Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflection of 2010

What a great Running year it was for me!
I started the year out unemployed, as I was laid off.  Our Company closed up as many others did, and I found myself one of the many looking for employment and hope.  That being said, I knew I would now have plenty of time to get in my daily runs and I looked forward to getting up in the mornings.  Yes, I was depressed about not having a job to go to, but I knew out running would at least make me feel normal...running seemed normal to me...Hahaha...anyways, I made a list of races and goals I wanted to complete for 2010, and I successfully completed each and every one of them!
I started with doing the Sedona Half Marathon in February...couldn't have been colder but beautiful scenery all around me was worth it.  I felt like I truly ran a mountain and then some doing that race, and felt so incredibly empowered by doing so!  I said after completing Sedona, that I could do anything!

Next came Pat's Run... a run that I look forward to each year, as that is such an inspiring run that makes you feel that you are running with a true Hero, himself, Pat Tillman!  What an incredible Athlete!  I say that, because unlike most, he walked away from an aspiring football career to fight for our Country and never made it home!  God Bless each and everyone of our Service Men and Women.

Then I decided to get brave myself and registered for a Marathon!!!  What???  It was a Lottery Draw, and my chances of winning any type of lottery were slim to none, but I gambled and I could at least tell everyone I "tried" to get in...Hahaha... well, the morning of May 7th, I sat in front of my Computer to see the winners... and my name was on the list... I had to look again, as I couldn't believe that- one:  I won a lottery, and two: a Marathon?  Me?  Well, the real training begins...although it was only May and the marathon wasn't until October...plenty of time!!  Hahahahahahahahhahhahahhhhaahhahaha

August came and Park City was on my list...what a gorgeous goodness!  Up in the mountains where it is cool, scenic and serene... although while running it, you really don't appreciate the beauty, you just want it over with- quickly!  I have done Park City twice with two wonderful High School friends... friends that I hardly knew in school yet, have become two of my closest running friends, and looking forward to doing it again with them in 2011.  The absolute one thing I love most about the Park City race, is that my mom comes and cheers me on and there is nothing like having your biggest fan out there waiting for you at the finish line!  Love you Mom!!

Well, the fun is over and now it is late August and October 2nd is how far away...?  Not far at all!  Keep in mind I live in Sunny, HOT Arizona!  Love the temperatures here... but training for a Marathon was absolutely the most brutal thing you can do here in the Summer... what was I thinking..or not thinking!!

I couldn't have trained in the heat without the help of my Hubby!  He seriously saved my life out there as he would drive by once or twice during my long runs and provide ICE, ice water, cold bucket of ICE and a cloth to cool me as I would still have miles to go... keep in mind I would start at 5:00AM and not finish until close to 9-9:30AM... ( duh?  The Running Turtle?)

Well, St. George  Marathon here I come!  Scared to death, we drove to St. George, Utah for my Marathon debut... excited but terrified!  Once there, I never really settled in, as I was too anxious to relax.  The Expo was exciting for me, as I met for the first time my Sponsor, LIN Socks, Angelo.  What a welcoming sight to see and meet him finally, as I could see I was really part of an exciting Team!  Thank you, Angelo!
Also, I met up with two other High School buddies!  What fun!  I did persuade one of them to actually sign up with me- through FB- and he did!  Larry you are a trooper!

The morning was here and I was running a MARATHON!!!  Scared I hadn't trained well enough, and worried that I would let my family and friends down... I stood at the starting line with tears running down my face... could I do it?  With Larry by my side, step for step, ( OK.. he was a step ahead of me...) we ran the first 20 miles having the time of our lives... beautiful scenery, friendship- bonded for life!  He left me for dead however, at mile 21 and I didn't see him until the FINISH LINE!!!  Yes, I finished!!
With my supportive Husband and new best friend, it was truly one of the best days of my life!

With one more race ahead of me this year, I never really took more than a week off to recover as I had the WHM in a month!  What a wonderful event that was, as I had wanted to run that one last year during the inaugural event in FL... long story, but it was brought to Scottsdale and I was running it this year!

I think I was put in the wrong corral, as I stood in Corral #1...soaking it in... I wasn't nervous about this one as I had just ran a MARATHON... and this was only a HALF!!! Hahahhaha... Wonderful event, and I even got a PR (Personal Record)!  What a great finish!

I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring to me!  Hoping to run more races and set new goals for myself!  Yes, I want to run another Marathon, and try for a new PR!  Oh, and by the way, I am still looking for a job?

Many thanks to my family and friends for making it a great year for me!!
Happy New Years!
The Running Turtle

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Run

Well, I got out there today, after taking a few days...quite a few days off...and made it 5 miles!  Whew!  It started out cold and the water bottle in my hand was frozen, but I warmed up quickly, I think it was only 53 degrees!! (OK, that is cold for me!)  The first mile or so, were painful... I couldn't get a rhythm going, I couldn't zone out, and I felt each step I took... had to stop every so often... I thought about just turning around and going back home, but I thought I would go a little further each time I debated about going home... I got into "running mode" about mile 3 and then I started to feel pretty good.. but I headed back home anyways... The important thing today was that I got back out there!  No, I didn't try out the Bikila's just yet, maybe this afternoon, or tomorrow for a run around the block...Hahaha

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vibram Bikala's

Well, I did it!  I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers to run in!  I have been looking at these and have seen so many CRAZY people running in them!   I used to laugh at them and think how crazy they are, and how that must hurt with each and every step!  I even saw several folks running in these on the Marathon course!  CRAZY!!!  Well- I'm one of them!!  Hahaha...
When I went to try them on, I literally broke into a sweat trying to get my toes in the dang shoes... I began to move furniture, I needed something to put my foot on to see it that would help... the little foot bench I found had wheels, so that wasn't doing me any good, I finally ripped it off my foot and said it wasn't meant to be! I tried on another pair thinking that they would be easier or something... WRONG!!  After about 15 minutes seriously of trying to jam my toes and the rest of my foot into EACH shoe, I was ready for a nap!  Once, they are on I decided to run in them down the sidewalk in front of the store... I felt like I was running on my tippy toes!!!  I was, I guess, as they hurt your feet if you hit heel first, which I am a  "heel striker" anyways...  I was SOLD!!  Wrap them up!  Hahaha
I did buy them so that I can work on foot strength and better my running form!  I have yet, to take a real run in them, as I am kind of afraid... I mean look at them, they really aren't that pretty, they make me look like Aqua man or something... but... I WILL use them and hopefully, see a difference in my running stride and form!
Get ready for my Vibram Bikala adventures...ouch!!

