Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just getting back from my long run of the week, 8 miles. I should be doing at least 10 at this point, but I simply have no energy to do anymore right now. I really think it has a lot to do with my nutrition or lack thereof. I did meet with a Dr. this past week, she is a homeopathic Dr, well read, and knows her stuff! We went through my eating habits and did some re-adjusting. I am learning to eat breakfast, which believe it or not is tough for me to do. I have trouble eating too early in the morning.
I was advised that an hour before I run I should try and drink a protein shake. (Runs longer than 5 miles) Sounds good, but getting up that early to drink a shake and let it settle some will be tough. Didn't get up early enough to make that this morning! Practice, practice, practice!

This mornings run was uneventful although I did need to make a pit stop at the park. The restroom was clean enough, but I did kick in all the doors just to make sure I was the only one in there. Not sure what I would have done, had there been someone, but I was feeling brave at the time.
I was well off my pace, but eating right this week should help my long run next week! I am going to shoot for that blessed 10 miles!!

P.S. This week we are going to try rice pasta/ and coconut ice cream!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wow! Went out for a run, but ended up walking for about 3/4 mile. I got so dizzy and sick to my stomach after about 2 miles in... not sure of the cause. It was warm out, but I have run in much hotter conditions, I had the same pre- run snack- toast with honey... so I guess there will be days like this, I am glad I didn't venture too far from home this morning.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Being that I hadn't run in a week, I only did 5.50 miles this morning... Disappointing since I really needed to do a 10 miler this weekend! But some is better than nothing...right? That's what I told myself anyways.
I took along with me on my "short-run" a gel, the packet of honey! Now, I have to say, that the mere thought of gulping down plain honey makes me gag, doing so, I literally had to choke it down and chase with water... once I got it down, it wasn't too bad. I didn't really taste it as I was quick with the water... not sure I felt a difference... but it made me feel like a real runner...:) It took me longer to open the packet and wonder what I was going to do with the packet once I consumed it... no worries, I zipped it in my water holder and threw it away when I got home!!!

This coming week, should be a good running week, and I should be back on schedule!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today, while shopping at Whole Foods, Vito said "look, its your buddies...!" Curious, I looked to see who he was talking about, since I have so many "buddies" ... and Look, its Felipe and Sione from the Biggest Loser! We are big fans of the show, and it was so great so see them there! I got a chance to speak with Sione, and talk about my favorite subject: Running. He was so gracious spending time talking about running, racing and nutrition for the marathon. I told him how I fueled up for a long run- and 1/2 marathons... 3/4 slice of toast with honey and water along the route... I don't think he was too impressed...hahaha...He told me I really needed to start trying out different gels, and keeping nourished while I run. Of course, everyone tells me that, Vito, has told me that time and time again, but hearing that information today just confirmed what I needed to hear! BTW... Sione will be in the marathon in St. George too!

After Whole Foods, I "ran" next store to RoadRunner Sports. Talked to some running friends of mine who work there, Becky and Ryan. They were excited to hear about my new adventure- Running a FULL marathon- they were very supportive. I bought some gels, and chewy things to take on runs with me to try out...even came home with a trial running schedule!! Can't wait to go running tomorrow with my groceries!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well, I made today, Sunday, my Long Run day of the week! As I laid in bed thinking maybe tomorrow would be the better day. I was trying to find an excuse to not run this morning, but I got up and thought I'll run for a few and see how I feel!
Got out of the door much later than I should have this time of year! I was dripping in sweat by mile 1. Seriously! I knew I was going to be longer than 5 miles this morning so I took water with me, usually, I don't take any as it is just one more thing to carry, but my hubby said he would try and find me on his way to golf and bring me cold water! I normally ration my water when I take it, but knowing even colder water would be on its way, I drank my bottle by mile 4- EMPTY! I was hot, thirsty and at least another 3 miles from home wondering if I missed Vito, or misunderstood what he said this morning as I left! As I was nearing the last mile turn for home, I saw what I thought was him, but all white trucks were looking the same at this point... Lo and behold appeared Vito, he handed me an ice cold bottle of water!!! Cars were approaching behind him so no time for chatter and I made my way home- after only doing 8!!
Next week, I plan to bring plenty of water and a gel and get out early- Goal is a 10-11 mile run next Saturday!

