Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 3 Challenge!

Boy, was I tempted to stay in bed this morning…I laid there and thought, I could always go to the gym after work… but I knew that wouldn't happen so I got up and headed to the garage!  I set up my circut area and then jumped on the treadmill.  Quick warm-up for .50 miles this morning and then moved to the Bosu Ball for squats, then Kettle bell lunges, Kettle bell swings, jump rope, Abs, tri-ceps, bi-ceps, crunches, jump rope, and then another .50 on the treadmill!  I didn't have a ton of energy this morning, but I did get my workout in for the day!

Hoping tomorrow and each day after gets a little easier to get up and get it done!!  Hoping to make this a habit in 21 days… I am on day 3 of my 7 day challenge!!!  I can do it!!!

What did you do?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 2 Challenge

Guess what??  I did it!!  I got up at 5:00 and was ready to go!!  I got right to it to… I jumped on the treadmill for a quick warm-up and then took to squats, lunges and my beloved kettle bells!  Worked in some abs, and then back on the treadmill for a nice "cool" down!!
Tomorrow, I will spell out my entire workout… and maybe you will want to try this challenge with me!!  It's not too late… today is the best day to start!

I am now sipping my coffee, and getting ready to jump in the shower as I get ready for work!!  Hopefully, getting my day started right, the workout high will last throughout the day!!!  At least I know I won't be tempted with a bunch of garbage at work to eat… I worked too hard this morning!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Whew!!  Too lazy to go out for a run this morning, so I stayed and worked out and ran in the garage.  Not sure where it would have been hotter??  Outside or in that dang garage… oh, well, done for the day!!  What great way to start the week…
I work about 41 miles each way from home… so I am in my car more than I care for… and that makes working out in the morning tough, as I need to get up super early, which I could do… prefer not to, in order to get my workout in, and then by the time I drive in traffic in the late afternoon, I am too hot and tired to workout… which I know would be a perfect "Wake-me-up" thing to do!!

I get my workouts in when I can, but I am challenging myself to a full week of getting it done in the morning… I can do it, I have done it before, but making it a habit again is tough… but I am willing to make it happen… I'll post and let you know how it goes!!!  :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Run 4…Joey

I realized that I haven't posted in such a long time… I have friends that post every time they get in and out of their cars… :)  I have been running and working out… just haven't posted about it!  I guess with 9 followers, 1 being my hubby, which has no idea that I blog, and another one being me… cause I thought I would follow myself… there wasn't a reason to post my every move… But I now have a new purpose for running and posting...

I signed up to be a part of an amazing group of runners to run for children or adults that are unable to run or workout for themselves…so as a runner, we dedicate our runs and mileage as well as workouts for our Buddies.  I thought what a great thing to do, as I am running anyways… why not run for someone else??  I was on a waiting list for almost 5 months, and 3 weeks ago I was matched.  I was matched with an absolute sweetheart!!  What I didn't realize was that this program was not so much for the kiddos- but for the runners… or at least that's how I feel.  I have found such an amazing amount of inspiration and motivation, it's like I can't stop!

It's not like anything I thought would be like, I love knowing that I am running and working out so I can post a message or share my run with my Buddy!  I would feel so guilty for letting him down if I didn't.  My Buddy can run and do just about anything I can do… he has Down Syndrome.  I have been reading so much about it, and want to learn more.  I am not running for a "cause" I am running for Joey!  Trust me, this program is more for the runners than those that can't run…

Racing season is very quiet here in AZ during the summer months for obvious reasons, but I really can't wait to start racing and earning medals for my Buddy and me!!  I used to just run for the medals, now I get to run for a medal and Joey!!  That's worth getting out there and getting it done!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

PF Chang's RNR

Whew!  This race came upon me pretty quickly!!  I remember signing up for it, and thinking I should really "train' for a Half marathon and see how I do!  Keep in mind, I don't actually "train" for the distance, I just go out and run, which leaves me pretty empty and sore after the Half!!  So this one I thought I would at least train and see how well I could actually do!!

Well… being sick for over a month, and finding out I had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago… needless to say, I didn't train for this one either!!  The good thing about this race is that they added a "Mini- Marathon" being short of 6 miles to run…

The Expo was lots of fun… smaller than previous ones, but nonetheless, I LOVE Expos!!  I shopped, and shopped, and realized I had just about everything I really needed!  So a few RNR memento's was about it… grabbed lots of free stuff!  Who doesn't love free stuff??

Went to bed fairly early, and got up the next morning for the race!!  Got there early, as parking is usually a joke, so I parked in the furthest lot, easy to get in and out.  I realized that the start was in a different place as runners were headed in a different direction… I decided I might as well follow the masses… we walked about a mile to the starting line (different than the years before).  I ran into several friends… out of 50,000 runners… who would have thought… jumped in my corral 5 and ready to go!!