Scary looking!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jingle Bell Run

I ran in a local 5K this morning, something I haven't done in awhile!  I love the feeling of the local races and the friends you see and meet there!
It was raining when I left this morning, and of course, since it rains so much here in sunny AZ, I don't even own a rain jacket -Hahaha- but by the time I got to Adobe Park, the rain had stopped!  I figured the rain would keep the racers home... but, was already crowded at 7:30, and the race didn't begin until 9:00AM!  9:00 AM is when the sun came out and I was dressed for winter- hahaha!
 The race was a charity for Toys for Tots and seeing all the unwrapped gifts for children really does a heart good, especially this time of year!  So, as I made my way to the registration line with my Barbie in hand, I was given my race bib, T-shirt, timing ankle band, jingle bells and a raffle ticket!!!  Wow!  It was like Christmas!!!  Well... kind of...
The goal of this run was to beat Santa to the finish line- if you were successful you were entered into another raffle for a free year of  Four Peaks Races!!!  I wanted to win it... So, as Santa yelled Go... I ran out  a little too quick, after all, I hadn't run in over a week, and I wanted to try out my brand new shoes.  We hit the dirt trail (didn't want to break in my shoes in the dirt..dang it...) and right into the sun!  What a great way to start the day!  About 1-1/2 miles in I wondered what I was doing out there...why am I running?  Why am I not home drinking a hot cup of coffee?  And then I saw Santa pass me... I remembered why I was out there... I ran into Santa at the Half way point- handing out water... as I passed him, I told him "All I want for Christmas is to beat you!!!"  He laughed... I saw Santa pass me again, along with a few dogs on leashes, and a couple of strollers and 4 year olds... oh well, I was out there to have fun today...right?
I got my Christmas wish, I beat Santa... but I realized, Santa wasn't out to WIN the race...
I hung out afterwards to see if my raffle ticket was a winner... what do you think?  My number did actually did get drawn... I won a $15.00 online coupon for RoadID...pretty cool!

Running Santa

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Running Form Class

Well, last week, while I was exchanging my shoes at Runner's Den, I was told about a Good Running Form class that they offered, that was after I ran 50 feet down the sidewalk trying out my new shoes... So, apparently, I was a great student candidate!  I signed up and went this morning.  I was there among 3 adults and 3 children...I guess it is good to start with good running form early!
We went through some drills, and then we each ran while being video taped twice.  Once with running shoes, and once barefoot... very different running with no shoes!
After reviewing the video tape, I can definitely see I am a "heel-striker" which exerts a lot more energy while running, and could be some of the reason behind my knee problems.  WOW!
We also ran to the sound of a metronome at 180/200 beats (cadence training) that was a great experience, now I want a little mechanical metronome to run with me... I am sure the neighborhood would enjoy the "beat!"  Hahaha...
All in all it was good class, and I did walk away from it learning a few things that I will practice and hope to feel an increase of energy and efficiency.
While I was there, I once AGAIN, exchanged my shoes... went back to the old standby, Asics!  Aren't they pretty?  Maybe, I should just try out shoes for a living... run in them for a week and exchange them for a different pair?  Do you think there is a job like that out there?  Let me know... I will apply!  hahaha

I also, found something I want for Christmas... Vibram 5 fingers shoes!  Stay tuned, as that will be a whole new runing experience!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't been motivated lately to do much running!  I think about it and plan to run and then something comes up and I do that instead!  Tonight, I decided I was going to stick to my plan and go for a run.  Afterall, I have eaten Christmas goodies and garbage lately, I thought it would be a good way to justify the crap I have put in my body lately!
I headed out and hadn't gone but 1/2 mile and I started to sweat and lose my breath!  I am thinking about the chocolate covered strawberry I ate just an hour before hand... so I kept on moving and keeping a slow but steady pace.
Now a week ago I broke down and exchanged my Mizuno's for Brooks!  I got the right size and boy do the new shoes feel great at the store... you get them home and they feel much different!  This time, my right foot seems to hurt and my right toes went numb... now that can't be good!  Hahahaha... I will give them a couple more runs I hate to take them back... the store is so nice and accommodating, I hate to go in every week and get a new pair of shoes...(Not a bad idea, really!) Hmmm... :)
Anyways I got a 5K in tonight, and will continue my journey back to an easy 10 miles within by weekend I hope!
I signed up for a Running form class at Runner's Den this weekend, hopefully, it will be worth it!
My new "Ride" Brooks

Monday, November 29, 2010

Whew!  I finally got back out there!  Took a little time off... actually, it has been a little too cold for me to run!  Hahaha.. that makes me laugh, when I look back at training for the Marathon, in the 110 degree heat... I was praying for snow and freezing temperatures, and now that I have freezing temperatures (52 degrees) I am complaining... will I ever find the perfect runnning weather?  I think I did this afternoon!  It was a wonderful 56 degrees, and it felt GREAT!  Refreshing to say the least...yes, I did work up a sweat but it took at least a mile or so to start feeling the heat!
Still breaking in my new shoes... I think I will keep them!  One foot feels better than the other, but I hate to buy two pairs of shoes, just so each foot gets the right I will adjust and see how long it takes me to throw my hip out or bust down a knee... that will give me the incentive to buy another pair of shoes, in another size.  A pair for my left foot and a pair for my right!  Hahaha...although that really isn't all that funny!
I missed the Turkey Trot this year by sleeping in and thinking about how COLD it would be standing out there waiting for the start, so I did of did my own Turkey Trot... it was great!  I won!!  The first race I actually came in first and won my my age group!!  So, I got to thinking this afternoon, maybe next year I will host my own race- Not a Thanksgiving day one, but maybe in say, June or September?  I bet I could find 25 people/friends that would want to participate... I have some thinking to do... Would you want to participate in a race that was put together by "The Running Turtle"?  Hahaha

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today was one of those "feel sorry for me" days!  I couldn't brave the cold this morning, yes, it was a chilly 47 degrees and I just didn't have it in me!  I was a little bummed that I didn't make the Iron Girl run this year... but I am tired and my legs are too!   I decided to get other things done this morning, and would plan to go out later this afternoon!
I finally laced up for the afternoon run, after all, I had new shoes to break in- Hooray!  I was about a 1/2 mile in, and decided, I wasn't sold on my new shoes!  I went up a 1/2 size to accommodate my left foot and now my right feels unsupported...Why does it have to be so difficult??  Besides, I really didn't want to get my new shoes dirty, so I was being careful so I am sure that added to my instability!  Hahaha...
Every 1/2 mile it seemed I had to slow down and walk... I just couldn't make my legs move!  Now, perhaps, it wasn't really my legs fault after all, I didn't exactly eat like an Athlete today!  Coke and a danish for breakfast, handful of dark chocolate covered pistachios, left over chicken for lunch, and a GU right before I left... not sure there was much there to give 100% today!
As I hit the WALL- literally, I straddled the wall, right there in Coyote Alley for about a minute, wondering if I could even make it home ( less than a mile to go)!!  I flipped through my Ipod found a Lady Gaga song and went on my way...Jury still out about the shoes.  I will take them running a few more times this week before I make my final decision!  Woe is me!!  I will eat better this week!!! Hahahhaha

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shoe Shopping!