Friday, May 14, 2010

This morning, I got up early to go hiking with my friend-Jodi. She and I have been hiking Pinnacle Peak regularly for the past couple of months. It is quite a climb up and even more of a climb back down. Pinnacle Peak kind of wraps around so you are never truly going up or down.
We talk the entire Hike, which is good for me, since I can't run and talk at the same time.

We always see such interesting things/people, lots of folks running up and down the mountain... I wish I could do that, it is probably a great workout routine- maybe one day- but today we stumbled upon Gigantic Lizards! Seriously, I have never seen any that big before! I took pictures with my Iphone- so the pictures aren't the best... but wow! They were cool to see! Awesome views! Had a good time! Look forward to it again next week!

Tomorrow is Long Run day- I am thinking maybe 8-10 miles?? ( for me, that is a Long run!!) What will I do when my Long Runs are really Long Runs..18-20 miles?? Hahaha

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting back from a 4 miler. I really need to get up much earlier as it tends to get nice and WARM in the mornings around here!

Obviously, I live in the desert, so I am bound to run into wildlife out there. I live near washes that inter-connect through my neighborhood. This morning, as I was nearing an open wash, I saw out of the corner of my eye a nice sized Coyote. He was practically side by side with me... I slowed down to a jog (well, I was already jogging) but slowed down even more, not sure if I should stop and let him bite me, or run and let him chase me (speedwork wasn't on the agenda this morning!) so I came to a walk, clapped my hands and asked him politely to please go the other way! He stared at me and I was staring at him... and he turned and went the other way. Both of us looking back at each other... funny now, but at the time, I was a little frightened. I should be used to them by now... but being that close is shocking!

I only ran 4 miles today...I didn't have a lot of energy, I wonder if it was due to not eating well the day before. Coffee for breakfast, crackers for lunch, soda for a snack and popcorn for dinner!! What do you think??

Monday, May 10, 2010

Got up early to beat the heat! 64 degrees at 6:45AM was very pleasant! Got in a 5.50 mile run!! Feeling pretty good except for my left toes felt a bit cramped/numb... I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact I was in heels all weekend long...anyways... it's a start!

P.S. I really need to stop counting down miles... at each mile marker I would think, " I would only have 25.2 more miles to run..." and so on... A habit, that needs to be broken!

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Training for my first Marathon...

I like to run. I run on the average 4-5 miles every other day and longer runs on the weekends average about 7-10 miles. Certainly I up the mileage a bit while training for a Half marathon, albeit, not much! I often wondered what it would feel like to run a Full Marathon after all everyone runs them... right?

I have run several Half marathons, many 5k's, 10k's and fun runs...I have always felt like a Marathoner after each run, even though by the time I make it across the finish line, the crowds are minimum, and I am barely lucky enough to salvage a bottle of water and a banana... yes, I am a slow runner!

This year, I entered the Nike Women's Marathon (Half) in San Francisco- purely for the Finish line which consisted of Firemen in Tuxes handing you a little blue box from Tiffany's... who wouldn't run for that? I also entered the St. George marathon thinking what are my chances of getting in. I have never even been lucky with scratch -off's! Well, I didn't get in the Nike Women's Run for the 2nd year in a row... and I prayed I wouldn't get in the St. George full, after all I really don't want to run 26.2 miles, no energy or willpower to train for a full! Well, you guessed it... I won the lottery!! 26.2!!! ( Miles- not Millions!!)

So, I decided to write a blog and share my journey and training for a full marathon. I have no idea about nutrition, weight training, or mileage to be run in preparation for a full marathon! There will be lots to learn! Good thing I like to read...

BTW... my blog name- The Running Turtle idea came from a t-shirt I saw at an expo. It had a picture of a Turtle with the words..."I am running...!" I completely understood! I only wish I had purchased the t-shirt...