I travelled the next five... feeling ok, except my feet were screaming... as I came upon mile 7, I was out of water and Cytomax...( yes, it was that hot!) So I called Vito, woke him up, and asked him to bring me another bottle of water and the remaining Cytomax I left in the fridge, and a bucket of ice... Within 20 minutes there he was! I have to say, it is a welcomed site knowing whats inside for me. As he pulled over aside of the road, I hurried and emptied the ice into my bottles and poured the liquids, and the left over ice went down my shirt...ahhhh!
Once the transfer was completed, I was on my way again! Miles 9-11 seemed to stand still. I had to walk a bit... Miles 12-15 were painful as my knee, hips and feet were stiff and sore and I wondered how I would actually complete a 26.2 miler!!!
Home and relieved! Got in the pool cooled off, jumped in the shower and well... you know what I will be doing the rest of the day...NOTHING! Next week is the Park City Half Marathon... and I can't wait, as I know it will be probably 30 degrees cooler at the starting line!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My new running shoes!!! I wished I would have worn them today...I didn't want to get them dirty!!! :)

Well... what I thought I couldn't do, I did! I ran 15 miles this morning...quite an accomplishment for me! I really thought today I was going to get cloud coverage, as yesterday it rained and the weather called for rain such luck! It was only 85 degrees, and for AZ this time of year, that is pretty cool, but believe me, it might as well been 185 degrees!
I started out with plenty of water so I thought... by mile 6- I was dry and called hubby and asked him to bring me two bottles of water and a glass of ice...he came to my rescue about mile 8 and then again at mile 10- you got to love him! I ran pretty steady for the first 8, and then the dreaded mile 9 hits me... I worked through it, in my head...thinking if I could just run to the next cactus and then the next and so on... that worked for about a mile... by mile 10 I was spent, but kept thinking how proud I would be when I finished this run so I kept on... mile 11 and 12 was spent mostly walking and and what I would call the slowest "jog" in the history books! By mile 13...I thought... I just completed a 1/2 marathon... keep going... mile 14 broke me. As I came upon that mile marker per my GPS, I couldn't feel my legs, and wondered how the heck I was going to make it home. With tears streaming down my face...and sweat... so no one could tell I was crying like a baby... "walked" on... I figured I would try and make it to the "finish-line" (my driveway) like a true champion...I felt like one... I am not sure I looked like one!!!
I truly couldn't feel my legs for bit... my feet screaming! The pool was a little refreshing, hot shower... and I 'm still waiting for the "Runner's High" to kick in!

15 miles in the books... and believe me that is a far cry from the 26.2 I need to run in a month and a half!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a beautiful morning for a run... overcast and muggy when I left, but then the skies opened and a cool "mist" showered me for about 6 miles. It was good change of pace, and in fact my "pace" did pick a little as it was much cooler outside... Only about 85 degrees and believe me, that felt great!
It was an uneventful run, which was welcomed.
I have exactly 2 months until the Big Event take place. I ran 12 miles this morning, and I am pretty sure I couldn't have done another 14 unless it was in the back of an ambulance! So hopefully, in the next 2 months I can work up my endurance to at least 20 miles, and figure I will treat the rest of the run as a "walk-a-thon' if have to... Whew! I get anxious and scared thinking about it...I'll try not to as I currently can't feel my legs or feet!...and that is only after 12????
What was I thinking!???