I have to say, that one really doesn't "shop" for running know what you want before you even step foot in the door... but it is much more fun to call it Shopping!!  Woke up this morning, knowing I was getting a brand new pair of Running shoes!  Hooray!!  My old shoes had too many miles on them, but I was in between a Marathon and a Half, so no time to break in a new pair!
I went to Runner's Den and met up with my good friend there, Craig.  He ran his 200th Marathon the day I ran my very first, in St. George, I would like to think he knows a little something about shoes!  hahaha
I wanted to give the Mizuno's a try, I have been running in Asics, and I found the last pair to hurt my feet- yes, I am blaming the shoes, so I needed to try a new brand.  The thing I like about Runner's Den, is that they are very patient people and allow you to try the shoes and if you aren't happy, simply bring them back!
The Mizuno's are a little more narrow than my Asics, but they felt good and light.  I actually, went up a 1/2 size...I wonder if it is true about your feet getting bigger after a marathon...really? ( I thought it was just your head that got bigger from all the bragging!!! ) Oh well, I am anxious to try them out, but they are almost too pretty to run seriously, they are!
I almost feel bad for my old shoes, but I plan to donate them, so they will be happy and hopefully, make someone else happy for a few miles!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can you say PR?

I can now!!!  Hooray!!!  What a great day!  Today was the WHM, and my day started early!  I was very lucky, that Vito agreed to drop me off this morning at the starting line and then meet me at the finish line!  Saved me an hour of driving around in circles trying to find the parking lot #59 (although, it was where I thought!) and then taking a bus and worrying I would be late for the Starting line!!!  Whew!  Speaking of the Starting Line... oh, my goodness, I was seriously in Heaven up there.  Somehow, I made it to corral #1...I really think WHM knew I needed a head start, but I took full advantage of standing with some of the faster women!  I had never been that close to the starting line before and what an different experience that was.  I really didn't want the race to ever start!  I was so content just standing there in Corral#1!!  Although, I guess more women 'warm'-up" there, as there was this one woman, "warming-up" for a good 25 minutes... she made me tired, I really wanted to tell her to stand still for a minute... she was ruining my Corral # 1 experience! seriously, she did!
As the count down started, I was directly behind the Pacing car... that was so cool, even though it only lasted about a minute... before the masses overtook me!!  Oh, well, I looked important... even if it was for a split second... I got a taste... moving on to the race.
I bought a new SPIbelt, that had bands for my gels, cool, but I didn't adjust beforehand, it so it started bouncing!! What?? These belts don't bounce... so after about 2 miles of that, I tried to tighten it and that helped, but then it made my shorts start to wedge since I moved the belt below my hips... didn't care.... it wasn't bouncing!  Mile 2, my stomach didn't feel so good, CRAP!!  Literally!  I was a bit nervous, but I think once my SPIbelt  stopped bouncing, I felt better!!  Whew!!  I was starting to sweat a little... Hahaha
Mile 2.5 -I grabbed an empty cup of water... What???  They weren't filled yet, but that's OK, living in AZ, you learn to ration your water, so I waited until the next water table!  Had a great first 8.5 miles... I was running at a good pace and was ahead of my normal time by about 10 minutes... I was stoked!  I was hoping that I would PR at this point, and I kept on...I beat my 10 mile time by minutes too... wow, could I really beat my best Half Marathon time to date???   Only a 5k left... easy!!  No problem!!!  Well, it was a problem, I was spent!  That was the LONGEST 5K ( besides my very first one...) I ever ran!  I really didn't think there was a finish line!!  Wait!  Was I running a Marathon?  Hahaha... no, but it felt like one!
And then... there is was... the FINISH LINE!!!  I had PR'd!!!  I felt like crying... OK, so I did a little...but pure tears of joy!  And then, meeting me at the Finish Line were the Armed Forces- in uniform, handing out the Glorious Medals!  Ahhh.... this was the reason I signed up in the first place!  The two- in- one medal!!  Oh my... just like I pictured!  Heavy, Silver, Big, and Shiny!... In the middle of this big Sunburst... was a charm that can be removed and worn on a chain!!  I did have my charm transferred, but I also think I will buy a bigger chain and wear the Medal!  Hahaha...
Oh, what a day!  PR, Medal, Charm and Corral #1... what more could I have asked for...?  I hope the WHM comes to Scottsdale next year!
Expo- Loving the Goody Bag

5:45 AM- I wanted to just stand in my Corral  (Once in a lifetime for me!)

My friend Lauren before the start

Corral #1

Finish Line!!!

LIN Socks/ Medal

Minutes from finishing

Proud moment...

My Chauffeur/Hubby

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a great morning for a run!  It was only 61 degrees... I guess Winter is here for us in AZ- Hahaha... my fingers were actually frozen on the hand that was carrying my frozen water bottle!  It didn't take long however, for them to thaw right out... I ran the same 10 mile course, I always run...I think I need to change it up a bit, as I am getting a little bored with the same old scenery each week!  The problem is, that I don't have too many directions that I can go that don't have me running in a wash- feeling like a moving target for the Coyotes and Javelina's.  That would make my runs a little more interesting, but nonetheless a bit reckless- I'll figure it out!
I figured it being Halloween, I was bound to see some interesting creatures out there, but sadly, I am sure I was the scariest of all... 10.31 miles however, funny is that?  (The date today?)  I probably should have run less, since I have the WHM next weekend, which will be exciting!  I love Race week, it makes me feel important all week long...:)  Looking forward to my week ahead- I "train' the week before- drinking lots of water and eating right... something I should be doing all along...hahaha!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to the Sunday morning routine of running... and I loved it!  The weather was perfect this morning, a cool 75 degrees...ahhhh.  About .10 into my run however,  I ran through an invisible spider web... crap, I can feel it but can't see it... it took about a mile for me to get the "spider web" off of me... and then the "crawling sensation" began, I dug deep not to let it spoil my run...Have I ever mentioned that I truly hate spiders all kinds...even the dead ones?
I felt great, and the first 5 really didn't seem to bother me at all... found a rhythm and settled right in... at my 5 mile or so turn around I headed for the one and only Circle K in the area and filled up my water bottle... gagged down a GU and began my journey back home.  Either the Sun was starting to hit me just right or the GU with 2x the caffeine kicked in, but I started to sweat and felt the heat I have become so used to...I struggled at the 8 mile mark, as I had a dang rock in the bottom of my shoe, and my right knee began to warn me that it had had enough... when I  saw a good friend cruise by on her bike and waved at me... that was what I needed to get going again... I was out of water, but only 1.50 from home, when Vito pulled up on his way golf, and handed me an ice cold bottle of water!  (Just like the old days...three weeks ago...) The water some some magic in it, as I cruised on home completing a 10.50 run!  Whew!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, that was undoubtedly the slowest 3.15 miles I have run yet!! (45:46 minutes) This morning was the first run since the marathon.  I knew I wouldn't go too far, just wanted to stretch the legs, and make sure I could still run... 3 steps in, I knew I was going to cut whatever mileage my head was thinking...
The left outside of my thigh was so tight I was afraid my leg would buckle right underneath me, and my right knee was aching?  Thoughts of intensive care ran through my head, weeks of therapy crept in there... I really didn't have time for MRI's, and PT after all, I have a 1/2 marathon in less than a month!  WTH??
 I had ran 26.2 miles didn't feel any of that... was this normal?  Did I try and run too soon?  Did I rest too long...?  Who knows... what I do know, is that I was out in the fresh air and moving, albeit SLOWLY!