Started out a little sluggish… but I knew after mile 2-1/2 I would be making the turn towards the Mini route… or would I?  As I moved I realized it had been a week since I actually laced up, and I was in no shape to run the Half… the split came up rather quickly, but my mind was made up… I made the turn and surprisingly, tears filled my eyes!!  Damn, I wanted to run the Half, but it just wasn't in the cards this year!!  The Mini course was pleasant… less crowded, and much more scenic.  I actually, really enjoyed the morning run after all…

It's always nice to make it to the after party before all the food and free stuff is gone… by the time I usually make it in with my lack of training, most stuff is gone!  So its nice to partake a little just to get a taste of what it would be like…

Headed home, feeling proud to have accomplished the run, not the race I registered for, but did it really matter?  I finished a race, my own race!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome 80's

Oh, this is such a fun, fun race!!!  I grew up in the 80's and I miss most the big hair and music!!
I have been battling bronchitis and something prior to that which I think developed into bronchitis, so should I have gone out and run this morning??  No!  But I couldn't miss this one!!

Got there early and enjoyed the music and the costumes!!  I hate thinking that my High School Days have now turned into fun costumes, but nevertheless, it was fun to see the "youth" bring back the good old days!!!

Met some Swirlgear gals there too, what a fun experience to see gals you only "meet" on Facebook!!  I love having other Swirlgear gals in the state!!

We warmed up to an awesome DJ, dancing to the music and then we were off… I knew I needed to take it slow and walk… but I was so pumped up, I didn't do the right thing, I took off running, and not sure I looked back until about mile 1!!  At that point I could feel my lungs telling me to shut it down or they will… I slowed it down, and walked for a minute or two, caught my breath and ran a  little more… it wasn't so bad, I just had to run a 3.1… I could do it!!

A couple of times, I felt a little dizzy, and then I thought, this was "FUN RUN" and it wouldn't be any fun to pass out and have others try and figure out what to do with me… but I kept going.  No I didn't pass out or anything, in fact, I didn't even cough once…(until I finished)

Got the medal and took a few pics, and came home!  What an AWESOME day!!  Resting for next weekend, as I have a Half scheduled!!  Hope I can get in some miles…

Hot Chocolate Run Dec 8 2013

I forgot to post about this one, as I seriously have been under the weather since I ran this one…

This was a race I was an Ambassador for every year!!  I just think this race is a fun run, and a pretty calm and even course!  Besides, the swag is pretty awesome too!!

The morning of the run, I woke up with a sever sore throat and heavy head, and ear ache… good grief, I can't run feeling like this… I could barely stand up and get dressed for the COLD morning… I should stay home, I kept saying to myself, but I had a reason to run that morning…

I had a friend that wanted to run a 5K with me, and I suggested running this one with me!  It was her first 5K, and I was so excited to introduce her into my world of running!!  I knew if I didn't show, I would have let her down and that was unacceptable.  So I made my way to the race…

I found her, and helped her pin her bib on her shirt!!  Oh, how fun!  I knew she would love it!  We got in the corral and headed towards the front of the line.  Now, I don't run fast and have no business being in corral A, but I don't like being in the back of any line!  I don't trip anyone up, as I can keep up with the thick crowd, and it eventually thins out and I am good…

I really didn't think I was going to make it 500 yards, but we did and we kept running/walking the route together.  I felt so bad, as I was not being energetic for a first timer, and I so wanted it to be a great experience for her.  We ran it slow, and I think it was a good pace for her, and it was a pace I could talk and help her along.

It was COLD, and the more I ran and talked, the more my throat burned… what the heck was I doing out here??  I looked over and saw my friend somewhat enjoying herself, I forgot about the way I felt for a spilt second…

We did it!! We finished!!!  I was so very proud of my friend for running her first 5K!!

We got our Hot Chocolate bowl and headed home… where I got into bed, and have been SICK ever since… Hahahaha… It was worth it!!
Kelley's first 5K

This didn't even look good...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Women's Half Marathon-Scottsdale

This is always a fun race to do, with the exception of the course itself!  Hahaha... the last three years I have run the Half Marathon, and this year I didn't sign up... coming off of the Nike Women's and all, I kind of forgot to sign up for it... so at the last minute, I signed up... but for the 5K instead of the Half!  Mind you, I hadn't run a mile since that AWESOME day in San Francisco... so a 5K was a great way to shake it out and get going again...

I got up early and headed towards the Tempe Town Lakes and parked... I saw the buses in the parking lot leaving with the Half Marathoner's and I secretly wished I had just done that one, but I was running this one for FUN!  I walked nearly a mile to the starting line in the dark and made my way to the corrals.  Not a ton of women running the 5K as the medal size is significantly BIGGER in size, and quite frankly, that's a part of why I "race" is for those big shiny medals!!  But alas, I am in line and the day before I hadn't even registered... so I was impressed that I was where I was at that moment.

We lined up and got ready to run the course around the Tempe Town Lake and I will admit, I was a bit nervous not having run a lick in 2 weeks!!  The siren sounded and we were off...

The course was pretty up and down, but nothing like the long stretch of hills in SF, so they didn't phase me a bit... my how things change in a matter of two weeks!  Hahahhaha... I felt GREAT!!  No walking for me... I ran the entire course, as I usually have to walk a bit, even in a 5K... mind over matter really, I turned for the Finish Line... and finished!!  Got a pretty shiny medal, and being one of the first ones through I got to enjoy the entire spread of food and freebies that I usually miss due to being a slower runner... It was pleasant!!  Haha...

Walked back to my car and felt amazing!!  Beautiful weather and I just ran a 5K without stopping!  Life is good...