It was comforting knowing that I didn't have a MARATHON looming over my head, so whatever speed I was running was really for my own satisfaction this morning.  Besides the aches and pains I was experiencing with every step, I felt a sense of freedom, and that was something I haven't felt in a long time!

The run was short and fairly uneventful!  I saw a dead tarantula (the only good kind- dead) and plenty of bunnies, a roadrunner (mocking me I am sure) and then the beauty of a Red Cardinal!  Oh, he lit up my eyes, I stopped to admire and then tried to get my phone out of my SPIbelt to take a picture!  Just as I thought I had him in my camera's view a dang car drove past and scared him away!  Good thing I have a photographic memory...for a split second I felt nothing but joy!  Didn't last long, I jogged on home, trying to look like a real Runner does at the end of their run... after all, I ran past neighbors washing their cars... I had to put on a little show!

I'll try it again tomorrow...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I did it!!  26.2 miles... what a journey!  Hooray for me!! 
What a wonderful weekend I had...Vito and I drove to St. George, UT Thursday...I was nervous and anxious the entire drive!  Friday morning, I was up early and ready to hit the EXPO!  That really is my favorite part of the event!  It is always filled with excitement and tons of enthusiasm from other Runners!  This EXPO was kind of exciting for me, as I felt a part of it!  My Sponsor, LIN Socks, was going to be there!  I wore my LIN Ladies Jersey and I instantly saw LIN Socks as I walked in, as the jersey's matched! Exciting!  I was proud to be there, and met Angelo, our Team Captain for the first time.  WOW!  What a genuine person he is.  I had only met him via FB and through emails, and it was so nice to actually see him and his Team in action!  It made the LIN Ladies High Performance Team real to me!  There were socks in every color and design.  I think I need one of each!
As I walked through the EXPO, I ran into my Running buddy from HS... he said I "guilt- ed" him into signing up for the Marathon...but I didn't!!  :) I just casually mentioned it...  I also ran into another very good friend from HS, Bruce and his wife and it was fun to catch up even if it was for a minute or two...I wandered through the EXPO, had to buy a shirt that had 26.2 on it, along with a charm that said 26.2, oh yeah, and a car magnet for the world to see that had 26.2 on it... now, I didn't have an excuse not to finish, as I planned on wearing the shirt and charm...hahaha...

Relaxed Friday at our Hotel... and then Vito and I met Larry for dinner.  We all ate the "Marathon Special"   All you can eat Pasta!!!  I couldn't eat much, I was feeling a bit sick!  Went to bed early and slept for about 45 minutes... before the alarm went off!  3:00AM!!  I was up at at 'em... got dressed, ate my oatmeal and banana, and headed out the door...As Vito walked me to the bus, I was already in tears... not sure of what was about to happen...could I do it?  Did I train hard enough?  Seriously???  Got to the starting point met Larry there, and waited and waited.. about 2 hours before the gun went off... we lined up in the 3:20 pace team... hahaha... I wanted to be near the front of the 5:30 pack... I needed a head start!  And then it started!!!  We were off... the first couple of miles flew by... Larry and I ran side by side.. I 'm not used to running with anyone, but it really helped!  We laughed, joked, told stories, sang songs, saw things we had never seen before... like people actually peeing right there in the open... WHAT???

Anyways, 10 miles flew by, another 5 flew by, and we reached 20 miles at about 4:11... 6 more miles to go!!!  A time of 5:15 was in my reach!!!  How exciting!!!  Then...not sure what happened... Larry got head of me and I was cheering him on... soon he was out of sight, and I was left in the 6 miles of darkness.  I hit that "Wall" they talk about... I cried, and tried so hard to think positive...I can do this!!  I can do this!!!  I am doing this!!!  I had to walk a bit, slowed down to a crawl... cried some more.. what was happening to me???  I finally saw the Finish line... and I cried again.. this time I pulled it together and I could feel my heart race... I prayed that I wouldn't need the National Guards help to cross... I didn't!  I did it on my own!!!  It felt amazing!!!  I cried as they put the Medal around my neck... I did it!!! I came to finish and I did it!  Time...does it really matter???  5:51:05   It can only get better from here!!
Yes, I may do another Marathon, but right now...?  I am going to bask in the glory of telling EVERYONE I meet, that I ran a marathon!!!  26.2 awesome, glorious miles!!!  Yes, I am proud!

video video

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, I am packing up and ready to head to St. George in the morning!  I can not believe how fast the past few months have flown!  As I went for my last and final run before the Big Day, I reflected upon how far I have really come... and the challenges that I have overcome to prepare for this event!
I went yesterday, to have a Hydration IV to get fully hydrated with some minerals thrown in, and anyone that knows me, that was HUGE, as I don't do Needles of any kind!!!  I was so BRAVE!!  :)  This morning, I went for a quick 3 mile run, and felt great!  Had my last Assisted Stretching session this morning,  at: AT EASE FITNESS!  They are genius over there... the last three weeks have really helped my running stride... I am still SLOW... but I feel better!!
I have been so blessed with a wonderful support system, from my husband and mother. ( The only ones looking at this blog) Hahaha- They are my biggest fans and have been nothing short of encouraging and helpful as I have prepared for the Marathon!  I think they, as well as everyone else, will be glad when its over so I stop talking about it!!  Although, I will be bragging about the run for another 6 months... SORRY!!
Pictures and video will be here early next week!!  Cheers to the FINISH LINE!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Went out this morning for my last LONG run of only 6.51 miles... I actually felt pretty good all around... so I am as ready as ready can be I guess. I mean what's another 20 miles right? HAHA I will be packing up and heading out Thursday for a long drive and anticipate what Saturday will bring! I am not going there to start a race, I am going there to FINISH a race!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's taper time... and I am loving it!!! I was going to do 12 miles this morning, but ended up doing only 11... I miscalculated somewhere along the way... oh well, it was a good run nonetheless! Yes, my right knee hurt, but I wore a Protec knee band today and that seemed to help some... so I will be wearing that during the marathon for some relief... some is better than none!!!

This morning the temperature was about 82, so pleasant running, but as soon as the sun came up, it got back into the 90's and that was HOT!!! REMINDER: Never train for a Fall marathon while living in AZ... are you kidding??? HOT<>

Well, I will be running week days and then next week is an easy 8 miles and then the BIG ONE!! Nervous...? You bet!! Not sure I would commit to a marathon again... we'll see! Hoping for a good experience!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LIN LADIES High Performance Team

I have been invited to be part of an Awesome Ladies Athletic Team. The LIN LADIES High Performance Team. Each state is represented and I, of course represent AZ. This team is full of Podium winners- Tri-athletes, Iron Man's and Marathon Well, I am running my first Marathon and proud of that. I won't be standing on the Podium, winning a Medal, but I will finish any race I start and earn a big shiny Medal..after all, isn't that why we run these silly things?

LIN Socks, is my Sponsor, now, I always thought anyone that would Sponsor me would be wanting me to advertise for Molasses or Glue --- Slow and steady! Nope...I am sponsored by Socks!! Let me go back to the word, Sponsor... I am not paid by LIN Socks - I am promoting Socks which I love anyways.... This team is made up of Ladies who just happen to run and compete and LOVE SOCKS... We will be promoting socks at events, and sharing just how comfortable we are competing in them!

I do highly recommend their socks, as Socks are needed for just about every sport- I HIGHLY recommend their Compression socks, as they feel so good on the tired legs!
Check out the Website for yourself LIN Socks and if you like what you see use my name TINA (case sensitive) to get a 10% discount and free shipping over orders of $20.00 or more!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big 20!!! My last Long Run before the marathon!!! I did it!!! DONE!!! My morning started at 4:30 AM, got ready for the longest run so far... Vito drove me to the same spot he did last weekend and I ran from there adding mileage at the end of my route! It was a gorgeous morning!
Cooler than normal, and a bit overcast at times, which REALLY MADE DIFFERENCE!!! Running in the cooler temperatures is so much more pleasant!
As I was making my way down the first big hill, a big Roadrunner ran in front of me,I thought that was funny! It made me think of Wiley the Coyote/ Roadrunner cartoons. The Roadrunner I felt was mocking at me, but I still laughed and continued on my way! As I am nearing the descent, I stopped in my tracks, as a beautiful gray Egret circled around me... just stunning to see this magnificent bird fly- I hadn't seen one in a long time, and I think they are somewhat rare here in AZ as I know they live in FL too... two different climates... dry/humid but oh, he was pretty!
As made my way on to the main highway, Pima, I was feeling pretty good! I was stronger than last week, and my feet weren't hurting as bad, with the exception of my right knee I was clicking right along... As I neared the dreaded mile 9 (which seems to get me every time) it was fitting for a HUGE buzzard/vulture to land right next to me. He was HUGE, and intimidating... maybe he knew something I didn't know... but I wasn't going to let him eat me... so I hurried along, looking back a couple of times to make sure he wasn't following me... seriously... it did make the 9 mile mark go by faster anyways!
Once I hit mile 13, I called Vito for more water... he brought me ice and two water bottles which I quickly poured in my other bottles and was on my way! Slower pace at this point, but I still made my 19.44 miles in 4 hours. I have a little more confidence that I will finish within the 6 hour mark in 3 weeks!!!
The next 2-1/2 weeks will be pure delight as I start the tapering phase! Some hate to taper, I relish the shorter distances!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Matthew BabinTina Bortz Berlingeri:
...member, the training is the work. The marathon itself (me being a veteran of a big one!) is easy! It is a lifetime rememberance and accomplishment. You will enjoy for a long time. Not that I can motivate you, but it ain't physical - it's mental. I trained myself to run ten miles twice, and then 'anyone can survive a simple 10K' to finish it. If you ever hit tough points, just smile big and keep going!

I just loved this!!! Great advice from a great friend... It came at the right time!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a beautiful morning run...well, it started out that way!! Vito drove me to the top of a mountain and left me for dead... it felt like that, but it was actually only 15 miles from home. I wanted to run downhill a bit as the Marathon will be primarily downhill so I thought this was a good idea! It was beautiful up there... Still, calm, before sun-up and literally, I felt as though I was on top of the world. As Vito drove away, I did some stretching and I was off... down the mountain I went, windy roads, not the smartest path for a runner, but I changed sides of the road due to rocks, and virtually no road to run on...Once I hit the main road, there were nothing but cars and bikers!
I had one Coyote step out in front of me, looked at me, and then turned back... I figured he was going to get his friends and come back, but I didn't see him again!
I did well, until I got to about mile 10 or so, and my feet and knee were aching! My feet felt like they were on fire, and my legs hurt some, maybe from the downhill running... not used to that at all!
On their way to golf, Vito and his buddy found me and gave me COLD water and ICE!!! I was out of both, and needed it badly!!!
I limped for a mile or so, and then ran it in... only 15 miles this morning, and it felt much longer...maybe because of the drive there...? Not sure, but next weekend is the dreaded 20 miler, and I fear it!
Home now, took an Ice bath and shower and ice on my knee, and Compression socks on my legs! Done for the day!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The longest run yet...17 miles!! Got up at 4:30 this morning, and was out the door by 5:30AM! Still dark out, but that is the only time to start if you want a few minutes of cool temperatures here in Sunny Arizona!!! I had a rough couple of miles, and then it just sort of clicked, and I was ready to zone out for a while... Once, I made my turn around at about mile 8.50 I called Vito, who was already on his way, to bring me some ice and water! He was wonderful.. he pulled up, got out and brought out a bucket full of ice water with a washcloth that was ice cold! I "washed" up all over... couldn't believe how delightful that felt! COLD water dripping down y back, I cooled off my legs, arms, and the top of my head... refilled water bottle with ice and I was ready to go! It felt so refreshing... however, I hit mile 10 and I was sweaty again, and ready to lay down!
I kept going, albeit, I had to walk/run/walk/ and run... I was spent!!!
Finally, made it home, and again, Vito had drawn an ICE BATH for me, with a cooler full with another ice bag... the water was FREEZING and it took me no time to fully sit down and relax!
(not sure you can fully relax in a tub of ice...) took a shower and made a protein shake, and now i am done for the day!!!
I hurt everywhere, but my feet ache the most right now! A little over 4 hours!! UGH!!! Next weekend, I am going to cut back to maybe 12 miles and then hit a 20 and then taper for the next 3 weeks!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Got in another 6.5 miler this morning... partly cloudy skies with some sun sneaking in... so it wasn't too bad! As I started out, I saw a beautiful rainbow, and just knew it was going to be a good run! I felt strong and sustained a slow pace, but felt good. As I neared mile 3 I saw yet, another rattle snake in my path... I stopped and then "tip-toed" around him, he didn't seem to be bothered by me, so I took a quick picture... I normally, wouldn't take pictures of snakes of any kind- but I was feeling brave!!! I see these buggers just about every run, and I am sure I run past many more and not realize it! They are becoming common and I need to stay aware!
I will be taking tomorrow off as a rest day, and then Sunday will be long run day... trying to decide if I go 15 or 18 miles... maybe somewhere in between!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Park City Half Marathon

Click here to watch

Flew into SLC, Utah on the bumpiest plane ride ever! Coming right into the storm, there was so much turbulence, I really thought for real, the plane was going to crash! As I sat in my fastened seat belt, paralyzed I was sweating so much, it was literally dripping from every pore.... sick to my stomach, and afraid i was going to throw up! The worst feeling in the world. That feeling unfortunately stuck with me through the entire weekend! Yep, the weekend of the Park City, UT Half Marathon!
Had a nice weekend, hung out with my mom, and laughed and enjoyed our time together! Saturday morning, (race day) I got up around 3:30 AM... before my alarm went off scheduled at 4:15 AM... couldn't sleep! I was ready to go! Feeling still a bit of nausea, got ready and drove to Park City... i met up with some High School buddies and lined up for the race.
The start was quick, and my damn Garmin was still searching for satellite when the gun when off... .5 miles in it was ready, threw me off pace... I guess I am too dependant on it...not good! The first couple 3 miles, I really was having a tough time breathing... yes, higher altitude, but I have an inhaler and used it before I started... didn't find my rhythm, until about mile 5 or 6...too late at that point, however, I was feeling strong! I didn't finish with a PR but 2 minutes better than the previous year, so I will take it!
Got home, showered and was so sick the rest of the afternoon. I had a headache, and knew if I ate something that would go away, but so sick to my stomach, I couldn't eat... I was miserable!
Several hours later, finally, threw up... (TMI and graphics, I know) I may have over-dosed on the Gatorade during the race... oh well, the lessons I learn!
I have 5 weeks to be ready for this dang Marathon, and if the numbers add up, I should finish in about 5:38... WOW!!! Speedy huh?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Up at 4:30 this morning and out the door by 5:10AM... still dark here, but I thought I would try and beat the heat as we are in the middle of an Excessive Heat Warning... nope- hot as hell out there at 5:10 in the morning!!! I was fully prepared, I took my water bottle, another bottle for back up and a bottle of Cytomax and headed out...It was nice running in the dark as I felt I was the only one out there that early today.
As I completed mile two, turning the corner I saw what at first looked like a coyote... but it was a Bobcat! ( brown with stripes) (I am now convinced that the "Bobcat" I saw a month ago was in fact, a Tiger...) He danced in the street, and I did a little dance... not sure exactly what I should do. He stopped in the road stared at me, I stared back, and clapped my hands (softly...hard to do with a water bottle) and he took off. I really wanted to follow him and see where he was headed... I watched as he ran into the wash and got buried somewhere in the rocks... I had another 13 miles ahead, so I decided to keep going...
I felt pretty good, as I travelled the next five... feeling ok, except my feet were screaming... as I came upon mile 7, I was out of water and Cytomax...( yes, it was that hot!) So I called Vito, woke him up, and asked him to bring me another bottle of water and the remaining Cytomax I left in the fridge, and a bucket of ice... Within 20 minutes there he was! I have to say, it is a welcomed site knowing whats inside for me. As he pulled over aside of the road, I hurried and emptied the ice into my bottles and poured the liquids, and the left over ice went down my shirt...ahhhh!
Once the transfer was completed, I was on my way again! Miles 9-11 seemed to stand still. I had to walk a bit... Miles 12-15 were painful as my knee, hips and feet were stiff and sore and I wondered how I would actually complete a 26.2 miler!!!
Home and relieved! Got in the pool cooled off, jumped in the shower and well... you know what I will be doing the rest of the day...NOTHING! Next week is the Park City Half Marathon... and I can't wait, as I know it will be probably 30 degrees cooler at the starting line!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My new running shoes!!! I wished I would have worn them today...I didn't want to get them dirty!!! :)

Well... what I thought I couldn't do, I did! I ran 15 miles this morning...quite an accomplishment for me! I really thought today I was going to get cloud coverage, as yesterday it rained and the weather called for rain such luck! It was only 85 degrees, and for AZ this time of year, that is pretty cool, but believe me, it might as well been 185 degrees!
I started out with plenty of water so I thought... by mile 6- I was dry and called hubby and asked him to bring me two bottles of water and a glass of ice...he came to my rescue about mile 8 and then again at mile 10- you got to love him! I ran pretty steady for the first 8, and then the dreaded mile 9 hits me... I worked through it, in my head...thinking if I could just run to the next cactus and then the next and so on... that worked for about a mile... by mile 10 I was spent, but kept thinking how proud I would be when I finished this run so I kept on... mile 11 and 12 was spent mostly walking and and what I would call the slowest "jog" in the history books! By mile 13...I thought... I just completed a 1/2 marathon... keep going... mile 14 broke me. As I came upon that mile marker per my GPS, I couldn't feel my legs, and wondered how the heck I was going to make it home. With tears streaming down my face...and sweat... so no one could tell I was crying like a baby... "walked" on... I figured I would try and make it to the "finish-line" (my driveway) like a true champion...I felt like one... I am not sure I looked like one!!!
I truly couldn't feel my legs for bit... my feet screaming! The pool was a little refreshing, hot shower... and I 'm still waiting for the "Runner's High" to kick in!

15 miles in the books... and believe me that is a far cry from the 26.2 I need to run in a month and a half!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a beautiful morning for a run... overcast and muggy when I left, but then the skies opened and a cool "mist" showered me for about 6 miles. It was good change of pace, and in fact my "pace" did pick a little as it was much cooler outside... Only about 85 degrees and believe me, that felt great!
It was an uneventful run, which was welcomed.
I have exactly 2 months until the Big Event take place. I ran 12 miles this morning, and I am pretty sure I couldn't have done another 14 unless it was in the back of an ambulance! So hopefully, in the next 2 months I can work up my endurance to at least 20 miles, and figure I will treat the rest of the run as a "walk-a-thon' if have to... Whew! I get anxious and scared thinking about it...I'll try not to as I currently can't feel my legs or feet!...and that is only after 12????
What was I thinking!???

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a pleasant run this morning except for the HOT and HUMID weather. I ran at a decent pace this morning covering 5.5 miles and had it been a little cooler out there I probably could have gone a little further. It felt like I was the only one out there this morning, little traffic and less walkers/runners and bikers. Maybe they were smart and stayed in bed knowing how humid it was out there... but I am done for the day and it feels great! I want to do it again tomorrow morning, and then Sunday go for a long run of 14 miles... It can be done, I just need to start preparing now!!!
Have a great day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday morning run... short one since I hadn't run all week with the exception of the was cloudy, overcast but muggy and warm! 5.50 miles is ll I had in me this morning, but it felt great to be back outside running free! I have a little over two months before the "Big Event" and I need to kick it up quite a bit just to be able to cross the finish line!! So I will be back out there in the morning going a little further!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Way too hot this morning... so I slept in and decided to run inside on my treadmill! Yes, my Hubby moved the treadmill from the garage into the house for the Summer! I really prefer to run outside, as I enjoy the scenery, and feel like I am going somewhere... but on extreme heat days, the treadmill will have to do!
The Treadmill faces outside, so I can see the cactus, and lizards run across my front yard, (well... I saw one lizard), I can see the neighbors driving by, and this morning, I saw kids on their bikes whizzing past... hard to concentrate... I turned the fan on overhead, and turned up my Ipod and began my "run." Boring!! I had a tough time getting motivated, I set the speed and incline to closely match the outside...I think I sweat more inside, but I got some running in, and plan to get up super early and head outside...running indoors made me appreciate the beauty I get to see outdoors!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A quick 3 miler this morning was all I could do in the 94 degree weather at 6:30 AM!! ( It wasn't so quick either!!!) Supposed to be 115 today too. Not sure, who trains for a Marathon in the summertime here in AZ...? Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Grief! It's HOT out there! Went for a 5 miler this morning, and had a hard time breathing it was so stuffy out there! 92 degrees when I left the house at 6:40 this morning...My knee felt pretty good, I hope I am back to feeling healthy that way! Can't afford any more injuries or hidden pain anywhere!
As I was on my way back home, I crossed the street, and noticed a truck pulled over, looked alot like my hubby's and sure enough, he brought me a COLD bottle of water! Running in the desert, I have learned to ration my water, so by the time I finish it, the water it not so cold or refreshing! I stuck my head inside to cool off with the A/C and boy, did that feel GREAT!!! Everyone should have a Hubby like mine... I need to have him bring ice cubes next time....hahaha!
Great way to start the day!!! 5.46 miles done...Enjoy!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh, the past several days were a Runner's Paradise! Went to Idaho to visit my Mom and attend my HS reunion. Always, looking for a new place or route to run, I took to the canal banks near my mom's. The canal banks are packed with soft gravel rocks tht felt great on the knee! The weather was cool, a perfect 56 degrees outside and compared to 93 degrees at that time of the morning here in AZ, it was wonderful! I felt I could have run for miles and miles! As I was running, I was surrounded by the water in the canal, marshes along the other side, and low behold train tracks! I laughed when saw them, and wondered when the last time a train actually rolled along these tracks... well, about 3 minutes later here came the train!! Hahaha... couldn't believe it! !

I am now back in AZ, went out for a run this morning, and I was paralyzed by the heat at 93 degrees this morning!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Got up early before it got too warm to run... it was a really nice morning.. about 82 degrees. I felt pretty good this morning starting out, got in a zone and went for it... about mile 3.5 - just out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a Mountain Lion walking beside me. I froze, came to a halt and shook for about a second... he was walking as if he was in the jungle somewhere.. I am actually starting to wonder where I do live...??? I grabbed my Iphone, thinking: take a picture of this, no one will ever believe this but as I tried to get my phone and take picture, I didn't want to make any noise and I called my husband instead... ( ya know, talking is much quieter than taking a picture...hahaha...) I think I woke Vito up, but he answered and asked if I was ok... I said, "No, I am looking at a mountain lion..." (Bobcat...same thing..) I said I was going to try and take a picture he said, " don't be crazy and get out of there.. I'll come get you..." I knew I had 7 more miles to go, and had to finish.. I told him I would cross the street and keep going... and would call him when I got across...
Seriously, I lost track of him...the bobcat... and then I wondered if he- the Bobcat- was going to track me like a bear.. crazy thoughts do run through my head at times...He was beautiful, golden orangish in color with brown spots, yet, frightening to see him that close to home and out of no where. I really and truly think someone wanted me to see him... I need to be more cautious when I run... who knows whats out there!!!
I finished 10.20 miles, felt great until mile 9.5 when my knee/hip let me know it was time to stop!!
Next week is a 12 miler and I will be runnng the streets of Idaho... what wild animal could I possibly find there...???

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Went out for my midweek run this morning... was going to do 5, but ended up only going 4 as it was HOTTER than I expected. At the first corner, the wind hit me and was against me... I seriously thought about turning around, but then I thought... what if it is windy in PC or ST. George.. I can't very well turn around then... so I kept going...I ran at a SLOWER pace than normal, knee aching a bit... but completed my 4 miler and felt a sense of accomplishment.

I went for Assisted Stretching this morning, and that felt amazing! Roger, the assisted stretching guy, worked on my knee and couldn't find anything really wrong... perhaps my hips and pelvis is a little bit out of alignment, so with some stretching, maybe it will feel better. I am really starting to think my knee pain is all in my head, as I sit here with an ice wrap around it... just can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Some days it feels great running, and others I can barely make it home... What gives? Tomorrow is another day...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I believe in miracles... went out this morning for a long run... looking to do 8 miles. Still about 2 miles short of where I should be at this point in the training... however, I ended up doing little over 9 miles, that not being the miracle! The fact that I was able to run and not feel intense pain in my right knee was amazing! I ran slow, well, slower than usual, as I still feel the need to "favor" it a little, but I was still able to go further and that was a Miracle!!

It was HOT this morning... didn't get out as early as I would have liked, but nonetheless, finished! I found a few sprinklers along the way, I tried to "run" through them but they always seems to stop just as I got too close. Maybe that was sign I would slip and fall and have a new injury but the ones I got close enough to provided a refreshing splash on my legs!

I have a massage waiting for me in about a hour... I can't wait! That is what kept me going all morning long... maybe I should schedule one every week!!!
Have a great day!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I have been so busy and TIRED lately, that my training has really suffered not to mention a wacked out knee! But, I got up this morning, determined to get at it again... I have a 1/2 marathon awaiting for me in month and a half, and a Full in 3 months... I won't be ready if I continue to prolong my training.
This morning was HOT!!! No sun, bit cloudy, but that made it a little humid ( for the desert it doesn't take much) and the air very thick. The knee hurt at the bginning, but at the 2 mile mark it started to feel pretty good, and it feels alright now. I do think I will make an appointment to see the doctor just to be I can get stronger and faster!

I took pictures this morning of part of my route... or the area I call Coyote Alley!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I thought I would try out my "rested" knee this morning and go for a short run... 3 miles, not bad. My knee hurts when I walk, I run and it feels pretty good...although, I favor it a little, something I know I shouldn't do... as that throws my entire gait off... but it felt ok... could I go 26.2 on it?? Hmmm.. I don't think so, but I have some time and I WILL make it over the finish line. Ice, throughout out the day and back at it again tomorrow!

I have keep thinking about the marathon, and forgetting I have a 1/2 coming up in a month and a half... I should concentrate on Park City right now!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16 weeks till my first Marathon! I started my 16 week countdown schedule and yesterday was an easy 5 miler! As I agree, 5 miles right now is easy... try running that in the HEAT! I was up at 4:30 AM to get ready for work, so I knew I couldn't run in the cool AM... so I saved it for the evening, thinking maybe it will cool down some...hahaha!

I ate dinner early, without Vito, as I wanted as much time as possible for my dinner to digest some, and then headed out! I got outside around 7:10 PM, with the temperature at 102 degrees- a little too WARM for me... but nevertheless, I was determined to finish the 5. My knee felt ok, until about mile 2.50 and then started to ache... turned around and headed home.

Didn't need my sunglasses at this point, and was starting to slow with the ache in my right knee and cramping in my left calf... starting to get darker than I like, I decided not to run through any washes- I would have to take the long way home...

As I  neared my house, I saw Vito pulling out of the garage... he was headed out to look for me! ( I love him!) He looked at me and said you are late... I told him I would be back in an hour when I left... it was 1:08--- yes, I was late! I asked him which direction he was headed and it would have been the wrong direction... good thing I saved him from driving around in circles!
Came in limping, sweat pouring, and checking the temperature...a cool 99 degrees! 5.48 miles done!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good morning! I got out there today after "nursing" my knee for a couple of days... I just wanted to run a couple of miles to see how my knee would feel. Well, the first couple of steps, I thought I am going to turn around and go home! It felt like my knee was going to collapse. But, as a few cars passed me, I thought well I'll go a little further and then turn around. I kept going, and thought, "run through it and see how you do!" I ran a 5K, albeit not my best time, but not bad for a sore knee!
I plan to keep it iced and wrapped most of the day. Go for another swim and strengthen it in the pool little. This will be my plan for the next 4 days... run 2-3 miles each day and then come Monday, I have to hit the training schedule I have set up- in order to complete a 26.2 mile run!! I can do it!! It is amazing what the mind can make your body do!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

This is how I have been spending my days... alternate between ice and heat wrap! I just bought a knee brace to keep my knee stabilized...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Started out with a new pair of socks on, Lady Gaga on the Ipod, ice water in hand...about 1/2 mile in my knee began to hurt... slowed down to a walk to "baby" it and then knew I had a choice to make... turn around and go home or keep going... I decided to keep going and see how far I could go.
I tried to put the pain out of my head and just run. Didn't want to over compensate by limping or compromise running form, so I just ran. You know it worked for about 4.50 miles. Home with ice on my knee drinking a protein shake!
Of course this is not where I should be currently in my training, but I did want to nurse my knee this past week, and try and nip the damage early, as opposed to hurting now AND later.
I should be back on track this upcoming week! It will be a struggle to get my runs in, with a start of a new job and work schedule... but I will make it work!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from a 4 miler this morning...I felt pretty good! Appears that school is out for the summer here, so less traffic on my normal morning route-Hooray! Nothing worse than parents driving their Rugrats to school while talking on the phone or texting in school zones! I see it all the time!

Having some pain in my right knee- so its off to ice, ice and more ice today!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just getting back from my long run of the week, 8 miles. I should be doing at least 10 at this point, but I simply have no energy to do anymore right now. I really think it has a lot to do with my nutrition or lack thereof. I did meet with a Dr. this past week, she is a homeopathic Dr, well read, and knows her stuff! We went through my eating habits and did some re-adjusting. I am learning to eat breakfast, which believe it or not is tough for me to do. I have trouble eating too early in the morning.
I was advised that an hour before I run I should try and drink a protein shake. (Runs longer than 5 miles) Sounds good, but getting up that early to drink a shake and let it settle some will be tough. Didn't get up early enough to make that this morning! Practice, practice, practice!

This mornings run was uneventful although I did need to make a pit stop at the park. The restroom was clean enough, but I did kick in all the doors just to make sure I was the only one in there. Not sure what I would have done, had there been someone, but I was feeling brave at the time.
I was well off my pace, but eating right this week should help my long run next week! I am going to shoot for that blessed 10 miles!!

P.S. This week we are going to try rice pasta/ and coconut ice cream!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wow! Went out for a run, but ended up walking for about 3/4 mile. I got so dizzy and sick to my stomach after about 2 miles in... not sure of the cause. It was warm out, but I have run in much hotter conditions, I had the same pre- run snack- toast with honey... so I guess there will be days like this, I am glad I didn't venture too far from home this morning.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Being that I hadn't run in a week, I only did 5.50 miles this morning... Disappointing since I really needed to do a 10 miler this weekend! But some is better than nothing...right? That's what I told myself anyways.
I took along with me on my "short-run" a gel, the packet of honey! Now, I have to say, that the mere thought of gulping down plain honey makes me gag, doing so, I literally had to choke it down and chase with water... once I got it down, it wasn't too bad. I didn't really taste it as I was quick with the water... not sure I felt a difference... but it made me feel like a real runner...:) It took me longer to open the packet and wonder what I was going to do with the packet once I consumed it... no worries, I zipped it in my water holder and threw it away when I got home!!!

This coming week, should be a good running week, and I should be back on schedule!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today, while shopping at Whole Foods, Vito said "look, its your buddies...!" Curious, I looked to see who he was talking about, since I have so many "buddies" ... and Look, its Felipe and Sione from the Biggest Loser! We are big fans of the show, and it was so great so see them there! I got a chance to speak with Sione, and talk about my favorite subject: Running. He was so gracious spending time talking about running, racing and nutrition for the marathon. I told him how I fueled up for a long run- and 1/2 marathons... 3/4 slice of toast with honey and water along the route... I don't think he was too impressed...hahaha...He told me I really needed to start trying out different gels, and keeping nourished while I run. Of course, everyone tells me that, Vito, has told me that time and time again, but hearing that information today just confirmed what I needed to hear! BTW... Sione will be in the marathon in St. George too!

After Whole Foods, I "ran" next store to RoadRunner Sports. Talked to some running friends of mine who work there, Becky and Ryan. They were excited to hear about my new adventure- Running a FULL marathon- they were very supportive. I bought some gels, and chewy things to take on runs with me to try out...even came home with a trial running schedule!! Can't wait to go running tomorrow with my groceries!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well, I made today, Sunday, my Long Run day of the week! As I laid in bed thinking maybe tomorrow would be the better day. I was trying to find an excuse to not run this morning, but I got up and thought I'll run for a few and see how I feel!
Got out of the door much later than I should have this time of year! I was dripping in sweat by mile 1. Seriously! I knew I was going to be longer than 5 miles this morning so I took water with me, usually, I don't take any as it is just one more thing to carry, but my hubby said he would try and find me on his way to golf and bring me cold water! I normally ration my water when I take it, but knowing even colder water would be on its way, I drank my bottle by mile 4- EMPTY! I was hot, thirsty and at least another 3 miles from home wondering if I missed Vito, or misunderstood what he said this morning as I left! As I was nearing the last mile turn for home, I saw what I thought was him, but all white trucks were looking the same at this point... Lo and behold appeared Vito, he handed me an ice cold bottle of water!!! Cars were approaching behind him so no time for chatter and I made my way home- after only doing 8!!
Next week, I plan to bring plenty of water and a gel and get out early- Goal is a 10-11 mile run next Saturday!

Friday, May 14, 2010

This morning, I got up early to go hiking with my friend-Jodi. She and I have been hiking Pinnacle Peak regularly for the past couple of months. It is quite a climb up and even more of a climb back down. Pinnacle Peak kind of wraps around so you are never truly going up or down.
We talk the entire Hike, which is good for me, since I can't run and talk at the same time.

We always see such interesting things/people, lots of folks running up and down the mountain... I wish I could do that, it is probably a great workout routine- maybe one day- but today we stumbled upon Gigantic Lizards! Seriously, I have never seen any that big before! I took pictures with my Iphone- so the pictures aren't the best... but wow! They were cool to see! Awesome views! Had a good time! Look forward to it again next week!

Tomorrow is Long Run day- I am thinking maybe 8-10 miles?? ( for me, that is a Long run!!) What will I do when my Long Runs are really Long Runs..18-20 miles?? Hahaha